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The Psychology of Rituals

Rituals are found throughout human history. While they often mark significant events, rituals perform more functions than simply acknowledging an event. Rituals help people express emotions in a socially acceptable manner, improve performance by reducing performance anxiety, and help identify and strengthen social connections.

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Do these THREE things for greater motivation and focus

Like many of you staying motivated was something I struggled with growing up. I used to breeze through life thinking everything will turn out fine. Now, this did work for me up to a point. I remember loving the adrenalin rush after a late night mad scramble to complete a project for college. Yet this feeling didn’t last as new projects piled up one after another.

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How To Make Yourself The Model Of Abundance

You’re walking down the street, next to you is your favorite person. You’re walking on the same sidewalk. You’re both inhaling and exhaling the same air to survive. Are you worried about them stealing your air? No. It’s abundant. There is enough for both of you to breathe comfortably.

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Is Mindset The Key To Any Success?

What do you know about the nature of your own mind? What do you know about the capacity of your brain, your thoughts, and your emotions? I bet you think you know quite a lot, don’t you? I bet you think you know yourself extremely well.

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6 Ways to Practice Gratitude in Your Everyday Life

If you want to reap the benefits of living a life of gratitude, then you are going to have to practice the mindset daily. This means changing your thought habits on a massive scale and on a daily basis. This might be hard which is why we have found 6 tips for helping you practice daily gratitude.

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5 Characteristics Of People Who Persevere

At the end of each day, ask yourself whether you have done something that left a lasting or positive impact. If you can’t answer yes, then go out of your way to do something so that you can say yes. When it comes right down to it, you either will or you won’t. It isn’t about trying, it’s about doing. That’s what people who persevere understand.

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Do You Have a Vision of What You Want From Life?

Then develop a vision for your future based off of your answers to those questions, being sure to consider your passions and core values as you do this. You will then create a vision that you can clearly work towards, and you’ll find that your efforts will get you there in a matter of no time.

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Is Your Inner Dialogue Chaotic?

Have you ever tuned out of a conversation because you’re more involved in the discussion going on in your head? Did you find yourself getting irritated at the person droning on because it’s distracting you from that argument raging within you?

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