How To Gain Clarity Over Confusing Decisions

How To Gain Clarity Over Confusing Decisions

We all face confusing decisions every once in a while. It can be hard to make a choice in these moments because we don’t know the outcomes of the decisions we could make and we often can’t tell what the best option will be. The only way to approach these decisions effectively is to achieve clarity in your mind and try to make the most logical decision.

In this article, we’re going to cover how you can gain clarity in these moments of confusing decision making.

1| Clear Your Mind

In order to reach an unbiased and logical decision amidst confusion, you have to clear your mind and enter into the decision with a clean slate. There are many ways you can go about clearing your mind, but we find the most effective to be meditation.

Give yourself some time to think about absolutely nothing. Clear your mind and let it rest, coming back to the problem unbiasedly and recharged.

2| Isolate Your Emotional Involvement and Put it Behind You

In order to make the right decision when it comes to the confusing ones, you have to figure out how emotionally involved in the outcome you are, what that emotional involvement is, and how it might affect the outcome you choose.

Once you’ve determined that, you’re ready to try to put it behind you. You cannot reach a logical and unbiased decision if you’re overly emotionally involved and you certainly can’t do that with a confusing decision. You have to put your emotions aside in terms of the decision and look at the situation objectively and logically.

3| Write a List of Your Options and Their Potential Repurcussions

A good way to gain clarity in situations such as this is to make a list of all the options and their potential repercussions and/or outcomes. You can’t possibly know for sure how things will work out, but if you prepare yourself for the potential risks, you can make a more informed decision that you’re happier with.

This list will probably resemble a pro-con list in the way that you’ll narrow down the options based on the negative consequences it could potentially cause. This will encourage you to look at the problem objectively and help you to make an informed decision about the best possible outcome.

4| Ensure You’re Fully Informed

The only way you can achieve clarity and come at the confusing decision appropriately is to ensure that you are fully informed about all options, all potential outcomes, and all contributing facts. Without being fully informed, you run a much higher risk of making the wrong decision and being disappointed in the outcome.

The list we mentioned above will help with that, but make sure you know all the facts surrounding the decision and that you understand fully what’s at stake. This will help you to make the right decision and feel confident in the one you make.

5| Make an Objective and Logical Decision

Once you’ve achieved clarity in regards to the confusing decision at hand, you’re ready to make an objective and logical decision. Ensure that you keep yourself focused. Make a deliberate effort to not let your emotions get in the way and that you choose the decision that seems logically right to you.

Everyone has to make a confusing decision every now and again; the real trick is how you handle going about making that decision. You have to make a diligent effort to try and achieve clarity, not let your emotions get in your way, and make both an informed and logical decision.

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