Manifesting 101
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Whether you know it or want to admit it, you are already consciously creating your life. You manifest your reality every single day.

You allow your worries, beliefs, and psychological games to shield you from seeing valuable opportunities, and you “see” exactly what your brain tells you.

But what if you could learn to control these consciously? To actively create the life you want?

Fully inhale your dream and completely exhale manifestation of it. ~ T.F. Hodge, From Within | Rise: Spiritual Triumph Over Death and Conscious Encounters with ” The Divine Presence”

Manifestation is the ability to think something into existence. Sounds crazy, right? But it not. It is real, and it happens every day. 

Manifesting 101

And once you learn the power of this process, you, too, can learn to achieve your goals and bring your dreams into reality. All you have to do is understand how it works. 

This e-course will explore the power and process of manifestation. We will uncover the principle and rules that guide this ability. 

This guide will teach you how to manifest whatever you want in life while offering concrete advice and strategies for staying on track toward manifesting your dreams. 

Are you ready to achieve your greatest desires? Then, let’s get started!


Manifestation of life we desire can easily be compared to sowing seeds. A seed sprouts depending on whether it has been thrown into a fertile ground or sand, and the same goes for our soul’s desire.

For the seeds to sprout and grow, they need a healthy, fertile land, without unnecessary ballast, which on the level of the mind are the outlived patterns, fears and limitations we have taken upon ourselves as our own. 

Just like the farmer ploughs his field and enriches the soil it is up to us to maintain the best possible conditions for the sprouting and development of our being.

Let us remove the rocks and sand from our field, maintain the fertile soil, devote the time to caring for our spirit and mind, and our field of life will prosper in abundance. ”

Petra Poje – Keeper of The Eye