Are You Using Your Fears As Excuses?

Fear is an emotional response that can be useful in that it aids us in responding to dangers in our environment. However, when our fears become too large in our minds eye, they can become detrimental to us in many ways. One of the ways that fear can become debilitating is by preventing us from being able to move forward in our life. 

At times our fears can become so magnified that they morph into excuses to remain stagnant and dormant. But how do you know if you’re guilty of using your fears as an excuse in your life? The following are some common fears disguised as excuses that might help you decipher this. 

I Don’t Know Enough

Often, the excuse of not knowing enough is really a mask for the fear of being exposed as not good enough. When you feel you don’t know enough it generally means you’re concerned that your lack of knowledge is going to cause you to fail, thereby exposing you as incompetent and not enough. This reveals a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence that can prohibit you from taking risks and acting upon opportunities presented to you. 

This Isn’t the Right Time

People often say that timing is everything, but there is rarely a perfect time to do anything. When this excuse is being used it often means that there is a general fear of failure. If the time isn’t right then you don’t have to start meaning that there is no risk of things not working out. You just need to step out there and get started so that you can begin making progress. 

I’m Too Busy

Busyness is one of the most common and easy excuses to use. People will use this when they have hesitation about starting something because being busy is convenient and easy to prove so to speak. 

The fact is that everyone is busy and yet there are many people who still manage to get things done. Being busy should not stop anyone from doing anything. It simply requires intentionality and a plan so that you can do the things you aspire to do. 

I Don’t Have the Right Connections

When people use the excuse that they don’t have the right connections is can mean that they doubt their own abilities to get things done. When you feel you need other people to get things accomplished it can mean that you feel what you have to bring to the table is not enough. 

However, there are so many people who have made things happen without knowing the “right” people. Some of the biggest discoveries and breakthroughs have happened because of a single person’s work and initiative. 

I’m Just Not Ready

The fact is that no one is completely ready to do anything. There is always going to be a measure of risk and uncertainty that comes with any decision, so using this excuse tends to be a front for the general fear of moving forward. You just have to take action and not allow doubts about what may happen to keep you from moving ahead. 

It’s okay to have fears; We all have them from time to time. However, do not let your fears turn into excuses that keep you from taking chances that could result in great rewards. Rather than thinking about what could go wrong, consider all that could go right and take the steps needed to make things happen in your life.