21 Quick Actions To Change Your Perspective and Uplift Your Mood Quickly

21 QUICK ACTIONS TO CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE AND UPLIFT YOUR MOOD QUICKLY For Moments Of Difficulty, Sadness Poor Mood, Anxiety And Mental Burden

1| Call a good friend or family member, tell them you love them.

2| Call someone who makes you feel safe and cared for and tell them you need that right now

3| Read your list of happy thoughts

Prepare – Make a list of thoughts that make you happy. This could be anything, including, a favorite joke, a summary of your last vacation, something your spouse says to you that makes you happy, a great challenge you have overcome, something about your kids, etc.

Print the list or save a copy on your phone, so you always have access to it wherever you are.

4| Read your gratitude list

Gratitude has powerful benefits – boosts positivity and optimism, creates a positive mood and makes you feel better.

Prepare – Make a list of all you are grateful for in your life. Include everything tangible and intangible, like your breath, the sun, love, music etc.

5| Look at your happy picture

• Prepare – Find a picture that brings you the happiest feelings, family, spouse, a pet, a place you visited, anything that makes you feel good and elicits positive pleasurable feelings. Have that picture without always.

6| Do something you greatly enjoy
Prepare – Make a list of things you enjoy doing – keep the list with you or

on your phone for easy and quick access.

7| Perform a relaxation practice

  • Yoga, deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, or meditation

8| Listen to your favorite song or playlist

Prepare – Prepare a playlist of songs that make you feel good, positive, happy, content and uplift your mood.

9| Take a long, hot bath and play your feel good music

10| Read inspirational quotes

Prepare – Look up some inspirational quotes that speak to you, save the list to your phone, or print on paper and have it with you

For example…

“Use what you’ve been through as fuel, believe in yourself and be unstoppable!”– Yvonne Pierre

“If you don’t like something change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.”– Mary Engelbreit

“Everybody goes through difficult times, but it is those who push through those difficult times who will eventually become successful in life. Don’t give up, because this too shall pass.” ― Jeanette Coron

11| Watch a comedy movie or funny videos online

• Laughter has powerful effects in boosting mood and elevating and protecting mental health.

12| Walk, Dance, Lift Weights, Swim Laps, Do Aerobics Video

  • Exercise is a powerful depression fighter and mood lifter when you feel low get up and move. Experts report that depression benefits most from rhythmic exercise such as walking, aerobics and dancing where you move both your arms and legs.
  • When you feel down or depressed because of obsessive or negative thoughts add a mindfulness element to your exercise where you place all your mental focus on your movements, the sensations your body experiences as you move along with the rhythm of your breathe.

13| Experience nature and especially the sunlight on your body

14| Read your things to look forward to list

Prepare – Make a list of all the things you have to look forward to and keep it handy in print or on your phone.

15| Play with your pet. If you don’t have one, perhaps go play with a friend’s or family member’s pet.

16| Immerse yourself in your favorite hobby

17| Fake a smile

• Research shows that when you fake a smile, it can help boost your mood.

18| Cry

• Crying helps release feelings and is very cleansing. Research has found that crying can boost mood.

19| Write and release

• Write down everything you are feeling in the moment. Don’t think just write. Then burn the paper or flush it down the toilet.

20| Pray

• Even if you are not religious, prayers can calm the mind and reprogram the subconscious. Your prayers are highly personal, so you can pray to anything you want, even Mother nature. Ask for what you need at the moment, such as peace, calm and hope.

21| Repeat your mantra

• Prepare – A Mantra is “a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation OR a statement or slogan repeated frequently.” Prepare for difficult moments by writing or typing out your personal mantra and keep it on your phone or in print where you always have access to it. Your mantra is anything that makes you feel good or boosts your mood.