Develop Fierce and Fearless Attitude
About Lesson

Being Fierce Means

  1. 100% completely loyal and dedicated to yourself.
  2. Being zealously passionate about your goals and endeavors.
  3. Intense and complete focus and devotion to your most important tasks.
  4. Intensely eager to live your absolute best life. 
  5. Being a warrior in your own life.
  6. Fighting with complete passion for your beliefs.
  7. Living by your own principles that you would set everything else aside to protect. 
  8. Never compromising your own values, morals, and beliefs.
  9. Carving out a life for yourself that is remarkable and worthwhile.
  10. Staying focused and committed to your goals, ignoring all external negative feedback.
  11. It is this trait that allows you to navigate the obstacles and setbacks that are sure to greet you on your path to success.
  12. Using lessons learned from failure to navigate every journey.
  13. Being fierce means nothing can stop you.
  14. Drawing on something deep within yourself to fuel that fire that keeps you going.
  15. To remain hellbent on accomplishing what you set out to accomplish.
  16. Channeling your greatest passions.
  17. Working on goals that many others would not even attempt 
  18. Allowing your efforts to rely on an internal source of motivation instead of the fickle, inconsistent sources provided from other people.
  19. You have realized at some point that you want more out of life than the complacency and monotony found within your comfort zone.