Develop Fierce and Fearless Attitude
About Lesson

When you think of the word fierce, what typically comes to mind? 


  1. For some, the idea of a wild animal seeking and devouring its prey defines this term.
  2. Others may imagine a warrior on the battlefield charging forward with eyes ablaze and sword drawn. Both of these symbols are relevant and accurate descriptions of what it means to be fierce.
  3. Another connotation to consider regarding ferociousness is the opinion of whether or not this character trait is good or bad. You might associate a fierce individual as being cruel, violent, or oppressive.
  4. Contrarily, a hero fighting with all their might to save someone in trouble, which most would consider a benevolent act, may come to your mind. As with many strong traits, the word fierce can be applied to both unfavorable and righteous actions depending on the context. 


Now that we have brought to mind the definition and associated images of what it means to be fierce, a more relevant question must be answered. In your everyday life, how can you embody being fierce? 


Working under the assumption that you are not a raging lion pursuing a gazelle or spending any time engaged in mortal combat with your enemy, what does fierce even look like in the context of a modern life?