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Overflowing Wealth

Overflowing Wealth

Soaring Success

Supreme Self Confidence

Supreme Self Confidence

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Rise Above Life Challenges


It’s Time To RISE ABOVE Life’s Challenges And Radiate Resilience, Strength & Happiness!

If you’re going through a difficult time in any area of your life (finances, your relationship, your career, a health scare, losing a loved one, etc)…

…Then this powerful self-hypnosis track, is designed to help you to rebound quickly, and achieve the satisfying stress-free, high vibration life that you deserve.

Stop Anxiety

It’s Time to Stop Anxiety, Enjoy Inner Peace...

...And Overcome Negative Thought Patterns & Feel Calm Once Again!

There’s nothing worse than being FLOODED with anxious thoughts and a sense of dread when you least expect it.
Stop Anxiety is a self-hypnosis program I’ve developed to help you calm down whenever you need to.
Using affirmations, suggestions and new belief systems, everyone can re-shape their mental pathways and develop their ability to self-soothe.

Feel Happier


It’s Time to Create Lasting Happiness, Feel More Alive and Love The Journey You’re On!

This self-hypnosis audio track trains your mind to subconsciously absorb habits and beliefs that are essential to your happiness.
Learn how to feel calm and centered in just minutes a day, so you can feel a deep sense of contentment and appreciate the full beauty of the present moment!

Heal The Body


It’s Time To Heal The Body With The Power of The Mind
... Raise The Immune System, And Feel Like The Best You!

Many people struggle to cope with the stress of everyday life. Most of the time, it’s because they lack the resources to deal with the stress that pile up over the week.
This makes them feel overwhelmed - and their immune system suffers as a result.
This self-hypnosis track can help unlock the mind’s innate ability to heal the body.

Overflowing Wealth


It’s Time To Overcome Financial Challenges And Attract More Money, Success & Abundance!

If you’re going through a difficult time in your financial life right now, or perhaps you simply want to earn even more than you are right now…
…Then this powerful self-hypnosis track, is designed to help you to rebound quickly, and reprogram your mind towards one that naturally attracts more wealth.



It’s Time To Build Momentum Toward Financial Success And Keep Money-Making Systems In Perpetual Motion!

This is a specialized self-hypnosis audio track that ANYONE can use to quickly absorb the habits, traits, and attitudes of wealthy people.
Learn how you can recalibrate your Internal Financial Compass by implanting HEALTHY beliefs, attitudes, and habits deep in my subconscious.


It's Time To Stop Overthinking & Bring Positive Energy Into Your Life

Here's how to finally overcome those worrisome feelings that are chipping away at your inner peace...
...Whether those thoughts are related to finances, relationships, job issues, or emotional and physical well-being.
Use this quick and effective way to re-wire your thought patterns AND put an end to ruminating and overthinking!
Break free from anxiety and get your life back on track!

Wired For Joy


It’s time to reawaken your Sense of Joy… Feel Hopeful For A Bright And incredible Future, And Open The Door To Pure Happiness

If you’re finding it difficult to quickly release feelings of stress, anxiety and sadness…
Then this powerful self-hypnosis track is designed to help you to experience a higher level of joy and freedom you deserve.
It works to help you quickly develop the CRITICAL skills to effortlessly shake off negative emotions, feelings of anxiety, and built up stress...
…to make room for MORE JOY AND GRATITUDE in your life!

Soaring Success

Soaring Success

Get Ready To Overcome Overwhelming Obstacles...
...And Reach New Heights Of Success & Happiness!

If you’re struggling to break free from the things holding you back from more success in a certain area of your life...
...such as your finances, relationships, health or career...
...then this powerful self-hypnosis track will unlock your mind's Inner Power which will help you achieve escape velocity and break free from the challenges that are weighing you down.

Wake Up Calm


Put A STOP To Stress & Anxiety For Good… And To Sleep Blissfully & Wake Each Day With Focused Energy & Excitement!

If you’re suffering at all with stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, or a general feeling of low mood and low energy throughout the day…
…Then this powerful guided meditation program, consisting of TWO carefully designed audio tracks, is designed to help you to:
1. Improve the length AND quality of your sleep
2. Make you feel happier and more energized by your life
3. Reduce stress & anxiety levels right back to a healthy balance
4. Regain your access to your higher self, so that you can be on track living your truest purpose.

The Doers Brain


It's time to stop the excuses, get more things done and become a person of action who creates REAL change in their life!

If self-discipline is a challenge and it's keeping you from working on important tasks, urgent projects, and mission-critical goals...

...then this self hypnosis track is designed to help develop an action-oriented brain that LOVES to get things done!


It’s Time To Organize Your Thoughts, Live In The Present, Stay Focused All Day And Reach Your Full Potential!

If you’re constantly worrying and filled with negative thoughts...
...or just looking for a way to be more focused and get more things done...
...then this powerful hypnosis track is designed to Declutter Your Mind, help you achieve clarity, and stay focused the whole day.



It’s time to put an END to Addiction For Good… And Live Each Day With Maximum Health, Clarity & Joy!

If you’re struggling to overcome a difficult addiction in your life (smoking, sugar, alcohol, excessive shopping, binge eating, drugs, gambling, etc)…
…Then these self-hypnosis tracks may provide the answer that you need, in order to curb those subconscious cravings, and to make your mind desire more beneficial habits instead.
These specially-designed guided meditation tracks will disrupt your thought patterns that drive intense cravings. That way, you'll create new pathways in your mind and retrain your brain so you can live a more meaningful and happy life. 


It’s Time to End Negative Thought Habits, Master Your Thoughts and Have Lasting Peace of Mind!

A lot of people struggle with negative thinking but don’t realize it.
They go about their day with unhealthy thought patterns that are buried deep in their subconscious.
Without even knowing it, these patterns silently run in the background like a program on auto-pilot.
This makes it easy for negative thinking to hijack someone’s beliefs and actions…

Stop Insomnia


It’s Time to Get Better Sleep And Take Your Energy & Wellness To The Next Level!

“Stop Insomnia”, my latest self-hypnosis audio track, is designed to break the vicious cycle that goes like this:

  • Can’t fall asleep fast enough
  • Feeling pressured to sleep
  • Feeling miserable the next day
  • Dreading another sleepless night
  • Too stressed out to fall asleep

To break free of this pattern, his audio program uses Subaudible Soundwave Technology, which helps the mind move to a lower brainwave state.

This opens the door to a powerful subconscious shift that leads to better sleep habits, a more peaceful state of mind and more quality rest at night!

Dr. Steve G Jones  //  Creator of Dream Life Tracks

Learn how to create a life built on true happiness, success, and perpetual wealth. You'll also discover the keys to amazing health, fulfilling relationships and being the best version of yourself.

Steve G  Jones

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