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How I Took Control Of My Life And Made REAL Change Happen 

“Sometimes the loss from taking a wrong action is less than the loss from taking no action.”

― Amit Kalantri

Not too long ago, I was stuck in a rut and didn't realize it.

As far as I was concerned, I was doing well in my up-and-coming hypnotherapy clinic in Beverly Hills.

Clients were coming in, business was booming and I couldn't complain about the money.

But deep inside, some part of me knew I could do better. On the outside, my friends and family thought I was successful and had everything I wanted.

The truth was that the dissatisfaction in me ran DEEP. I was no longer happy with my work and lost my sense of meaning in what I did.

In my mind, I had some nebulous idea of how to revitalize my business and take it in a better direction. But I lacked the courage to do it because of the work involved.

As much as my comfort zone was chipping away at my peace of mind, I was too scared to leave it.

The thought of taking action was terrifying - and it created a HUGE conflict within me. 

My desire to break free clashed with my fear to change things...

...and it paralyzed me so much that I felt powerless to move forward in my life.  

This led me to make poor decisions in both my personal and professional life. Not only did my relationships fall apart, but I nearly became bankrupt. 

Looking back, it's clear that this was my subconscious mind's desperate attempt to remove me from my comfort zone.

And so, my rock-bottom state FORCED me to take action and get things done.

While I was grateful for how things turned out in the end, I decided that NO ONE else should have to go through this just to take action and change their lives.

That's why today, I want to share how I developed a way to DISRUPT the negative thought patterns that robbed me of my power to change my life.

This subtle but immensely profound mindset shift helped me to finally grow my business and become a cash millionaire in LESS than a year!

3 BIG Differences Between Doers - And Everyone Else

  1. 1
    Doers Have a "Get Stuff Done" Kind of Brain

    A German study found that people who get things done have a different brain from those who procrastinate.

    In fact, they performed an MRI scan on almost 300 individuals and found that people who take action are wired differently.
    The {quote-sign}doer's brain{quote-sign} had a more pronounced connection between the amygdala and the dorsal ACC, which are areas responsible for action control and decision-making.

    This means that people who get things done are less hampered by negative emotions, such as fear and hesitation.

    And the good news is that everyone can NOW train their brain and re-wire their mental pathways to develop an emotionally mature mindset for taking action! 
  2. 2
    Doers Prioritize "Done" Over "Perfect"
    Another trait of doers is that they are more concerned with getting the ball rolling rather than getting it 100% perfect. Their mindset doesn't operate on the idea that being less than perfect decreases their self-worth.

    Instead, doers focus on making things happen. They intentionally avoid getting caught up with self-made distractions and the desire to be perfect.

    They'd rather make some small mistakes along the way and learn from the experience...

    ...rather than letting the fear of making those mistakes stop them from taking action.  3
  3. 3
    Doers Go Easy On Themselves

    Here's a critical truth I learned: getting stuff done isn't about punishing or pressuring yourself.

    I used to think that I had to engage in negative self-talk disguised as {quote-sign}tough love{quote-sign} to motivate myself into action. But in the end, the whole {quote-sign}Tough Drill Sergeant{quote-sign} routine backfired.

    The more I berated myself for {quote-sign}not feeling it{quote-sign}, the less I liked who I was. And that led to a negative feedback loop of self-loathing and inaction.

    So I had to disrupt this toxic way of thinking by using my skills as a clinical hypnotherapist. Thanks to a revolutionary internal shift, I finally broke out of my comfort zone and stepped into a bigger, brighter world.

    And the amazing thing is that ANYONE can do the same thing without taking months or years to change themselves!

Prime The Subconscious Mind for Life-Changing Habits, Unstoppable Productivity, and Long-Term Success!

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2 Ways To Get The Productivity Ball Rolling TODAY:


Baby Steps Are Key

Like I said earlier, going too hard on yourself is NOT a healthy approach. This self-defeating attitude only makes things worse by decreasing motivation and sinking morale.

Instead of coming in hot and trying to "own the room", the priority should be to get one's foot in the door, so to speak. 

Behavioral science recommends that taking one small step now and rewarding yourself for it (such as a healthy treat or doing your favorite activity). This "small but steady" approach can snowball into massive results down the road.

For instance, someone who's been meaning to read a book has two options: 

  • Commit to reading 10 minutes every day
  • Forcing yourself to read an hour or one chapter a day

Most people go with the second one; that kills momentum and keeps the habit from growing in the first place.

And while the first option might not seem much at first, it's less likely for someone to burn out.

More importantly, this low-pressure approach naturally removes mental resistance AND motivates them to do MORE. Those 10 minutes of reading every day could easily become 20, 30 or even 45 minutes!

In the end, the "baby steps + reward" combination triggers a release dopamine (a feel-good neurochemical) to the reward centers of the brain - and thus, a habit is born.  


Break Down Your Goals

This was another habit I trained my mind to cultivate so I wouldn't be overwhelmed with fear and hesitation. In a nutshell, I took my biggest and most daunting goals, and broke them into small, manageable chunks.

This allowed me to create actionable tasks and targets I could achieve one day at a time (remember those baby steps!).

That way, those important goals felt more within reach rather than feeling stuck in an endless tunnel with no light at the end.

On top of this, I also developed the habit of reminding myself of the reasons why I was doing what I did. I listed down my most important values and priorities in life, and made it a point to always have these in the FRONT of my mind.

When my motivation failed me (which happened a LOT), this mental habit kept me going and eliminated ALL barriers to taking action.

The Mindset Shift That Changed Everything For Me 

As a clinical hypnotherapist, I'm all about optimizing my clients' minds so they live more productive and meaningful lives.

And more often than not, it's about removing negative BLOCKS from their subconscious. This is the biggest obstacle they have to taking action and getting things done!

Toxic belief systems and mental habits create these subconscious blocks...

...and the key to success is replacing it with an empowered and action-oriented mindset instead!

That's why I developed a way to disrupt these negative patterns and reshape my mental pathways...

...and this life-changing shift allowed healthier habits to thrive within me instead. 

And to do that, I learned how to open the backdoor to the subconscious mind and make those changes.

The great news is that ANYONE can learn how to do this without encountering the resistance or experiencing the inner struggle as I did!

This helped me get my life back on track, rebuild my business, and skyrocket my income! 

Today, I've become a well-known hypnotherapist who's appeared on ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS and Bravo TV’s ‘Millionaire Matchmaker.’

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Chris Steely, Former Vice President of Tony Robbins Business International

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Dr. Joe Vitale, Star of "The Secret"

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