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Financial Stress 101 – Complete Guide and Coping Strategies

Money. For the longest time, it’s almost been treated like a dirty word. Like gasoline for our cars, or food for our bodies, money is the building block for most of the decisions we make in life. Our finances can impact what we do for work and for leisure, where we go to school, where we live, what we eat, the places we visit, the activities or hobbies we take up, and so on. It’s no surprise then that our finances can also be a big source of stress.

10 Power Habits For Better Money Management

Money management is an essential skill to learn for financial stability and longevity. Understanding the basics of these actions can help you prepare for a secure future through smart decisions that optimize your finances. Taking small steps to adopt these 10 power habits can help you reach your financial goals and provide peace of mind knowing your money is managed properly.

What Is A Spending Freeze And How It Works

What is a spending freeze? It’s when you freeze your spending. Or more to the point, you don’t spend disposable income, whether it’s for a day, a month, or longer. A spending freeze is an excellent way to find out where your money has been going and it can go straight into your savings account once the exercise is done.