Fruits of the Spirit
About Lesson

Have you been underestimating your spirit and the power it has over your life? It’s quite clear that in order to unlock ultimate freedom and wellbeing in your life, you must first nurture your spirit. With the advice provided above, your journey to enriching your spirit begins here. Spirit health is in your hands, just like every other area of your life. All it takes is the commitment to making positive changes in your life.

We encourage you to do so immediately after you finish reading these final thoughts. Take concrete action to determine what steps you will take in order to nurture your spirit. 

What is it going to look like for you?

Do you want to enrich your life through religion, or do you have something else in mind? 

What steps are necessary to remove any obstacles that stand in your way? If you were to reflect on the entirely of your life and consider where you are currently, what is standing between you and your freedom? What is holding you back form nurturing you spirit to achieve wellbeing? Nothing is too great for you to overcome. 

Within you, you have the power to do better, to be better, and to nurture your spirit to full growth. You can start with forgiving yourself for past transgressions and the commitment to do better for yourself going forward. 

Once you have forgiven yourself, you can start the process of exploring your core values. That’s your starting point and from there, the world is your oyster. 

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