The Genie Script Works

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The Genie Script Works By Wesley Virgin: It’s time to overcome financial challenges and attract more money, success and abundance!

The Genie Script works is a well crafted program for overcoming financial stress and imprinting high success thoughts habits.

Finally you can rid yourself of all your money problem by attracting more money into your life and clear all your money blocks that have been holding you back.

The Genie Script meditations and audio tracks removes your subconscious money blocks, and installs abundant patterns into your brain. In short, it’ll turn you into a money magnet… All you have to do is listen.

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In this program you are going to learn:

How to use the newly-discovered power of “The Genie Script Works” method to install habits, thoughts and ACTIONS that will make you more money.

The exact steps to follow to reshape your financial destiny.

The most important rule when it comes to creating high cashflow – 92% of people don’t even know this rule exists. Don’t let this limit your wealth.

Relatively unknown ‘Secret Keys’ that you MUST implement to banish any doubts, fears, lack of confidence, uncertainties, or anything else holding you back!

What to to if you’re in a wealth crisis zone, and how to LEAP out of it, into one with more cash, and more freedom of time to design and live your dream life.

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The program includes:

  • The Genie Script Works Main Guide + Meditations
  • Brain Wave Mastery
  • 10 Minute “I Manifest Now” Meditations
  • Wealth Visuals Course
  • Kundalini Touch Exercise
  • Supernatural Third Eye Activation Exercise
  • Walking Guided Meditations
  • and much more…