25 Ways To Promote Happiness

Many people wonder where true happiness comes from. Well… it doesn’t come from money, cars, titles etc. that’s for sure.

Eventually the things we think will cause us happiness begin to lose utility to an extent at some point in time and we’re left with ourselves and the relationships we form.

Not to say achievements and things we earn are not useful and something to be proud of because they can contribute to the fun and joy in life, however, they are nowhere close to what we need, to be “happy.” 

Why do you think the richest and/or most famous people in the world can reveal their unhappiness so often? There’s more to life than what we see in front of us and it takes some soul searching along with some lifestyle changes and good habits/values. 

25 Ways To Promote Happiness

What can you do to promote happiness in your life? Here are 25 ways to go about it…

1| Learn Who You Are?

You cannot be happy if you do not know who you are in your own life. Ignoring the fact that you have purpose will leave you feeling hopeless and lost. 

We all have something to serve in this world and to go even further… there’s a need that everyone needs to fill for us all to coexist and remain a functional and productive society. So, challenge yourself today to do something which can come as a help to others. You may be able to find more purpose in life this way. 

Ask yourself a few questions to find your true purpose…

  • What do you feel is your purpose?
  • What excites you and allows you to thrive.

Then take a step toward the right direction. The interesting thing is we never stop learning about ourselves. This comes from new life circumstances and experiences along the way. 

2| What Do You Want To Accomplish In Life?

We all need to accomplish things in order to feel productive and to progress.

If you’re stuck in a rut, then make the decision right now to do something (Even the smallest step) that gets you moving toward a goal.

Will you be happy if you don’t accomplish your dreams?

This is a very important question you need to ask yourself because you need to know the answer to ASAP… Time waits for no one so don’t be the person who has regrets in life (It’s too short). Make a move and have some sort of ambition towards a goal and you’d be surprised just how much you can accomplish.

3| Spend Time With Yourself

So many people are unhappy these days… why? Because we as a society can’t seem to just be happy with ourselves. We have to always have approval from someone in order to dictate our levels of happiness.

Well, this is such a false security and it’s only getting worse with all of the expectations we “need to live up to.”

  • Make the time to think about what’s best for you!
  • Try harder to achieve things on your own (Be self-sufficient sometimes).
  • Work on your flaws until you are become a better person overall.

When we are happy with ourselves, we seldom need the approval of someone/something to make us happy. This is of course way easier said than done but once you get the hang of it, life becomes more enjoyable. 

4| Let Go Of Who You Were

Living in the past is one of the biggest reasons for stress, depression, suicide etc.

Why?… because our mental health is at risk when we decide to live in misery over our past mistakes/experiences.

We need to be a little more forgiving of our faults and see the moment for its beauty while being optimistic about a prosperous future. 

Now, letting go of your past doesn’t mean you’ll forget about it (You likely won’t) but it doesn’t have to affect you in a negative way. Letting go is never easy but nobody deserves to allow their past to come back and haunt them.

Life happens and there’s little anyone can do to control every aspect of it.

5| Find The Good In Your Situations

There’s nothing worse than seeing your situation as a miserable experience… we hang onto things like these moments and tend to latch on tight as if they define who we are and what we are capable of doing.

A strong-willed person will learn to “grow” through something rather than to just “go” through it. This of course takes a proper mindset and even some words of encouragement. However, we must learn to know when “enough is enough.”

  • Decide to learn through your struggles.
  • Do your absolute best regardless of how it may seem (Your life depends on your ability to persevere).

There’s always something to learn no matter the amount of difficulty in a situation(s).

Be thankful for the opportunity to be able to improve your life and take advantage of the chances we have to make good decisions.

6| Be Optimistic

The ability to learn to think in a certain way requires developing a habit in the mind. Optimism is not the most common of mindsets (especially in the days we live in) and although we have the choice to think this way, we tend to let our circumstances weigh us down.

This is of course a normal behavior, but it should not be a lasting one. 

We fall down sometimes and it’s ok but to stay down and lose our optimism is a situation which needs immediate attention. The way we think, and feel can create a negative lasting result if we’re not careful enough to manage it properly.

A good idea is to write down all of the positive actions you can take to change your situation. This will create optimism and you’ll be much more content and happier with your current circumstances.

7| Be Patient

If we’re not patient enough in life, we can miss out on a lot of potential (And possibly Life-Changing) opportunities.

Patience is definitely a virtue and the ability to wait for something is a necessary characteristic to have if you want to find fulfillment and prosperity, which actually lasts a lifetime.

Don’t fall victim to the instant “satisfaction” we’ve come to experience as it only creates false expectations. It’s ok to expect great things but waiting is a mandatory part of life.

8| Be Selfless 

Giving and /or devoting your time to something bigger than you is one of the most fulfilling actions we can take.

Just being worried about oneself is a great way to become discontent and unhappy. 

What can you do to be more selfless?

  • Donate time to help with something you’re passionate about.
  • Try to help someone to accomplish something that you’re knowledgeable about.
  • Be a person of your word (Goes a long way with how people perceive you).

Giving time is such an important part of being a productive member of society. This can be helping someone with a need and/or being a positive influence. Offer some of your knowledge to the world and be an honest person.

Everyone can always do a little more to spread the positivity.

9| Form Meaningful Relationships

The people we choose to be around can influence our levels of happiness because relationships are a huge part of our existence. Life is about helping others while having something to offer and put out into the world. 

Relationships can be formed with friends, family, acquaintances, business associates etc.

You never want to be around people who pull you down and make you miserable so pick and choose your relationships in a manner which will allow you to thrive. Many relationships can really change your entire life (Opportunities, quality of life etc).

Now, it can be intimidating to meet new people and reach out beyond what you’re used too but it’s a process that is entirely possible and even recommended.

10| Be Proactive

You’re in charge of the outcomes in life which you experience. You can decide to either let life happen or make it happen.

We must be proactive if we want to experience the utmost happiness because sitting back and letting circumstances affect you negatively will do you a disservice.

Life does not care about your thoughts and desires, so you must make it known that you desire a certain outcome. Be physical and make it happen!

You’ll be much happier that you faced and overcame your biggest hurdles in life. Then of course, life just falls into place when you are persistent.

11| Don’t Waste Time

It could be argued that time is the most valuable asset we have. So many people waste time doing things which will never benefit them, and they could be doing something which is more conducive to a productive future.

What are time wasting activities?

  • Watching too much media (Unless it’s your job).
  • Oversleeping too frequently.
  • Committing to things which bring no value or use to you.

Time is ticking, and opportunities await you. So, make the decision to be a little more careful about what you spend your time doing. Make a plan to eliminate the distractions in life and you’ll experience a whole new meaning of life.

12| Be Open-Minded

Have an open mind about your life. The way our lives ultimately turn out usually goes against what we thought they’d be like. Of course, some people know exactly what they want in life but there is no blueprint or guarantee of anything.

Try new things, meet new people and go against the grain a little and you’ll be pleasantly surprised (If you’re smart about your decisions).

We tend to like certain things when we’re younger but there’s so much out there that we really don’t know what we could possibly come to love. It takes some searching and stepping outside of your comfort zone which opens your eyes to more possibilities.

13| Take Chances

If there’s one thing that all extremely successful people have in common, it’s the fact they took chances. Now, success doesn’t equate to happiness but taking chances and achieving greatness in your own mind does.

Playing it safe is way overrated and nothing great has ever really come from not taking a chance of some sort. 

Great things will not come knocking on the door and this is why we must step out and do something about our situation/s. The people who are the happiest in life, likely take life head-on, and are not afraid to take chances.

You’ll know whether you’re making the right decision or not most of the time.

14| Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

This can mean taking chances but it’s so much more. Regret comes from being too comfortable with your current situation and staying complacent. We know fulfillment comes from doing things which give us extreme feelings of discomfort.

It doesn’t matter how scared or hesitant you are, just go ahead and make a move because the most satisfying feeling in the world is to do something you were scared of something and eventually succeeded at overcoming it. Conquering your perceived limitations is what life is all about and happiness awaits those who do.

You decide how far you can go because nobody else has the power to do that for you.

15| Embrace Failure

A common thing to do as a result of failure is to give up… but the people who achieve the most in life are the ones who embrace it and use it as a learning experience.

We have all failed and we will continue to do so, but our failures should show us what we need to improve rather than make us feel inadequate and hopeless.

Failing to accomplish something should never steal your joy but it should be the fuel you need to get back up and keep going even harder until you breakthrough your perceived limitations.

16| See Life As a Journey Rather Than a Burden

It’s sad that life can feel like a burden, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The reason many people may think this way is because they can’t seem to understand the true meaning of life.

Yes, life can be difficult (More for some than others) but if you look around and see the beauty and understand your place, you’ll never think of life as being a burden to you.

How can we see the purpose in life?

  • Communicate more with others.
  • Have a dream and chase it.
  • Do things which bring you joy.
  • Experiment and have variety.

Reach for the stars… and you’ll develop a passion to achieve more. The possibilities for our existence are endless. 

The society we live in tries to set limitations and rules for us, but we must realize this if we are to get out and explore what’s “really” possible.

17| Be a Leader, Not a Follower

There are too many people with a sheep’s mentality and this will ultimately lead to a comparable life. Make a decision and stick with it rather than waiting for someone else’s approval/guidance.

We were not made to be followers… want to know why? We were only given one life!

This should be enough evidence for you to stop following what others say and to start leading your own life. The happiest people in the world are likely those who create the lives they desire rather than letting the world determine their destiny.

It’s not to say you shouldn’t listen to good advice and be inspired by someone else because you should know how to pick and choose what you hear and use it effectively. Becoming a leader takes a lot of time and learning but you will ultimately set yourself up for success.

18| Be Fearless

Ok… sometimes life can be scary but don’t let those feelings dictate your decisions. Fear is the one thing in life that prevents people from achieving their dreams.

It’s the one very thing which can cause the biggest regrets in life and it’s honestly too glamorized in the world we live in.

We see fear everywhere… on television, social media, schools etc. 

It should be something which we fight against rather than running away from because the greatest things in life await you, when your fears no longer determine your ability to act. We all experience it, but we should learn to do things afraid.

19| Keep Your Health In Check

An underrated element to having a happy life is just being physically and mentally healthy. We’re told do just go out and do something about how we feel but it’s much more than this.

We have to make sure we are all-around healthy, and this includes:

  • Exercising 
  • Having a healthy diet
  • Prepping our minds each day for mental health.
  • Getting checkups
  • Talking to someone about problems.

All of these things are important and very good for our overall health. Don’t neglect regular maintenance of your physical and mental health because your longevity depends on it.

20| Focus on What Really Matters

Sometimes we tend to focus on things which should not have as much of our focus in our lives as they do. Too much time is often wasted worrying about subjects which cannot benefit us in any good way possible. 

Time would be better spent focusing on things that mean something to you. So, a good idea would be to block out anything which causes you stress and anxiety.

  • Focus on meaningful activities.
  • Be passionate about how you spend your time.
  • Eliminate meaningless activities.

If you do these three things, you’ll be a little closer to clearing your mind, so you can focus on important things. Make it a daily habit and you’ll be good to go.

21| Take Massive Action

Complacency is the absolute worst… if you want to be happier then do something about your situation. It’s not to say everyone has a bad situation but everyone can in fact improve every aspect of their life. 

How can you take massive action?

  • Ask yourself what needs to change in your life and write it down.
  • Make a decision right now and do one small thing to make a necessary change.
  • Step out of your comfort zone.

If you’re searching for happiness, it may come in the form of making a big decision to change your life. Rather than sitting in one place, unhappy and wishing you could live happier, you can take small steps and eventually end up where you want to be.

22| Take Mini Vacations More Often

You need time away from your busy life… period! There’s no way you can keep doing something over and over again without letting some sort of stress build up from the monotony.

A mini vacation can be anything you do to get away from your constant thoughts and everyday lifestyle. As harsh as this may sound, maybe you even want to get away from certain people…

There’s nothing wrong with this and you deserve to take a vacation away from anything you feel you need to.

So, what is considered a mini vacation?

  • A drive somewhere 
  • A plane ride out of state/country
  • Something you really enjoy doing in your leisure time

You can do so many things to get out and away, and when you come back you may even feel greatly refreshed (As most do).

23| Have Hobbies

Hobbies or things you enjoy doing daily will contribute greatly to your happiness. Many people go to work/school, then come home and have nothing to look forward too. This is a great way to kill your joy.

You never want to find yourself being burnt out with what you’re doing because you’ll begin to create a lot of negativity in your mind. Your unhappiness will begin to show to only yourself but others as well.

Whatever hobbies you choose is entirely up to you

Everyone has different tastes and preferences to what they find enjoyable in life. It doesn’t have to be complicated but just take extra time (In your free time) out of your day to focus on your interests. Avoid burn out because once you’re burnt out, you’ve made your undesirable lifestyle a habit.

You never want to make complacency a habit because it’s hard to change a habit for most people. 

Hobbies are great for working on your passion and finding more meaning in your everyday life.

24| Never Give Up On Yourself

When someone decides to give up on themselves (Dreams, goals, life etc) the chance of experiencing or even maintaining happiness is slim to none.

How can you be sure to never give up on yourself?

  • Believe in your purpose
  • Understand no one is perfect and we all have to go through the same process (Nothing is easy for anyone).
  • Have a support system
  • Ask yourself what will make you happy and make plan to accomplish every goal you set.

Too many people give up on their dreams just because their beginning doesn’t look like the ending, they had in mind.

Nobody ever achieves anything significant at first and everything requires time and commitment in order to succeed.

Patience and determination will always result in some sort of success. Life is much too short to give up so easily as we only get one shot to accomplish great things in life. Always be true to yourself and understand that everything great in life requires a process.

25| Create a Life Which Brings You Peace

Notice the word “create” … you must create the life you want. 

Life isn’t going to do it for you and neither will anyone else. It takes a decision (And a scary one at that) to face your fears and decide to put forth as much effort as necessary to create the life you want.

Sure, there will be bumps along the way and adversity against your desires but the people who create the life they want, have decided to push through the struggles no matter what. There does come a day when hard work pays off, but have you worked hard enough?

If the answer is “no” it’s ok, just keep going. Patience and perseverance have always been a trait of the most successful.

The problem in our society is that most people don’t have the will-power to succeed because the instant gratification isn’t there most of the time. We have everything so accessible to us that what we can’t yet see seems too impossible to keep pursuing.

Happiness Start With You

If you have desires, dreams and a picture in your head of what your life should look like… then you owe it to yourself to do whatever is necessary, to experience the happiness you believe you deserve.

Happiness is within all of us, but we become a product of our environment, which can limit us in every way. From a young age, we are told we need to be someone we are not, and we begin to believe happiness cannot be achieved until we become someone who the world tells us we need to be.

This is false belief and as a result people today are more depressed, anxious and willing to take their own lives because happiness seems like a dream.


We have to dig a little deeper and block out what the world says so we should be comfortable with who we are.

It takes effort to find happiness but it’s well worth it!