Activities To Harness Joy

8 Zen Activities to Harness Joy

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. ~Nicolas Chamfort

Articles about happiness are confusing. Every one of them says different things. But sure, there are some that overlap. And with these overlapping ideas, we can draw a hypothesis about what really works.

This article is an attempt to tell you what will work…

If you want to actively pursue happiness and joy.

8 Activities to Wire Yourself for More Joy

Take Time to Laugh

Really take the time to savor every laugh. Feel the joy rushing through you. Laugh it out. Don’t take that moment for granted. You may have lots of it. But savor every moment.

At times when you’re feeling low…

Remember these moments when you’re laughing…

And these will be your anchor to keep going.

You laugh and smile because you’re happy. But sometimes it works the other way around.

Yes, we laugh and smile because we’re feeling good. But it can also work the other way around.

When you’re feeling a bit lonely, try to make a way to make yourself smile. Have a cup of tea, watch a funny video.

There’s one research I’ve heard or seen somewhere that putting a pencil in between your teeth…

Therefore making your face do a smiling gesture…

Makes you ‘feel’ happier. Don’t believe me? Then try it!

Create ‘happiness routines’ and stick to them. Fulfillment can make you happy.

Everything will run smoothly if it’s systematized. Businesses, families, communities…

Think of airports.

Your happiness can also be systematized.


Make a ‘happiness routine’, this is a group of activities you can do every day.

Your happiness routine should include healthy activities…

Some of which I’ll be discussing more later.

Basically, your happiness routine will make you feel fulfilled when you’ve done them correctly.

It will start your day right, and if you manage to keep that momentum going…

You’ll feel that you’re in a state of happiness throughout the day.

Even if the day throws something unexpected at you… You’ll be able to handle them with grace.

This routine can be done in the morning ideally, but you can also have happiness routine in the evening…

This is so you’re better prepared for the next day.

Don’t forget exercise.

Exercise is something you can add to your happiness routine.

There are countless studies on how exercise can make your happiness chemicals fire (dopamine, endorphins, etc.).

When you include exercise to your happiness routine, you’ll greatly enjoy the benefits. Not to mention it will also make you healthier.

An 8-minute exercise will work. As long as you can get your heart beating faster and get a little sweat out…

It doesn’t matter if it’s 5 minutes or 8 minutes or 30 minutes…

Although yes, the longer the better, but consistency is more important.

Eat nutritious foods.

If you think eating can’t make you happier, think again…

The right nutrients can help your brain fire up more happiness chemicals.

There are studies linking diet and exercise to depression. And there’s a reason why.

With that said, I’m not here to tell you what to eat…

You already know what’s nutritious and what’s not.

But Mediterranean diet is known to have these effects.

Take care of your relationships.

Stress in the family equals stress in your life. Make sure your relationships are always in check. This can be really helpful.

Taking care of your relationship means putting in the effort. The effort to make the people in your life as happy as possible.This is easier said than done. You might have resentments against each other…

Unsolved issues and problems…

Or maybe sometimes you can’t handle arguments well, etc. There can be a lot of issues.

But without resolving all these, that icky feeling will stay there and be bothersome.

Your efforts to do this will be worth it.

Spend most of your time with happy people.

A healthy environment that supports your desire is important. This applies to everything.

If you want to get financially ahead, spend more time with people who are financially doing well.

If you want to get fit, spend more time with fit people.Listening to well meaning advice of people who aren’t where you are will only diminish your chances.

This applies to happiness too.

People who always complain and whine will spread negativity like a virus. Guard yourself. Your happiness is important.

This doesn’t mean you’ll stop seeing these people…

But you can try ‘loving them from afar’ or simply spend less time with them.

Practice mindfulness

This is also another thing to add to your happiness routine.

Mindfulness increases your ability to deal with stress and focus on the present.

By doing so, you’ll be more capable of unneeded stress of the past and anxiety of the present.

Learn how to do mindfulness meditation. That’s the best way to practice mindfulness.