What Is The Connection Between Self Esteem and The Abundance Mindset

When life is going well, goals are being accomplished, and things are looking up, we see a great uptick in not only our belief in ourselves, but also our belief that our life is fulfilling. The abundance mindset is based on the belief that through changing your perspective, you can change the way you handle and/or respond to various situations. Of course, self-esteem refers to a person’s perception of themselves (whether positive or negative).

So, the question becomes, is there a connection between the abundance mindset and a person’s self-esteem? The answer is: absolutely! Someone who is able to achieve an abundance mindset

Self-Esteem and Abundance in Failures

In failure, our tendency is to turn to negative thoughts and feelings as opposed to a positive outlook on life. When our thoughts and feelings are more negative in nature, we tend to perpetuate a cycle of negativity. Constant negativity tends to lead the feelings of self-doubt. Any time you are led to doubt yourself, then you are going to have a low self-esteem.

In contrast, those who have mastered the abundance mindset are able to look at life through a positive lens, even in failure. This has a direct correlation on their self-esteem. It is true that people who have positive outlooks on life tend to have positive feelings about themselves. The abundance mindset is contagious in that manner.

Self-Esteem and Abundance in Relationships

Looking at life through a positive lens tends to have a direct effect on the relationships in our lives. People who are able to embrace positivity and look forward to good things tend to attract positive and uplifting people in their lives. These relationships flourish between people who are able to keep stable relationships. When our relationships are positive, then our self-esteem tends to be built up by the influence of those around us.

On the contrary, people who have a negative outlook on life and therefore tend to have a lower self-esteem tend to flock to each other. If you are unable to master an abundance mindset and you are not able to believe in yourself, then you are going to attract people who have a similar outlook on life. The negativity surrounding you is bound to affect your self-esteem. Further, your relationships are going to suffer because you are not surrounding yourself with friendships that build up your self-esteem.

Self-Esteem and Abundance in Outlook on Life

As mentioned before, the abundance mindset includes the ability to look at life through a positive lens. When failure happens, when loved ones fall ill, when relationships go through trouble, or even when a significant other becomes difficult to deal with. Our outlook on life makes a significant difference in the way we handle our world.

In the abundance mindset, the way you look at the world has a direct effect on your self-esteem. Imagine that you have just lost your mediocre job. If you get down on life and tend to beat yourself up over a setback like losing your job, then your self-esteem plummets. However, those who are able to see the positive in a situation like that are able to understand that losing their mediocre job may lead to greater success in the future. This outlook requires a bit of self-confidence because you have to believe in yourself to believe you can do better.

The abundance mindset has a direct correlation to a person’s self-esteem. There is no question that people who have a more positive outlook on life tend to have a higher sense of self-worth.