Fruits of the Spirit
About Lesson

It’s difficult to define exactly because spirit health means different things to different people. We all face our own challenge to define it, develop it, nurture it, and maintain it. However, those with high levels of spirit health tend to enjoy great social, emotional, and physical health.

No definition can summarize spirit health wholly. In western society, we often point to religion and prayer as being vital to spirit health.

While those can absolutely play a major role in developing spirit health, there is much more to consider.

You don’t have to pray. You don’t have to be religious. You have other options to embrace. There are concepts that play a role here, concepts like peace, hope, and purpose. What are we without those?

What we can concretely point to as the criteria of spirit health is the presence of one or more of these:

  • Belief in a higher power
  • Organized religion
  • Guiding sense of valure and purpose
  • Balance
  • Inner peace
  • Introspection
  • Belief in a greater force
  • Lightness of being
  • Internal joy and calm
  • Self-control

Just because you tick one or more of these boxes does not mean you will automatically be healthy spiritually speaking. There are things you need to address within these concepts to find freedom and wellbeing. These are a good place to start, however.