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How To Control Your Emotions And Maintain Rationality In Challenging Situations

Control is an illusion but regulating your emotions in challenging situations is the one way you can control how you react to a world full of amazing possibilities. Taking the time to address your need to develop positive external expressions of your emotion, and internal experiences of emotion allows you better control over what does and does not ultimately affect you.

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How To Overcome Unrealistic Worries and Fears

Learning to overcome fear is an essential part of learning to live in today’s world, and the best way to stop fearing things in your life is to understand from where your fear originates as well as to learn some valuable techniques that will help you stop the unproductive worry that is harming your happiness.

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28 Habits And Mindsets of Truly Happy People

While there may still be plenty left for us to understand about happiness, research has shown us it’s more than just luck. While you may have been dealt a worse hand than someone else, it’s about how you play the hand. In fact, it might be even be exactly how you play the cards, but how you find a way to enjoy playing them, no matter what is thrown at you.

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8 Ways To Cultivate Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is the most often given advice when someone is looking for a way to make their life more enjoyable. However, achieving gratitude is a little bit harder than it sounds. In order to help you achieve gratitude in your life, we have compiled 8 tips for bringing gratitude out in the mundane days of your life.

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How To Manage Stress And Overwhelm In Very Hard Times

We all feel overwhelmed and stressed at different times in our lives, and these stress levels can rise when our surroundings feel uncertain and uneasy. With an unpredictable future ahead of us, hospitals at capacity, schools and restaurants closed, and grocery stores aisles emptied, it is no wonder that we have felt a collective state of anxiety recently.

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