5 Ways to Find More Joy in Your Life – Even Now in Times of Fear and Chaos

These days, the world often seems to be a terrible place, with one disaster happening after another. In the last few months, the world has experienced a pandemic, massive protests, and never-ending news stories about politics, sickness, and death. Yet opportunities for more joy in your life do exist. How do you find more joy in your life, even now in times of fear and chaos?

According to psychologists and researchers, there are five simple ways to help you find more joy in your life. These five ways work, no matter what state the world is in right now. Successfully finding more joy in your life depends on what state your mindset is in, not on what is happening in the world.

1| Don’t Wait to Be Happy

“There is no time like the present.” – Proverb

If you wait for something to happen to make you happy, you will spend your life waiting, not finding joy. When you delay joy for a future event, you miss countless opportunities for joy every day. Finding more joy means living in the present and appreciating the good you see all around you.

Even amid global fear and chaos, there are opportunities for joy in your daily life. Pay attention to the stories of kindness people show, like neighborhood sing-alongs, the support shown to healthcare workers, and of people coming together to support one another. Joy is available, so stop waiting for it to find you and look for it every day.

2| Practice Gratitude

“It’s not happiness that brings us gratitude. It’s gratitude that brings us happiness.” – Anonymous

When you practice gratitude, the world becomes a much more joyful place. Even when things are difficult and seem out of control, gratitude helps you keep a positive mindset. Being grateful for what you have improves your resilience against obstacles in life.

Practicing gratitude includes being thankful for both the good and bad things in your life. While it’s easier to be grateful when something good happens, you can be grateful for bad things, too, because they are opportunities to remind yourself of what you have accomplished and what you can do in the future. Bad things that happen in the world allow you to appreciate what you do have and find ways to learn and grow to overcome obstacles.

3| Self-Care

“The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.” – Diane von Furstenberg

Don’t let what happens in the world keep you from taking care of yourself. Your self-esteem and mindset depend on self-care. Simple pleasures, quiet moments, hobbies, and taking care of your health are ways to practice self-care, improve your emotional strength, and find more joy in your life.

4| Surround Yourself with Positive People

“Surround yourself with positive people and you’ll be a positive person.” – Kellie Pickler

Who you spend time with affects how you see yourself and how you see the world. By surrounding yourself with positive people, you boost your positive feelings about life. Positive people help keep you on track, support you, and help you practice gratitude.

Turn off the TV and internet news. Read an inspiring book or watch a feel-good movie. Find friends who support you and positively look at life. Keeping negativity out of your life moves you away from anxiety and fear and moves you toward joy.

5| Stop Worrying

“You can destroy your now by worrying about tomorrow.” – Janis Joplin

Most of what people worry about never happens. Worry comes from fears inside your mind about what could happen, not about what will happen. Worry often involves being upset about the worst-case scenario, which rarely happens.

And even if something terrible does happen in the future, worrying won’t stop or change it. Worry focuses your attention on negative outcomes, not on the opportunities for joy in your life. You will find more joy when you stop worrying about the chaos in the world and focus on the goodness in your life.

Find more joy in your life by focusing on the good that surrounds you. No matter what is happening in the world, your happiness and joy depend on having a positive outlook and mindset.

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