10 Power Habits That Can Change You For Better

In 2023 and beyond, challenge yourself to adopt powerful habits that can change you for the better. By adopting these ten power habits, you will see improvements in all areas of your life in the new year – from your mental health, your physical health, your overall well being, and beyond! 

Diversify your regular diet to include more colorful and nutritionally-dense foods.

Make eating a wide variety of foods one of your regular habits. Choose fruits and vegetables that are currently in-season, try to make your mealtime plates more colorful with a wide variety of produce, and try dishes from unfamiliar cultures and cuisines. Diversifying your diet not only makes it more appealing, interesting, and nutritional, but you also expose yourself to all sorts of new dishes and foods that may quickly become some of your new favorites.

Start carrying around a reusable water bottle. 

Keep a reusable water bottle on hand all day. Whether you’re going to work, school, the gym, or to hang out with friends, get into the habit of bringing your reusable water bottle along with you. When your water bottle is right there, you’ll be far more likely to sip on it throughout the day. The convenience means you’ll keep reaching for water more frequently, which will make staying well-hydrated incredibly easy. As a bonus, this habit will also help you spend less on drinks from stores and vending machines throughout the day. 

Find ways to squeeze more movement and exercise into your day. 

If the idea of going to the gym sounds miserable to you, don’t do it. Instead, get into the habit of finding ways to naturally squeeze more movement and exercise into your day. For example, you can park at the very back of your workplace’s parking lot – this will increase the number of steps you must take to get to and from the building or your car during the day. You can take the stairs instead of the elevator, which is another easy way to increase your exercise. There are many ways to insert more exercise into your already-existing day, and getting yourself into the habit of identifying and then executing these ways is a powerful way to feel better.

Start using a calendar and stick with it. 

In 2023, say goodbye to forgotten errands and missed appointments. Rather than allowing your schedule to be totally up in the air, start carrying a calendar and really stick with it. Write down your tasks, errands, appointments, and important dates. Getting into this habit will help you keep your schedule far better organized. Rather than running the risk of forgetting something important, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve already written the date down so it doesn’t creep up on you (or worse, pass entirely without you realizing you missed it!). 

Develop a budgeting system so you know exactly where your dollars are going each month. 

Do you ever wonder where your cash went? At one moment, your paycheck makes your bank account seem nice and padded, but just as quickly, it may feel like it disappeared entirely! In 2023, cut the mysteries surrounding your finances and spending by developing a budgeting system. Creating and using a personal budgeting system is an excellent habit that keeps you totally informed of where your money is going so you are never surprised when an expense or bill arises. 

Block off some time each week to do the activities you love most. 

One of the most wonderful habits you can develop is prioritizing how you spend your free time. Get into the habit of blocking off time for activities you genuinely love and enjoy doing. Often, people will remove their favorite activities from their schedules when they feel “too busy” to do them. This means they regularly prioritize other activities and responsibilities over their own happiness. In 2023, challenge yourself to block off some time each week for activities you really love doing. Treat this time like you would any other priority – protect it and actually do it when the time for it comes. 

Develop a good bedtime routine and stick with it. 

A good bedtime routine is an excellent habit for success. A great night’s sleep can prepare you for an excellent and successful day, so having a good bedtime routine is essential. Make your bedtime routine an ultra-relaxing way to prepare yourself for sleep. For example, you can relax each evening with some reading, a hot bath or shower, some skincare, and other activities that help you ease into relaxation. 

Communicate your personal boundaries to other people and uphold them. 

In 2023, say “no” to allowing other people to make you uncomfortable. Get into the habit of communicating your personal boundaries clearly to other people…and then actually upholding those boundaries once they’re set. For example, if you tell someone not to do something, enforce it. Don’t let people creep into your comfort zone with requests and actions that make you unhappy or uncomfortable. Getting into the habit of clear and communicative boundary setting is an excellent way to protect yourself and your relationships.

Challenge yourself to try new, different, and unfamiliar things when the opportunity to do so arises.

It is often tempting to turn away from new and unfamiliar activities when you have a chance to experience them. Rather than staying hidden in your own comfort zone, challenge yourself to get a little uncomfortable in 2023 by getting into the habit of trying new things. When faced with the chance to try something new, allow yourself to say “yes” and try it rather than shying away from the unfamiliar. 

Process your feelings and emotions in real time. 

In 2023, challenge yourself to face your feelings and emotions head-on. Rather than ignoring or hiding your difficult emotions, allow yourself to process them by actually feeling them. Take note of your discomfort and how all your emotions – especially the really difficult ones – affect you. Doing so will help you process and move through them quicker with less fallout afterward.

10 Power Habits That Can Change You For Better