I have the right to my emotions.

I do not need to justify myself or fear judgment. I am valid and I am valuable.

I am stronger than people think I am and that makes me a powerful force.

I am in charge of my experience. I am in charge of my life.

I can deal with anything and walk away with a positive experience.

I do not need to subject myself to the toxic criticism of others.

I do not need to subject myself to the toxic opinions of others.

I do not need to control others, I cannot control others, nor do they control me. 

I do not need to put up with the negativity of others.

I am perfect as I am, and I don't need someone else to validate me.

I release myself from the expectations of others and choose to live the life I dream of.

Their damage is not my damage.

I release my fears of being imperfect, I am good enough as I am.

I am breaking free from the negative patterns I have followed.

I am letting go of the toxic people and clearing my spirit of the burdens they brought.

This experience will help me grow.

Forgiveness is a gift that I give to myself.

I choose to move forward in forgiveness and move beyond the pain and toxicity. 

I refuse to allow toxic people any space in my life.

 I will make peace with the people who have done me wrong and let go of the anger and hurt.