How To Create A Mindset For Abundance In Your Life

At some stage in your life, you will reach a point where you question everything. You start to feel as though you’re in the wrong job, you question every decision you’ve ever made, and you wonder where and how it all went wrong. You have two choices when you face a situation like this.

You can choose to do nothing and stay as you are. Or, you can set about creating abundance in your life. The latter doesn’t mean that you walk away from your job and start a new career. Though, it can, if that’s what you want. Rather, it’s about making conscious decisions to create abundance. There are a few different steps you can take to do this.

Follow These Steps To Create Abundance In Your Life

Use Your Imagination

It fuels writers, painters, inventors, creative thinkers, and beyond. You engage your imagination when you read a book, children apply it during playtime. We can all trap into this asset. A daydream is a wish your imagination is making. You can also use your imagination to create a brighter vision for the future.

Listen & Learn

You can listen to others, but it’s important that you listen to yourself. People are too focused on talking and not interested enough in active listening. The purpose of this is to gain understanding. Listening deepens relationships.

Equally, you should commit yourself to learning. You may have left school behind years ago, but you should never stop being a student. Listening and learning go hand-in-hand and help create abundance in your life

Access Your Untapped Potential

You have an unlimited resource of potential. To create abundance in your life you need to tap into that hidden potential. We often limit ourselves with negative thoughts and a lack of belief in ourselves. We impose limits on ourselves and in doing so it holds us back. You have limitless potential, you just need to reach inside and draw it out.

Develop Awareness

Your present thoughts influence your actions, but so do your past thoughts. The way we think can negatively influence abundance. Developing a sense of awareness makes you more available for abundance because when you’re aware of an issue, you can correct it.

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It isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s vital that you can tell yourself the truth. Whether it’s about your shortcomings, the situations you find yourselves in or, even the past. Half-truths don’t do anyone any favors.


There is more than one way to practice mindfulness. You can practice it through prayer, reflective thinking, quiet time, yoga or meditation. Mindfulness helps you focus on the present, and process negative thoughts to be a more positive person overall. This puts you in a stronger position to create abundance in your life.


What you nurture in your thoughts, home, and workplace can influence your success. A big part of cultivating a healthy and happy life is looking after both your body and spirit. Self-care is a key performance indicator in this world. Don’t ignore the opportunity to nurture yourself when there is an opportunity to do so.


The situations and events in our lives can influence our actions. So can the people who are in our lives. Where do you look for inspiration? That can influence your abundance. Choose mentors who build you up and encourage you. If you don’t feel inspired, then you may be on the brink of burnout. Take a time out and invest in yourself.

Abundance brings freedom, in a variety of ways. More importantly, it clears up your blind spots. When you follow the advice above, you will learn to engage in life and open your mind to the abundance around you.

Creating A Mindset For Abundance

Mindset is no secret. Furthermore, it isn’t a secret that the right (or wrong) mindset can radically influence your life course. There has been overwhelming research on the subject and what it shows us is this (ref.). How you think about the world around you, how you think about yourself, both influence how you learn, cope with stress, chase success, and how resilient you are.

Abundance is the idea that there is enough in the world to grab for yourself, while also sharing with others. On the other side of the coin, you will find the scarcity mindset. These people are convinced that without success, without the stuff, they essentially are the losers. They can’t comprehend the idea that everyone can win. There doesn’t have to be a loser.

So, by creating a mindset for abundance you are encouraging your personal development. This mindset will help you live a life that is full, satisfying, and unlimited. It will help you make your way to happiness under any circumstances. Affection becomes easier, as does creativity. A mindset for abundance makes you open to opportunities, people, experiences, and confidence.

Let’s take a moment to look at some stark differences between the scarcity and abundance mindsets. Having an understanding of this can help you determine where you are, highlighting what you have to do to get to where you want to be.

  • Scarcity Mindset
  • Abundance Mindset

I’m a victim.

I’m at the wheel.

Short of breath, aching muscles, tense.

Relaxed, but alert. Present.

Drained by every interaction. Frustrated, anxious, overwhelmed, and powerless.

Positive, inspired, engaged, and empowered. Excited about upcoming changes.

Disorganized, closed-minded. Feeling as though you have no choice.

Clear, focused, flexible, and adaptable. You believe there’s always a choice.

Now, it’s up to you to create the mindset for abundance, here’s how!


More specifically, being aware of your thoughts. When you decipher your thoughts you can determine how negativity is influencing you. When you are aware of a scarcity mindset, you can take steps to correct it. If you look at an area of your life where things aren’t going well, it’s time to check your thoughts. What are they telling you? How can you shift them into a positive gear?


Focus is important, but it’s just as important that you remain open-minded about the unlimited possibilities around you. If you’re too focused on a single thing, it’s easy to miss other opportunities and possibilities. Expand your awareness.


Practice gratitude, it’s one of the most powerful things you can do, especially when it comes to manifesting abundance. If you recognize the beauty in life, and what you have, then you’ll have more. However, if you focus on what you don’t have, it will just never seem like you have enough. That’s just how humans work. You can practice gratitude by keeping a journal and making a list of a few things you’re thankful for each day.

Purpose & Passion

If you are passionate about something and great at it, then this will help you build confidence in yourself. You can share this with others, providing value in your own life and the lives of others. It goes directly to the belief that abundance is for everyone.

Address With Care

You should always be mindful of the language you are using, whether it’s to others or yourself or, about others or yourself. You are the person shaping your reality. So, what kind of stories are you telling yourself and others?

Pay attention to the words you are using and the sentiments you’re expressing in both your thoughts and conversations.

How Your Mental Attitude Helps You Prosper

You’ve heard the one about ‘The Power Of Positivity’ right? Yes, it’s a famous book that made someone famous, and it’s become even more famous because other famous people agree with this famous saying and they live by it, or at least that’s what they tell everyone that they do.

Regardless of whether or not they are telling the truth, this is something that we are going to look at for ourselves, so that we can find out for ourselves whether or not it’s true.

Being Positive Helps You To Be More Positive

Positivity has a wonderful characteristic. I call this ‘The Infinite Feedback Loop Of Positivity’ and yes, I came up with that all by myself because I’m brilliant. See how I’m being positive there? Good.

When you are a more positive person, you feel better about yourself and your life. When you begin to realize that you feel better about yourself and your life because you are being more positive, you naturally go about continuing to be more positive, which makes you even more positive about yourself and your life. See, an infinite feedback loop of positivity.

Unfortunately, negativity works in exactly the same way, but that’s for miserable people and we’re not going to be like them, are we?

When we want to prosper in life, all we have to do is begin to think and feel more positively about the situation that we find ourselves in.

To some of you this will make complete sense immediately, but I can already hear some of you ‘Negative Nellies’ out there saying, “How can I be positive about my life when it’s just so gosh-darn awful?”

Well there’s a simple answer to that one, it’s another famous thing but this one is famous in the world of children, it’s called ‘Let’s Pretend’.

The Prosperity Of ‘Let’s Pretend’

Did you know? I love starting a sentence with that phrase, so much, so in fact I’m telling you about it so that I can say it again. Did you know that your brain doesn’t know the difference between something that is really happening to you and something that you imagine? That is a really strange characteristic of the brain, don’t you think?

Imagine it like this, if you were to sit there all day imagining that everything was great and that you felt really happy about yourself and your life, your brain would actually begin to think that everything was great and that you were really happy about yourself and your life. Isn’t that great, isn’t that a really positive thing to know? Because of this fact, if things aren’t particularly great you can just pretend and make your brain think that it actually is!

But how does this apply to prosperity?

Well, if you think about it, feeling really good about yourself and your life is actually very, very important when it comes to prosperity. If you feel and think you are prosperous, who on earth is there to say that you’re not. You might not have the biggest house or newest car, but if you don’t need those things to be happy and peaceful in your life, then what do they have to do with true prosperity?

If you are in an internal state of happiness and peace, then you are more likely to be open to opportunities that can bring that level of external prosperity anyway, so beginning with your internal state, you naturally influence your external state too.

Right, that’s actually enough information to get you started. Have a go at making yourself more prosperous by simply being more positive. That’s the only way to prove to yourself whether or not those famous people are telling the truth. And we all want to believe that they are, don’t we? If not, you’re just being a Negative Nellie and you should go away and do that somewhere else.

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