Develop Fierce and Fearless Attitude
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Have you always wanted to do something, but find yourself too scared to make the first move? Or maybe you want to stand up for yourself, but you constantly find yourself bending under the pressure of your boss or your family. When this happens, this is a clear sign that you need to work to become fiercer and more fearless in order to be successful at life. 

But this is often easier said than done, and like anything in life, this can sometimes take some time to build up to. If you are struggling to increase your fierceness and fearlessness, you should embark on the below 30-day challenge. After all, it could transform your life after just 30 days! 

30 Day Challenge

Day 1: Stop Using the Words Won’t and Can’t

One of the main cornerstones of fear is trying to confront your fear, but then a little voice in the back of your head telling you that you can’t or won’t do something. You need to put a stop to this right away. You will never be able to confront your fear using words like can’t and won’t. Delete them from your vocabulary on day one and tell yourself that you can, and you will. 

Day 2: Head to the Gym

Now you might be a bit confused, what does going to the gym have to do with fear? And the truth is, not much, but the reason you are heading to the gym is to get you moving. This is because you will never accomplish anything if you sit around at home. 

So start working out on a daily basis, because exercise will bring you confidence and happy endorphins that will be monumental in your fight against fear. 

Day 3: Write Down Your Fears

The first step to facing your fears is acknowledging them, so on day 3, it’s time to sit down and figure out just what fears you are battling here. Is it a fear of failure? A fear that you will be rejected? 

Whatever it is, write it down and dissect why you are afraid of these things. This will help give you a better understanding of your fear and be able to combat it more effectively. 

Day 4: Join A Club

Next, you’ll want to join a club of the thing you are afraid of. This doesn’t mean you have to participate just yet, but this will help you to become more confident with your fear in a fun and accepting environment. So if you are afraid of heights, join a hiking club, or if you are afraid of public speaking, now is the time to join a group that encourages lots of public speaking. 

Day 5: Have A Mirror Affirmations Session

Because the words can’t and won’t are now gone from your vocabulary, chances are you have a lot more positive things to say about yourself. But either way, it’s time to have a session where you look in the mirror and tell yourself all the things you are amazing at. You’ll also want to make this a regular occurrence—perhaps on a weekly or better yet a daily basis. 

15 I Am Fearless Positive Affirmations

Fear has no power over me.

I am fearless.

I overcome fear because I am strong, capable, and able to feel the fear but do it anyway. 

I control my fear it does not control me.

I release all my fears. I have no use for them.

I am brave, I expand my comfort zone and face all the fears that come with that. 

Fear will never limit me or what I want to achieve in life. 

I face my fears.

No fear can ever stop me.

I challenge my fears. I stand up to them. I overcome them.

Every fear I face, every fear I overcome ignites, fuels, and grows my personal power. 

To any fear I face, I say bring it on.

Fear can never limit me or stop me from doing what I need to do.

I have the ability to handle anything with courage.

I am the master of my fears. 

15 I Am Fierce Positive Affirmations

Nothing can stop me. Nothing.

I tap into my drive every single day. It drives me to be unstoppable.

I am fierce. I am unstoppable.

My inner strength drives me to excel in my life in every possible way.

I motivate myself to go after everything I want in life.

I am fierce. I am fearless.

I focus on what I want and need from life. 

My confidence is all I need to succeed.

I can handle anything and everything that comes my way. 

I make every day count in the fierce pursuit of joy and happiness. 

My inner power makes me fierce, I pursue everything with guts, strength, and drive. 

I am my most fierce when I live my life on my terms.

I am my most fierce when my soul is on fire and I am going after what I want. 

My impact comes from within me. I am fierce and unstoppable.

No pain, no gain is my motto, it keeps me focused and keeps me fierce. 

Day 6: Be Thankful

Today is another day to revisit that journal. But rather than write your fears, this time you will write all the things you are thankful for in your life. Do you have more than you thought? This can be quite surprising and can make you feel more confident and happier with who you are. 

Day 7: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

After yesterday’s gratitude session, it’s time to take this a step further and stop comparing yourself to others. Remember that you are unique and that there is no one quite like you in the universe, therefore you are just wasting time when you compare yourself to others. So purge this habit from your life right away. 

Day 8: Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Week one was all about helping develop your confidence, and by now you should be feeling better about yourself and proud of all that you are. Thus, it is time to take a step out of your comfort zone and do something that scares you. This doesn’t have to mean you face what you are afraid of just yet, but you can if you feel ready. If you don’t feel ready, just take a step in the right direction. 

For example, if you are scared of rejection, perhaps just try talking to someone who you would normally fear would reject you and see how things go!

Day 9: Do Something Nice For Someone Else

Being generous and kind is an important part of your self-image and self-confidence, this is because doing something nice makes you feel as if you are a good person and boosts your self-esteem. So on day 9, take the time to do something nice for someone else, whether it’s buying their coffee, hold the door, or rake your neighbor’s yard. 

Day 10: Set Goals

It’s time to set some goals related to your fears. What is it exactly you would like to do? Think of it this way, if you are afraid of heights, the goal may not be to sky dive, but maybe you want to become confident enough to go rock climbing with your significant other. If this is the goal, write it down, so that you can have a clear path to embark on. 

Day 11: Build Your Network

It’s important to remember that you aren’t alone in all of this, and it’s also critical to surround yourself with people who support you. Chances are, there is a support group (even if it is just digital on Facebook) for your particular fear. Join it. 

Now is also the time to bring a friend or partner in on your plans to overcome your fear, this way they can help support you through it. And if they don’t support you, cut them out of your life—because this is a sign they weren’t meant to be there anyway.

Day 12: Consume Positive Media

By now you should be feeling pretty great about yourself and your abilities to conquer your fears. And you need to take a few steps to make sure it stays this way. Besides cutting negative people out of your life, you need to ensure you are consuming positive media. This means listening to uplifting songs and unfollowing anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself on social media. This will make staying on the path to conquering your fears much easier. 

Day 13: Evaluate Your Expectations of Yourself

It’s time to revisit that journal again. This time, you are going to write down what it is you expect of yourself. Then you will compare this with your goals. How do they measure up? Are your goals lower than what you expect of yourself? Make adjustments to your goals now until they match your expectations of yourself. 

Day 14: Take Some Time For Yourself

Learning to conquer your fears is a journey of self-improvement, and you may find it especially challenging if you are constantly feeling that others are demanding too much of yourself. You’re almost halfway, take an hour today to do whatever you want to do, whether that is an extra hour of sleep, a walk in the park, or even just relaxing in the backyard with some coffee. 

Day 15: Clean Out Your Diet

How is the exercise regimen going? If you have fallen off the horse, now is the time to get back on. Remember you should be exercising each and every day. You should also take the time to evaluate your diet, clearing out any junk food. This will further improve yourself confidence and how you feel about each and every day—making it easier to conquer your fears. 

Day 16: Do Something Else That Scares You

Although you have already stepped out of your comfort zone a little bit, today is the day you will really do something that scares you. Afraid of bees? Visit a beekeeper. Scared of rejection? Ask a beautiful stranger for their number. This will be difficult, but you’ve got this!

Day 17: Reflect

Pull out your journal. How did facing your fear go yesterday? Reflect on how it went, and what you wished you could have done differently. Then write about how you feel about it. Go back and read what you have written. You may just be surprised at what you have accomplished! 

Day 18: Take A Break From Society

Many fears and anxiety are caused and perpetuated by society and the person you think you should be. So today, take a break from all electronics and social media and just be you. Try meditation if you haven’t already. How does this make you feel? Write about it in your journal. Hint: As hard as this day will be, you’ll probably feel refreshed afterwards! 

Day 19: Establish A Role Model For Yourself

Everyone needs someone to look up to, whether it is a celebrity, or a family member like your grandmother—either way it’s high time you establish who you are looking up to. And next time you face your fear, ask yourself how the person you look up to would react if they were in the same situation. You can use this as motivation and positive self-talk to help you through the times you need to face your fears. 

Day 20: Try Something New

No, this doesn’t mean you face your fear again just yet, it just means you should try something you haven’t tried before and see how it goes. This can be as simple as taking a new route home or trying a new restaurant. After your experience, take a few minutes to reflect on it either in your journal or during meditation. How did trying something new make you feel? Did you enjoy yourself? 

Day 21: Plan Something Big

You’ve made it through 3 weeks of this challenge! Take a few minutes today to plan a reward for yourself after you finish day 30. This will help renew your motivation and give you something to look forward to at the end. And don’t be afraid to go all out for yourself—because you are certainly worth celebrating! 

Day 22: Make a New List

Time to check in with those fears. Have you made any progress with them? Are there some you can remove from the list? Update your list of fears and reference your list of goals today as well. Be sure you are on the right path to successfully completing this challenge, and if you feel you aren’t, make the changes that you need to. 

Day 23: Face Your Fear Again

Guess what? It’s time to face your fear again, this time in a new way that is specific to your goal. For example, if you were scared of heights and went for a hike before but are trying to get over your fear of rock climbing so you can go with your partner, now is the time to give rock climbing a shot. Maybe you don’t make it to the top. 

Maybe today you just put on the harness. Whatever it is, take a step towards conquering your fear, even if you can’t do it completely on this occasion. 

Day 24: Reflect On Day 23

What did you accomplish yesterday? If you weren’t able to achieve your full goal, why not? What stopped you? Was it you? (Hint: probably). Either way, have a nice long sit with yourself today and recognize any excuses that are still stopping you from conquering what you are afraid of. This way you can focus over the last 6 days of the challenge on truly conquering this fear despite the obstacles you are facing. 

Day 25: Visualize

Are you ready to be done with your fear once and for all? Spend at least one hour today envisioning yourself and your life once you conquer your fear. Back to the fear of heights example, if you are able to successfully conquer your fear of heights, think of how much easier it will be to fly in a plane, and how much fun you will have hiking with friends. Plus, someday, you may be able to do something really cool, like skydive, without a second thought! 

Day 26: Talk With A Confidant

Are there any external sources stopping you from achieving your goal? This could be a partner or friend that doesn’t want you to step out of your comfort zone because they are afraid for you. Either way, it’s time to discuss with someone you trust on how your plan is going and what is stopping you from conquering your fear. 

And if there really is someone trying to stop you that you didn’t cut out the first time because you were giving them a second chance, you’re better off saying goodbye to them at this time as well. 

Day 27: Practice Makes Perfect

Have you ever heard the saying practice makes perfect? It does. So today, you will head out to face your fear again. Hopefully by now you are feeling somewhat desensitized to it, and even if you haven’t fully conquered it yet, it’s getting easier just to be there. Remember to face your fear in a way that is towards your goal. 

Day 28: Recognize You Are Setting Yourself Free

It’s day 28, and if you haven’t yet conquered your fear, you might be feeling pretty bad about yourself. Remember, don’t do this. Revisit the journal, or the mirror affirmations if you need a reminder of how great you are and how far you have come towards conquering your fears!

And if you need the motivation to make the last push, remind yourself that by conquering your fear, you will be setting yourself free and setting yourself up for success. 

Day 29: Face Your Fear Again

It’s only been a couple of days, but after the pep-talk you gave yourself yesterday, you should be ready to face your fear again. Remember, you can do it! Try to conquer your fear entirely this time! 

Day 30: Congrats And Carry On!

Congratulations, you’ve done it! You’ve taken massive steps to conquering your fear, and some of you probably have by this point! If you haven’t don’t give up, simply keep trying and working towards conquering it—some day you will be successful, even if it takes you a little longer than 30 days! 

Overall, if you’ve completed the 30-day challenge, you’re likely worlds more fearless and fiercer than you were before. But you likely still have a ways to go. Continue with the good habits you learned in this challenge, and before you know it you will feel more confident than ever before and be on your way to the success you deserve in life!