Are You Fierce And Fearless?

There’s an old saying that goes ‘being afraid doesn’t mean being without fear, it means being afraid and then doing it anyway.’ Whenever people think about taking on a fierce and fearless lifestyle, or becoming fearless for themselves, they often think about all the times where they weren’t afraid. Sometimes they remained in their comfort zone and performed a task to perfection, while other times they ventured out into the unknown.

However, being truly fearless and calling yourself someone without fear are two very different things. Fear is something that is always with us, and the fearless people learn to ignore it and move on with their lives anyway.

Are You Fearless? 

First, one of the things that makes you fearless is the ability to remain calm in the face of fear. Whether people are in life threatening danger, such as being in a car wreck, or in danger that feels life threatening like having your boss yell at you, there is some stress involved in both of them. The sweaty palms, the hurting stomach, the rapid beating of your heart. 

However, whenever you are fearless, you ignore those symptoms of stress and get to the root of the problem. Many people remain trapped by the symptoms of their fear without ever really doing anything about the root cause, but the truly fearless people go right to the heart of the matter. 

For example, if you are afraid that your boss is going to yell at you for not performing as well on a project, most people will simply avoid the issue and try to avoid their boss so the outcome doesn’t happen. If you are fearless, however, you will go find your boss and make sure to face the music. The outcome that you are afraid of isn’t going to go away, and by delaying it you make it worse.

But being gemerally fearless in your life goes beyond small day to day occurances. It is something bigger than that.

  • Being fearless is a mindset.
  • Being fearless is a state of being. 
  • Being fearless means chasing your dreams and desires even if you might fail.
  • Being fearless means taking great risks to reap the best rewards.
  • Being fearless means acting despite of all the horrific outcomes you imagine in your mind. 
  • Being fearless means to act despite of your fears.
  • Being fearless means you tap into your deepest reserves of inner-strength and face life head on, regardless of being afraid. 

Keep in mind, being fearless doesn’t mean being without sense. Don’t just charge into every situation you are afraid of, especially ones with physical or life-threatening danger, because fear does serve the purpose of letting us know that we need to keep on our guard about the situation. Make sure to think the situation through and then you will be able to deal with the fear rationally.

Are You Fierce?

So, what does being fierce mean? According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, fierce means:  furiously active or determined. Being fierce doesn’t mean intimidating everyone in your field of vision, but instead you have a natural drive and desire to get things done.

Are you the type of person who sees a project through? Who makes plans and actually does those things? Who works through the night and early in the mornings to just get everything done before you have your fun? That’s being fierce. If you have that inner fire, then you can use it to become more productive. Determined is a great way to live your life, be it your career or personal goals. 

You can also stoke that inner fire to life within yourself as well. If you can find something that you are very passionate about, something that makes you feel alive, then you can become fierce.

Being fierce is something you need to practice, same as being fearless. It might be uncomfortable and force you to do some things you might normally not do, but if you can master these two concepts, then you will become a much better person. You might even become the envy of all the people around you too!