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How I Relieved My Mind Of Negative Thoughts (And Re-wired It For Happiness!)

It is the power of the mind to be unconquerable.― Seneca

If I told my past self how great my life would turn out be just a few short years, he’d call me CRAZY.

Back then, I was too busy thinking that the world was out to get me. My mind was too caught up with holding a grudge against everyone and resented everything that had happened to me.

I used to think that the world was unfair, the odds were stacked against me, and everything I did only made things worse.

Looking back, being nearly homeless and borderline bankrupt can do that to a person.

Like many people, I let my circumstances take control of my thoughts…

…when it should be the other way around.

In a weird way, I found a sense of comfort in always assuming the worst. The “comforting” part was when my negative expectations led to negative results.

It made things predictable and I felt “safe” being in this little bubble of negativity.

Unfortunately, it ALSO made me miserable, not to mention resentful of other people’s success.

I had a sort of tunnel vision that forced me to only see the worst in every situation and everyone around me.

But when things got REALLY bad, I realized that staying in my ‘comfort zone’ was skewing my judgment.

So, I finally found the courage to ask myself:

“Steve, has your negative thinking made your life better? Or are you just doing it to feel better about yourself?”

The answer was clear. I knew it was time to stop burying my head in the sand and wallowing in denial.

Being a clinical hypnotherapist, I sought a way to DISRUPT those negative thought patterns. I knew this was the only way I could get my life back on track.

If I could somehow re-wire my way of thinking, I could get on a much happier and more fulfilling path in life.

That’s when I experienced a life-changing transformation from within that helped me break out of my toxic comfort zone FOR GOOD.

3 Powerful Things Happy People Do To Stay Positive

  1. 1
    They Practice Acceptance

    One of the BIGGEST myths about positive people is that they don't have negative thoughts. As someone who's learned how to be happy (and STAY that way), I can tell you that this couldn't be further from the truth. Being positive isn't about being perfect. In fact, the National Science Foundation says that around 80% of the average person's thoughts are NEGATIVE. Not only that, most of those thoughts are repetitive.

    So having negative thoughts isn't necessarily a bad thing. It can keep you alive by altering you to danger, for instance. But the real trick is how to keep it from skewing your better judgment AND life decisions. That's why positive people use ACCEPTANCE as a way to deal with negative thoughts - and put them in the right context. When they accept a negative situation or thought for what it is, it actually reduces their inner turmoil.

    More importantly, it frees them from the need to chew on those thoughts over and over... ...and it allows them to work on overcoming their challenges instead.
  2. 2
    They Challenge Negative Thoughts

    Positive people know that overindulging negative thoughts creates unnecessary drama in their heads.

    And I learned how to do this by training my mind and prevent it from getting overwhelmed. When those thoughts came knocking at my doorstep, I would welcome them in.

    But here's the thing: even though I accepted my fears, insecurities and other stress-inducing thoughts, another part of me DOUBTED them. I questioned these negative thoughts and countered them with positive ones instead.

    If I was afraid I'd fail at something, I reminded myself of a time where failure taught me something valuable. If I felt down about being too swamped with work, I remembered how my work is helping other people.

    And in time, my negative thoughts no longer rattled me. I accepted that it's just something the mind does - and I could easily turn the tables on those thoughts.
  3. 3
    They Get To The ROOT Of The Problem

    After I learned how to re-wire my thought patterns, I realized that my negative thinking was rooted in negative experiences and people from my past.

    These things fed directly into my subconscious, and it basically poisoned my belief system. And in turn, it took hold of my thoughts, actions, and decisions without even knowing it!

    In other words, my mind was running on auto-pilot...

    ...and if I didn't switch it off, I would NEVER be in control.

    So I had to dig deep and remove those negative beliefs that contaminated my thought processes. And fortunately, I found a way to do this and reprogram my subconscious from the ground up so I could be a whole NEW person!

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2 Ways To STOP Dwelling On Negative Thoughts NOW


"Distract Your Mind"

What most people don't realize is that they have the power to stop rumination dead in its tracks.

As for me, I found it helpful to think about it like having a pet dog.

You see, my mind used to chew on negative thoughts like a dog going through the trash. And for far too long, I allowed my "Inner Dog" to do this; then it would end up eating something nasty and get sick.

And I realized that I could escape this pattern by distracting my Inner Dog with other thoughts that it could chew on. When I was in a funk, I'd visualize something pleasant to disrupt my tendency to dwell on negative thoughts.

For instance, I'd imagine I was stacking my favorite books, or anything else I liked. I pictured putting them into neat little piles and arranging them alphabetically or by size.

Or if I was hemming and hawing about a problem, I'd spend a few minutes imagining how I'd feel AFTER I've solved it.

I didn't even imagine the steps I'd take to get there - I forced my mind to jump straight to the positive outcome.

So, doing this taught me that my Inner Dog couldn't chew on two different thoughts at the same time. This gave me HUGE leverage against negative thoughts and gave me the power to take action!


"Give Yourself Breathing Room"

I used to feel trapped and cornered by my own thoughts. When an unpleasant event triggered an avalanche of negative thoughts, I thought I was powerless against it.

But then I figured out how to train my mind to SLOW down my thoughts. This was the KEY to keep myself from being FLOODED by negativity and regain my footing.

Most people use meditation to do this, and it can help them cultivate awareness about their bodies and how they react to negative thoughts.

While this partially helped me from getting overwhelmed...

...I took it a step further by finding a way to reprogram my subconscious at the SAME time. 

This helped me get to the ROOT of my negative thinking and stop it at the source.

That way, I could finally break free from the unhealthy patterns that were dominating my life!

My Game-Changing "Negative Thought Disruptor"

As a clinical hypnotherapist, it's my job to help people reprogram their minds so they can live happier and more productive lives.

And more often than not, my clients struggle with BLOCKS in their subconscious, which is a BIG culprit when it comes to negative thinking.

Unhealthy belief systems and thought patterns create these subconscious blocks in a person's mind...

...and I've found that removing these is CRUCIAL to having an empowered and action-oriented mindset!

So, I realized that if I could somehow disrupt these negative patterns...

...then it would allow positive thoughts and healthy mental habits to thrive in my mind instead.

However, the tricky thing is that it's not exactly easy to open the backdoor to the subconscious mind and remove those negative beliefs.

But I'm happy to tell you that that's NOT the case anymore.

Now, there IS a way to switch off the "auto-pilot" on those negative thought patterns, quickly and easily. And after you've disrupted those thoughts, you can make room in your mind for positive ones instead.

This simple but powerful method allowed me to take back my happiness, rebuild my business, and earn seven figures a year - in just under 12 months!

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Listening to this audio program is a quick and effective way to create positive thought habits. For instance, self-hypnosis can help anyone develop a gratitude-based mindset which many experts identify as a KEY TRAIT to lasting happiness. Being grateful triggers the body to produce happy neurochemicals such as serotonin and dopamine - these are POWERFUL "Negative Thought Disruptors" that make a HUGE difference in a person's life!

Self-hypnosis and meditation can kickstart a person's relaxation response. Think of it as flipping a switch in the brain so you can instantly LET GO of negative thoughts - and shift into a more peaceful, happier state of mind. This is a powerful skill that can anyone can learn to change their life for the better!

STOP NEGATIVE THINKING - It's Time To Restore Inner Peace & Joy Into Your Mind

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