10 Best Ways To Gain Inner Clarity

Inner clarity is a wonderful feeling. When everything within yourself is feeling clear, you are able to understand yourself and your needs quite well. Life becomes less of a mystery when you achieve inner clarity. 

However, it isn’t always easy to feel like you have inner clarity. The highs and lows of life can leave you feeling unclear and unsure about many aspects of yourself and your life. Learning how to harness inner clarity – even when it feels out of reach – is an essential part of bringing order to yourself. 

Tip 1: Break down your daily schedule and determine what is and isn’t meeting your current needs. 

If your life is extremely busy, you may struggle to gain inner clarity. Instead of allowing everything you’re doing to take up all your headspace, take a moment to really pay attention to what you’re doing – is there anything you have to do? Is there anything you’re doing that no longer meets your current needs? 

You may determine there are parts of your schedule that can be reevaluated and possibly eliminated. Removing these superfluous parts of your schedule can make everything feel a little clearer and easier.

Tip 2: Cut out toxicity from your life in any forms it may be taking. 

Toxicity can enter your life from many different angles, including…

  • Relationships 
  • Habits 
  • Jobs and careers 

Analyze your life and see if there are any toxic aspects to it. If you identify something toxic, devise a plan to eliminate (or at the very least, limit) its impact on your life. While you can’t always immediately get rid of something toxic in your life, you can control how you interact with it. Making those changes can introduce more inner clarity into your life.

Tip 3: Take time to build a clear image of what you really want most out of life. 

Having a clear image of what you want out of life is a great way to bring more order to yourself and gain inner clarity. With an image of what you want for yourself and your future, you have a sort of road map that can help you get there. Knowing your destination is the key to embarking on the journey. Take some time to build an image of what you want most in life so you can live toward it accordingly. 

Tip 4: Pay attention to what sparks certain emotions within you. 

What brings you immense happiness, joy, and satisfaction in your life? Are there other things that immediately make you feel sadness or frustration? Pay close attention to the aspects of your life that cause you to feel certain emotions – it can be an indicator of what you need more of in life or what needs to be eliminated. Your emotions can give you a great sense of inner clarity.

Tip 5: Clean and organize your personal spaces.

Your personal spaces are often reflective of your mental state. If your car, office, bedroom, or any other personal space is in a state of disarray, it can make you feel mentally disorganized as well. 

Bring some order and clarity into your life by giving these personal spaces a thorough cleaning. Organize your things, get rid of what you no longer need, and clean. At the end of this session, you’ll notice yourself feeling more clear-headed – this is because your environment easily influences your emotions and mental state.

Tip 6: Engage in some basic mindfulness practices throughout the day. 

Mindfulness, or the act of centering yourself in the present moment, is a great way to gain inner clarity. If you notice yourself feeling stressed or overwhelmed, take a minute to focus on your senses – what are you feeling, tasting, hearing, seeing, and smelling in the moment? By connecting yourself with the present, you are disconnecting from stress, anxiety, and clouded thoughts.

Tip 7: Do your best to avoid unnecessary chaos in life. 

Do you have a friend who is always involved in drama? Do you know that visiting a certain store will lead to frustration during your shopping experience? Are you taking on extra responsibilities that aren’t leading you to any success? If so, you may need to assess how much unnecessary chaos you’re allowing into your life! 

Limiting your encounters with situations you don’t need to experience can be extremely clarifying. Without that extra, unnecessary chaos, you can focus on what really matters to you.

Tip 8: Allow yourself to be unavailable to others.

Set a strict “alone time” and stick to it. Let people know your cell phone won’t be answered at certain times. Leave checking your work email for work time. Don’t feel pressured to respond to anyone the second they request your time or presence. Giving yourself a chance to unplug and disconnect from others gives you a chance to refresh yourself, giving you some extra inner clarity that isn’t clouded by other people’s needs or demands of you.

Tip 9: Give yourself an opportunity to “empty” your brain during the day. 

Have you ever tried to focus on an important task, but couldn’t actually do it because your mind kept jumping around to lots of other, less important thoughts? If so, giving yourself an opportunity to “empty” your brain may help you find some more inner clarity and focus. 

To do this, keep a notebook nearby. When one of these less important thoughts arises, jot it down in your notebook for later. This way, you are addressing the thought in a way that ensures you can return to it later, when you have time to give it attention. Doing this is a great way to ensure you don’t forget these thoughts but also respect your need to focus on something more important in the present moment.

Tip 10: Carve out a little time each day for an enjoyable activity. 

Spending a little time doing something you love and enjoy is a fantastic way to harness some inner clarity. Taking time to do something you enjoy – whether it’s exercising, being artistic, reading, catching up on a TV show, or anything else that brings you happiness – is a great way to step outside of your current problems and focus on something that is purely for enjoyment.

This little dose of “feel good” is a great way to help you put your problems into perspective and get a break from the stress of daily life.