340 Positive Affirmations To get Through Hard Times

are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness..

45 Hope Affirmations To Inspire You Through Difficult Times

Hope is a funny thing, it seems to come and go with the slightest change in thinking. In times like this, and really all the time, hope may be hard ...

760 Affirmations To Heal From Within, Resolve Your Personal Issues, Pain and Inner Turmoil

Using affirmations is a practice to heal from within and allows us to cancel, negate and correct old negative thought patterns. Positive affirmations ...

Affirmative Prayer 101

Prayer is one of the major foundations of spirituality. No matter what your religious affiliation is, spending time with your higher being is an ...

What is Mindfulness and 40 Inspirational Mindfulness Quotes

Mindfulness is a word that you might have been hearing more often in your daily conversations. At first you may think that you understand what the ...

40 Positive Affirmations To Boost Your Self-Esteem

Why would you need to boost your self-esteem using positive affirmations?

6 Killer Thoughts to Help You Get What You Want

What we think determines how we behave and the decisions we make. If our thoughts are positive and optimistic our actions will align, and we’ll make ...

40 Inspirational Quotes Making Your Dreams Come True

When you run into obstacles or you feel discouraged you need affirmations, inspiration, and quotes from successful people who will help you navigate ...

40 Inner Peace and Serenity Affirmations

In a world of stress and chaos, finding inner peace and serenity has never been more important. You cannot control the pandemonium of the world. You ...

17 Growth Mindset Quotes That Will Inspire Your Success and Happiness

If you believe you can learn what it takes to create your own success at work and in life, congratulations - you have growth mindset.

Best Motivational Success Quotes

50 Motivational Quotes You That's Cool To Be Posted On Your Instagram Feed.

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