To start off, let’s define what life skills we’re missing and how we can bring them back into our lives. We all have different opinions on what constitutes a fundamental life skill, but no one disagrees on how vital they are to our lives.

There are 5 basic essential life skills that help us survive and prosper in this modern day and age:

• Stress management
• Focus
• Patience
• Self-control
• Mental flexibility

These skills help us develop wise decision and build self-confidence. They also guide us through stressful situations while developing solid time management and effective communication skills.

Now that we know what life skills we need; how can we use meditation to improve on them and incorporate them into our everyday lives? ‘Meditation is good for you’ is something you’ve probably heard often.
But how can the direct practice of meditation develop these skills and allow us to become the best versions of ourselves? Read on to find out.

1| Boosting your sense of well-being.

When you embark on a path of well-being, your mood is uplifted. You accept yourself for who you are, without trepidation or fear. Your kindness and empathy towards others increases. A mental and physical well-being leads to a positive outlook and a sense of optimism.

2| Decreased depression and anxiety.

Engaging in regular meditation sessions is like giving your brain an instructional manual on how to handle stressful situations. It prepares you to deal with stress by learning how to ‘relax at will’ which is very effective at reducing the adverse reactions of stress. One of the main advantages of meditation is that it emphasizes on the process, rather on the end result. This technique fosters mindfulness as well as patience – both excellent tools that combat anxiety.

3| Enhanced immune system.

Relaxation techniques improve the production of mitochondrial energy reduces stress which makes the immune system more resilient in the face of diseases. And with stress levels on the low, the body brain doesn’t release as much cortisol, allowing the body to become impervious in the face of viruses and bacteria.

4| A smarter brain.

Meditation, even if it’s for only 5 minutes per day, does wonders for the brain by increasing the density of its gray matter which is responsible for our cognitive functions, our ability to retain information and decision making. Meditation also fosters creativity, increases our concentration skills and improves our ability to be attentive and notice details.

5| A stronger body.

The relaxation techniques practiced in meditation helps form nitric oxide which opens blood vessels, thus restoring blood pressure to normal levels and reducing the need for medication. Also, the risk of Alzheimer’s, stroke, heart disease, and a range of other inflammatory, chronic diseases, is reduced by almost 48%.

Finally, numerous studies have been carried out on millions of practitioners which all confirm the same finding: for a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle, meditation is essential. It helps prevent diseases; it makes you happy and keeps you strong, emotionally, psychologically and physically.

How to Squeeze 1-Hour of Meditation into Just 12 Minutes

Over 10 million Americans regularly practice meditation, according to Psychology Today magazine.

The benefits include enhanced brain power, massive improvements in health, and an increase in happiness and energy levels.

Yet with so many profound benefits, the real question is …. Why aren’t more people doing it?

Why Meditation Can Be So Difficult?

If you’re anything like me, you probably already know the answer: Meditation can be tough!

The main problem is that most people just don’t have the time.

For best results, meditation requires 45-60 minutes of daily practice. The results aren’t always immediately visible either. They typically build up over time.

But those aren’t the only hurdles. Quietening a busy mind and calming a restless body have also been listed as two of the biggest reasons people don’t give meditation a fair go.

However, there may be a solution in sight.

The Scientific Answer to Meditation Woes.

I recently got hold of a program that claims to be the next generation in meditation. It’s called ‘Zen12‘.

‘Zen12’ is an audio meditation program that uses special “brainwave” sounds to take the hassle out of meditation.

They claim that listening to one of their Zen12 sessions is easy. There are no rules, no emptying of your mind, no special positions. You just hit play, and let the session do the rest of the work for you.

They say the special sounds will automatically relax your mind and body. And each session lasts just TWELVE minutes, so it won’t be a strain on your day.

I wasn’t convinced. So I decided to try it out for myself.

Home Labs: My Twelve-Minute Experiment

I signed up to Zen12 program for myself. I went for their full package, consisting full levels.

You listen to each level for a month, then move onto the next. Each level is also available in different “flavors”: guided meditation, relaxation music, sounds of nature, and so on.

I opted for the relaxation music. And, as per the instructions, I hit play on my iPhone, sat back on my sofa, and chilled out.

Twelve minutes later, and I was coming round again.

Wow! I felt refreshed. I was calm and relaxed, while also focused. I felt like I was “on form”, perhaps even “in the Zone” if I were being cliche.

I decided to credit my experience to the smoothie I had that morning, and went about my daily business. My day was productive, joyful, and better than usual in so many ways.

A couple of days later, after discrediting my smoothie theory, I decided to try the Zen12 session again. Same results. And then the next day: same results again.

It was astounding. I was finally discovering why everyone raved on about meditation!

Brainwave Sounds Help Me “Cheat” at Meditation

It’s all down to our brainwaves, apparently.

Normal meditation requires you to access deeper mental states, which can take years of meditative practice to reach. Zen12 uses special ‘brainwave’ sounds which take you there quicker.

That means you basically get to “cheat” at meditation, and enjoy all of the results, quicker than ever before.

So, by just playing a simple MP3 and chilling out for 12 minutes, I was able to instantly enjoy the immediate benefits of an hour’s meditation.

Every day I used Zen12, I felt more productive and positive overall.

I felt fresher, happier, more focused, more creative, more energetic than usual. And I’m told that there are dozens of cumulative brain power and health benefits too.

There was no battling with a busy mind, or constant fidgeting. I just “zenned” out, and got on with it. There was no issue with time either. It just takes 12 minutes, and you don’t even have to do it each day.

Following in the Footsteps of Gandhi

Zen12 has genuinely changed my attitude toward meditation.

It’s at the cutting-edge of a new wave of science that is helping us make our lives easier, while still tapping into the natural resources of the human mind.

This is meditation as it should be. “Meditation 3.0”. Mediation for the microwave age.

Whatever you want to call it, this works — and even though you don’t have to use it every day, I think I just might.

And I’m reminded of Gandhi, who once said: “I’m so busy today, I may have to meditate for two hours, instead of one.”

But forget an hour. How about … twelve minutes?

Rating: 10/10

Instant meditation results; just 12 minutes; actually works!
Cons: No telephone support.

Conclusion: Buy it! Zen12 will change your meditation experience forever.

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