“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” -Buddha
Your thoughts are essentially what create your reality. The best way to attract abundance into your life is to alter your mindset to commit to specific goals and opening up your mind to endless possibilities.

There are many ways to shift your mind to be more positive and willing, and these thoughts will change your perspective on your potential and success. Below are specific examples of thoughts that will add plenty of abundance into your daily life.

“I am grateful for…”

In the morning, write down three things you are grateful for each day to complete the sentence. This will jumpstart positivity for the rest of the day and allow your mind to shift into a constant feeling of gratitude by recognizing the small things that make you happy.

Gratitude is one of the best ways to attract abundance into your life and naturally improve your mental health. By focusing on positive thoughts that will lift you and allow you to prosper, you will save yourself the effort that goes into negative thinking. You will feel more confident and joyful which is why gratitude impacts your success.

“I can…”

When we feel uncomfortable or hesitant, it is very easy to avoid certain situations that can allow us to go further and prosper. Public speaking is a great example of a seemingly daunting task that we try to escape.

Replacing negative thoughts that make you feel like you aren’t enough with thoughts that assure you of your capabilities makes you attract the abundance that you may be holding back from. This allows you to increase your confidence and step out of your comfort zone, which are crucial aspects to achieving abundance.

“I learn from my mistakes”

One of the best ways to realize your full potential and achieve abundance is to never stop because of failure. According to a Forbes article, failure is a crucial ingredient for success and nearly every successful person has gone through some sort of failure. The article argues that failing is the way to get to success, which is why it is important to make mistakes.

Rather than stopping and giving up as soon as you are approached with some type of mistake, learning from them and improving based on them is the best way to achieve abundance. You will no longer feel stuck in your comfort zone and realize that your possibilities are endless.

“I possess the qualities I need to succeed”

By convincing yourself of your capabilities, you will no longer doubt yourself or hesitate in important situations. Many times, our minds are what stops us from reaching our success and aspirations, so we must train our minds to be filled with confidence.

When you are confident in your qualities and abilities, you will feel more inclined to step out of your comfort zone and take risks that will lead you to abundance in all aspects of your life. You will feel self-assured in any situation, regardless of the people you are around, allowing you to accomplish your goals and be more productive.


By repeating these thoughts every day and replacing negative thoughts with killer thoughts like these, you will be empowered to take on daunting tasks. The tasks that used to seem fearful and impossible will be a lot easier than you think and you will be assured that you have the capabilities you need. The more confidence you possess, the more abundance you will attract throughout every aspect of your life.

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