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It's Time To Reboot To A Millionaire Mindset.

Dr. Steve G. Jones Presents: Overflowing Wealth. A specially crafted self-hypnosis track for overcoming financial stress and imprinting high success thought habits. 

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Finally Rid Yourself of All Your Money Problem

It's time you overcome financial challenges once and for all... and attract more money, success and abundance all on autopilot. Overflowing Wealth self-hypnosis track removes your subconscious money blocks, and installs abundant thought patterns into your brain.

In short, it'll turn you into a money magnet... All you have to do is listen. 

Upgrade Your Brain. Uplevel Your Abundance.

How I Went From Borderline Bankrupt to a millionaire in Less Than a Year

“Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.”― Ayn Rand

Before I became a licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist and self-made multimillionaire, I had to experience a lot of soul-crushing financial difficulties.

My marriage was falling apart and had my share of failed business ventures.

It got so bad that I was on the verge of losing everything and living on the street.

After I got kicked out of my apartment, I had to live in my office which was about to get shut down as well.

On top of that, I was trapped under a massive credit card totaling to $80,000.

Different collection agencies called me non-stop, and an agent even showed up at my door.

He said I had to pay at least $30,000 by 3 pm on the last Monday of that month, or risk facing legal action.

So I was in a serious bind, and couldn’t find a way out.

That was, until, I stumbled on a game-changing discovery...So how did I go from not even having than $20 to my name… revitalizing my career, getting out from under my crushing debt...

...and even coaching celebrities, athletes, Fortune 500 CEOs, and other high-level clients?

Read on to find out...

5 CRUCIAL Differences Between Millionaires... And Everyone Else:

  1. 1
    They Have Positive & Healthy Beliefs About Wealth

    Before I started my multimillion-dollar a year business, I had a set of extremely limiting beliefs that kept me broke. And like most people who are in the same situation I was, they have very strong feelings and opinions about the topic of money. But what they don’t realize is that these beliefs can be TOXIC to their financial success. Millionaires believe that money is neither good nor bad inherently. For them, it’s merely a tool that helps them carry out their purpose, and nothing more. More importantly, wealthy people don’t hold on to the belief that making money and being ethical are two separate things.  Eventually, I realized I was subconsciously running on these negative beliefs. So I had to reprogram my thoughts on a subconscious level BEFORE I could start making serious money.
  2. 2
    Millionaires Follow A NON-LINEAR Path

    Here’s another truth I realized: I wasn’t going to get rich from trading my hours for wages.  Sure, I could be happy earning $25 an hour. But that wouldn’t even come close to chipping away the mountain of crushing debt I was in. So I had to open up different ways of making money work hard for me, and NOT the other way around. By leveraging my time to create money-making assets, I could grow my wealth exponentially.
  3. 3
    Millionaires Have a Gut-Level Understanding of How To Create Wealth

    Before I made my breakthrough, I thought I knew what it meant to generate wealth. After all, I had several businesses going already - but when all of them failed, I realized I was missing something. It turned out that I wasn’t flooding my mind with key core concepts of being rich on a long-term basis just yet.  What I found out the hard way was that I had to go down several layers DEEPER into my subconscious. Only then could I actually think and act like a millionaire, and generate massive wealth as a result. That’s why I’m here today to share how I trained my brain to make that CRUCIAL SWITCH to “Millionaire Mode.”
  4. 4
    Millionaires Are All About Investing, Not Spending Mindlessly

    Like a lot of people, I used to think that once I “made it,” that would be a license for me to splurge to my heart’s content. I thought that being rich meant getting the big mansions, flashy cars and going to going on vacation every week. But once I reached that level of wealth and got to know other millionaires, I learned that about 90% of them aren't actually this way. Sure, they do spend a pretty penny on much-needed R&R and other comforts so they can unwind and unplug. But it’s definitely NOT on the level that we see on TV or in the movies. The overwhelming majority of millionaires I personally know are more interested in putting their money back into their businesses FIRST. Only then do they spend what’s left over. That’s the real secret to scaling your business from a mere thousand (or even hundred) dollars all the way to six, seven, and eight figures in just a few short years.
  5. 5
    Millionaires Align Themselves With Like-Minded People

    This is a simple but often ignored truth about being rich: Anyone who wants to reach a certain level has to connect with people who live in that world. Those who want to think and act like a person who naturally creates wealth have to be around those kinds of people. Instead of being mad at their success, they need to flood their minds with the wisdom and knowledge of wealthy people.  The more someone invests their time and energy into LEARNING, the faster they can get rich themselves.

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2 Signs That You're Ready To Take Your Wealth To The Next Level:


Wealthy People LOVE Learning

People like Warren Buffet spend a huge chunk of their time learning new things daily. They understand that no matter far they’ve made it, there’s always room for growth.

In fact, it’s this attitude that got them rich in the first place. Even someone starting from square one can take advantage of the wealth of resources around them.

Whether it’s books, videos, podcasts, online courses, or other material out there...’s impossible not to take advantage of these and NOT triple or quadruple their income in a short amount of time!


Wealthy People Aren't Worried About The Odds

Most people are paralyzed by inaction because they're too caught up with weighing their options. They analyze every detail and possibility until their desire to actually do something fizzles out.

Experts call this analysis paralysis, and it can bring someone’s plans to grinding halt.

Of course, going in blind and clueless is one thing, while taking calculated risks is another. Millionaires always choose the latter.

More importantly, they’re willing to learn from their mistakes and try another approach.

Millionaire Mindset

My Shocking Discovery

After studying how to become a licensed hypnotherapist, I realized that this was the backdoor to the subconscious.

Most people take this part of their brain for granted, but if they knew the truth that I stumbled on... 

... they would have the power to change their lives IMMEDIATELY.

What I discovered was that ANYONE use self-hypnosis to quickly and easily FLOOD their mind with the right thought habits, mindsets. 

This is like giving yourself a "Millionaire Brain" 

And by unlocking this secret backdoor in the mind, anyone can create new mental pathways to installing new habits and attitudes in their subconscious. 

This also removes destructive beliefs that are harmful to financial health! I was too attached to my old beliefs, and I almost went bankrupt because of it.

That’s why I used the power of self-hypnosis infuse my subconscious with an Overflowing Mindset - and it changed my life forever!

Not only has this breakthrough helped me go from flat broke and nearly homeless... becoming a cash millionaire in less than a year!

It also allowed me to become a well-known hypnotherapist. I’ve appeared on ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS and even Bravo TV’s ‘Millionaire Matchmaker.’

What Other's have to say:

Natalie Ledwell - CEO of Mind Movies

Two thumbs up for this amazing course! It's helped me enjoy massive shifts in my financial thinking. To become wealthy, you've got to think wealthy thoughts, and that's what 'Overflowing Wealth' does. It uses these special relaxing hypnosis audios to encourage abundant thinking patterns. Each audio builds on the power of the last, and over four weeks, the entire course will have shifted your mindset. Money is an inside job... and it starts with 'Overflowing Wealth'!"

Brian Tracy - multi millionaire author & speaker

Many people have the drive to make more money but don't know how. I've found a great way to increase your income, by using Dr Steve's tricks. This powerful program uses hypnosis to 'rewire' your brain with powerful, abundant thoughts that will help you get rich! All you have to do is listen.

Kristen Howe - TV personality & brain expert

I just love the idea behind 'Overflowing Wealth' It isn't just designed to change your thoughts around money, so that you get rid of your limiting beliefs, and layers them in one week at a time over four weeks... a really clever way to build success.

3 Reasons To Get Overflowing Wealth Right Now

This special offer is available at an incredible 85% discount for a LIMITED time - I highly recommend you download it before it goes back to the FULL price.

Listening to the self-hypnosis audio quickly re-wires thought patterns and creates new pathways in the mind to help people overcome any difficulty in their life right now.

This self-hypnosis track is an empowering tool that can fine-tune thought habits and propel ANYONE into taking action, and make their dreams come true!

It's Time To Unlock Your Wealth Brain and Millionaire Mindset

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Overflowing Wealth

** PS. 85% discount is pre-applied, but it is only valid for a limited time. 

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