30 Day Challenge of Empowering Habits

Day 1

Take a stand and speak up when you disagree to build confidence

Day 2

Believe in yourself

  • Don’t back down from your ideals
  • Trust your gut
  • Follow your intuition
  • Let go of your doubt and insecurity 

Day 3

Decide that fear will no longer control you, and you are free to act

Day 4

Focus on your decisions  – making better decisions in your life will result in better outcomes and more confidence for you. Your choices should be based on what is important to you, your values, and your goals. 

Day 5

Practice metacognition  – the act of thinking about your own thinking, or metacognition, helps you discover patterns in your thinking that may be limiting your productivity or hindering you from accomplishing your goals. 

Day 6

Dress for success, and successes will come to you

Day 7

Get your emotions under control, controlling how you react to others and life’s unforeseen circumstances gives you more control over your life and your self

Day 8

Don’t be afraid to take risks  – if you want to grow and become the most successful version of yourself, you must take risks and leave your comfort zones

Day 9

Make sure you have daily goals each day. Without a clear target each day, you may wander and use your time less productively

Day 10

Visualize one of your goals and what it will be like once it is accomplished. Place yourself in the situation. How do you feel? What has changed because you were able to achieve this aim? Make it as real as possible and refocus on this anytime your motivation is waning.

Day 11

Write down 20 different ways you are distracted in any given day. For each distraction you identify, write down two ways you can reduce or eliminate it from your life.

Day 12

Ignore your perceived limitations, push past them and your fears

Day 13

Changing in the present means moving on from the past. Your personal growth will be stalled or hindered if you are constantly reliving the past. Clearing the closet of skeletons can help you banish your negative thoughts and bad habits by allowing you to focus on who you are now and who you want to be in the future.

Day 14

Willpower is a dominant force when trying to establish new habits. Use your powerful imagination to distract yourself when willpower is low but urges remain firm to return to poor practices. Distraction is a powerful technique when reshaping behavior.

Day 15

Get rid of triggers to rid yourself of bad habits  – Don’t have unhealthy food in your house. Hide your remote control. Do whatever you need to eliminate the habit from your life.

Day 16

Practice active listening. You can become more productive by actively listening when others are talking. This will help clarify expectations, which means your work will be more productive. It also shows others you value their input and time.

Day 17

Be proactive. Instead of waiting for something to happen, cultivate proactive behaviors in your life. By taking action before a problem arises, you create your own outcomes and have more control over your fate.

Day 18

Being mindful is about awareness. Mindfulness helps you acknowledge what you have already in your life. Focus your thoughts on the present and how you can enjoy now. Push away thoughts of past regret or future anxiety and live for today.

Day 19

Practice gratitude every day for all that you have in your life

Day 20

Establish positive relationships with others. Getting along with people is an important life skill. If you find you are often in conflict, work actively at resolving issues and learning how to have more positive relations.

Day 21

Set aside a time each week to think about those emotions, permitting yourself to feel them temporarily. Stick to a time limit, then move on to contemplating solutions for those negative thoughts.

Day 22

Become aware of your stress triggers, it is the first step to reducing stress overall.

Day 23

Start your day prepared. Before you go to bed every day, make sure you are ready for the following day. Have a plan and know what you need to accomplish your goals.

Day 24

Create a stress-free environment at home, at work and in your life

Day 25

Treat your body well, it’s good for mind, body and spirit

Day 26

Say no. Let go of commitments and requests for your time that are not important or do not benefit you and your goals.

Day 27

Decide you are always learning and evolving, this helps you approach everything in life with positive intentions and a look to the future. Cultivating a growth mindset is perhaps one of the biggest keys to personal development. Think of everything, even failure and setback, as an opportunity to learn and grow, and you will be able to accomplish any goal to which you set your mind.

Day 28

Make friends with yourself. If you cannot get along with yourself, how can you get along with others? Learn to appreciate and accept all parts of who you are, including your strengths and weaknesses. Approach your relationship with yourself with love and understanding, as well as forgiveness and empathy.

Day 29

Wake up open to all learning experiences. When you begin a learning journey, you quickly realize you don’t know a lot about much. Being open to ongoing development and learning means you can take advantage of knowledge and expertise all the time to help you become the person you want to be. 

Day 30

Connect with something bigger than yourself. Become part of something that brings you joy or fuels your passion. Find something you can be proud to support.