Develop Fierce and Fearless Attitude
About Lesson

Even the fiercest and most fearless people have moments where their confidence could use some boosting. Whether you’re just beginning to explore your fierceness or you’ve been a go-getter your entire life, having some handy motivational thoughts on hand to reinforce your fierceness is a must! 


To keep your fierceness levels running high, keep the following motivational thoughts close by. Write them in your planner, keep them on your cell phone, or sticky note them to your bathroom mirror so you can see them, visualize yourself living them, and turn them into mantras to help you be fierce in all your endeavors. 

Fierce Motivational Thought 1: The biggest obstacle I have in my way of achieving what I want is myself.

Embodying a true sense of fierceness means coming to terms with yourself. Although life doles out plenty of unexpected obstacles and challenges, the attitude you take toward handling them is everything. 

When you approach your problems with a positive attitude geared toward getting things accomplished, you can truly handle anything life throws your way. Once you get past your own limitations, your opportunities truly open.

Fierce Motivational Thought 2: I can make good choices to support my mind, body, and spirit.

The only person who is ever truly looking after your best intentions 24/7 is yourself. Use this motivational thought to remember that you are always capable of making good decisions to take good care of yourself. 

Whether you make a decision because it’ll be good for your mind, body, or spirit, you have the power to make that good choice for yourself and treat yourself well.

Fierce Motivational Thought 3: I can make the best of any situation. 

Sometimes life really stinks. Even in the worst of situations, you can maintain total control over one aspect of what’s happening – your own choices. In any situation, no matter how bad it becomes, you have the power to choose how you react to it. 

Maintaining control over yourself is a fierce choice and allows you to keep calm and collected, even when life feels chaotic. Using this motivational thought is a great reminder of the personal powers you hold, even when life gets hard.

Fierce Motivational Thought 4: Every big journey I take begins with the very first step.

Maintaining an “I am fierce” attitude involves a lot of hard work. Whether you’re striving toward meeting a long-term goal or trying to make some positive life changes, the work you do eventually leads you to success. 

However, all of those big journeys must begin with your very first step in the right direction. Every time you motivate yourself to take that major first step, you’re setting yourself onto the right path for great things – what a fierce personal choice to make! 

Fierce Motivational Thought 5: A challenge, obstacle, or setback is a gift in disguise. 

When cruddy things happen, it’s often challenging to find anything good about it. Life throws us all sorts of challenges that lead to frustration, pain, heartbreak, shame, and beyond. A fierce way to handle these challenges is to begin viewing them as gifts in disguise.

Challenges, obstacles, and setbacks aren’t enjoyable at the moment. Afterward, though, is where the “gift” aspect of these experiences becomes more visible. Any time you experience something difficult or challenging, there’s an opportunity to learn more about yourself and the experience.

That knowledge can be taken with you as you move forward in life – in the event you ever experience something like that challenge again, you have the gift of prior experience to help guide you through the experience once again.