Develop Fierce and Fearless Attitude
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The next aspect that portrays the idea of living fiercely in today’s world has to do with achieving lofty goals and experiencing success. 


For anyone who is truly making an effort to carve out a life that is remarkable and worthwhile, having goals that far exceed the average individual is so important. However, we must note that we are not talking about dreams and wishes here. 


You must understand that having a goal means envisioning something you want to obtain, outlining tangible steps to get there and then exerting the time and effort necessary to make it happen. A dream or a wish involves nothing but the first step in that process. Everyone alive has dreams, only the driven truly have goals. 


Why are dreams and wishes virtually universal while goals a bit more exclusive? The biggest differentiation has to do with what it takes to go from longingly hoping for something and putting your head down and grinding to actually get it. If success and achievement were as easy as wishing and receiving, there would be a world full of high achievers. It is this same rarity that makes success and victory even worthwhile in the first place. 


There are certain components that will always be associated with success and high achievement. Glory, prestige, admiration? Sure. Understand, however, that these things come at the end of the process. 


Until the finish line, there will inevitably be a healthy dose of sacrifice, pain, dedication, and fatigue. This is exactly why living a fierce life is almost mandatory in order to endure the discomfort required to push through the process of success. 


In order to make it through the long, sleepless nights and keep coming back day after day when progress seemingly slows to a halt, you need to be fierce. It is this trait that allows you to navigate the obstacles and setbacks that are sure to greet you on your path to success.


Anyone who has ever risen above their peers and enjoyed high achievement will tell you that this path involves much more complexity than getting from point A to point B. If there were a nice, straight line connecting the two, being fierce might not be such a prerequisite. The process more closely resembles a line graph you might see in a corporate boardroom during a period when performance is all over the place, constant dips, dives, turns and fluctuations on a routine basis. 


Being fierce doesn’t mean that this constant struggle won’t discourage you at times. We are all human beings and being faced with adversity and discomfort is never going to be something we are particularly fond of. However, the fierce individual has the ability to not lose sight of the overall picture when caught up in the chaos. 


Using our line graph example, the average person allows each and every dip of the line to derail their motivation and every small victory to cause them to feel like they’ve done enough, that they’ve earned the right to be complacent for a while. High achieving individuals look at the overall trend of the line instead. 


They realize that remarkable success is a long process and that small fluctuations in progress are far less important than making sure the line is trending in an upward direction, regardless of how rapidly it does so.