How Self-Care Can Manifest Abundance

Abundance in your life is directly related to the proportion of self-care that you extend to yourself.

That’s heavy, isn’t it? If you think about it deeply enough. How much self-care do you practice? How do you treat yourself?

If you are stingy in how you care for yourself, then how can you expect your energy to attract high-frequency people? You’re going to be so low-frequency from a lack of self-care, you will attract people just the same. More importantly, it makes you more likely to attract negative results or situations.

You may have noticed that when one bad thing happens to you, it feels like an avalanche. It all comes at once, leaving you reeling. It just feels like everything goes wrong all at once, and it becomes difficult to cope with. Throughout your life, this will manifest in different ways and in different intensities and patterns. However, when everything is going wrong it’s life telling you that there’s a lesson here for you to learn. It’s a pattern you have to actively seek to break.

The purpose of this life is to live well. You should live authentically. That simply means that you should live in a way that aligns with your values. Are you embracing the values you attach importance to? What are your values? Love, positivity, compassion, forgiveness? If you live in a way that is contrary to those values, you aren’t practicing self-care. Which means you cannot manifest abundance in your life.

It’s so easy to dismiss your values. They might mean a lot to you, yet you consistently make decisions that go against them. You make decisions that you think will bring you abundance, but instead you betray your values and make abundance an impossibility. Doing this, you choose to embrace a negative frequency and instead revel in that as though it’s normal. Self-care means attending to your feelings and mood. Instead, we’re often guilty of allowing our moods and feelings to run the show.

It’s a big commitment. It sounds daunting, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be, unfortunately, we tend to make things more difficult than they need to be. Both self-care and the manifestation of abundance.

Ultimately, manifesting abundance requires a commitment to self-care. It’s important to honor yourself. It’s the only way it will be possible for you to experience a life of abundance. Everyone has their own idea about what self-care looks like. It’s subjective. For you, it could be reading a book and balancing your budget. For others, it could be a bubble bath and getting to bed on time. Self-care comes in many forms and it’s important for you to understand what serves as self-care for you. Once you recognize what self-care looks like for you, you should build a schedule that allows you to indulge those acts as often as possible.

Self-care honors your existence. It provides you with the energy and want to share the world with others. Just as importantly, though, it honors you and your ability to manifest abundance in your life. How can you make the most of life, and get the best of what life has to offer if you can’t even extend compassion and care for yourself? It’s impossible. If you manage to manifest material wealth, you will miss out on the abundance of love, friendship, opportunities, fun, spirituality, and beyond. It’s all out there and it’s just waiting for you to manifest it.

Abundance is everywhere, and it’s something that you can enjoy in every area of your life. How can you tap into the world of abundance, if you can’t even extend an act of self-care to yourself?