Fruits of the Spirit
About Lesson

Your body is the home where you reside, and your soul is something you possess. They are both subject to your commands. This is why experts suggest that your environment doesn’t control you. You can break its constraints and choose to do better. Your body might interact with the world, but it’s your interpretation of it that really matters.

You may believe that it’s your mind that determines the interpretation, but it’s your spirit. Your spirit is the ultimate authority, it holds power over the final say. So, in terms of a hierarchy, your body is the coffee kid, then your soul comes in at middle management, and your spirit is the CEO.

All of them are aware of their position in the pecking order. If you’re not spiritually well, then you will have difficulty. The master isn’t at the wheel so instead, your emotions are in control. They will run (or ruin) your life.

The soul is in the driver’s seat, running the show, and you feel unfulfilled. You crave things you know are bad for you. Your moods are ruining your relationships. You just can’t control yourself.

You can, but only through nurturing your spirit health.

Think of it like this. You just bought a brand-new pair of shoes. They are dazzling white. Then, you’re navigating the aisles of your supermarket and someone accidentally steps on your foot. You react with anger because your body is reacting to its environment. It’s the sensor and it’s gathering information and now it’s up to you to determine how to respond. You can choose to calm down or you can choose to act out.

Your first impulse might be to act out. You know that’s a mistake so you push your will to choose calm. Your will is working against all of those negative emotions overwhelming you. Your will calls your mind and invites it to reason. They’re locked in a battle, but your conscience knows acting out is not the correct decision. It might not make sense to your overwrought emotions, but your will can win the battle.

Satisfaction achieved. There are no feelings of regret or guilt. That is, of course, provided your will has had sufficient training. If it doesn’t, then it’s possible for emotions to overrule your logic. Your emotions can justify the overblown response that your emotions want you to react with and you can sway your logical mind to go along with it.

So, you act out. Initially, you feel justified because you were wronged! That choice to act out can cause a lot of damage and it might not be until that point that you realize the small voice within you that told you to calm down was right.

All this to say, balance is important. Every aspect of you has a role to play and if one aspect isn’t right, then it can upset your entire life. You know how important a role your body plays. You recognize the role your soul plays. Are you paying the same level of attention to your spirit? If not, then it’s time to do so.