Increase Productivity By Dr Dan and Andrea Marshall (Vibration Track)


This powerful new self-hypnosis audio track is designed to cultivate optimum mind habits and strategies that banish procrastination – PLUS these benefits:

– Increase confidence by conditioning your thoughts

– Increase energy to help you achieve goals at a faster pace

– Decrease stress levels by leaps and bounds

– Eliminate negative thoughts

– Accelerate the journey to achieving your goals

The 85% discount ends today, so I highly suggest getting it while you still can!

Increase Productivity Vibration Self-Hypnosis Track (Last few hours)



Increase Productivity

Now Is The Time To Increase Productivity And Get Control Of Your Life

A warm welcome from Dr. Dan and Andrea.

If you are finding it difficult to accomplish the things you need to get done each day…

…Then this powerful Vibration Track is for you! It is designed to help you focus and improve your time management to put you back in control of your life.

We crafted our audio tracks using the power of Subaudible Soundwave Technology which makes this Vibration Tracks special.

Using our unique process, the subliminally embedded affirmations and suggestion go straight your subconscious so you can accelerate your internal transformations.

This track will help you master time management and open up free time for fun and enjoyment. It plants the seeds for real change by rewiring your thought patterns and creating positive lifelong habits!


Dr. Dan & Andrea Marshall