Now that we know what empathy is, how do we put empathy into practice during our everyday life? It is not difficult for us to live an empathetic, healthy lifestyle; we just need to tweak a few things. When you are positive, listen to others, and feel what others feel, you are well on your way to practicing empathy within your life.

Most people can relate to having a job and working with others, which will be an example throughout this article. When you can understand the people around you and where they come from when they have certain thoughts, actions, and values, you become more accepting of that person even if you do not fully agree with their beliefs. 

When you can effectively communicate with others in the workplace, you can resolve conflicts between coworkers and avoid conflict yourself. There will be heightened morale between the team and the team will, in turn, be more productive and enjoy the environment in which they work.

Being empathetic towards people will also improve your communication skills with the people that you work with. When everyone on a team is positively communicating with each other, there is room for each person to provide their own ideas and teach others on the team, something that will benefit the group’s performance.

Learning new skills will not only help you throughout the job you are working, but they are also skills that can but used for future employment or for use around your home. It is difficult for some people to admit that they do not know something, especially in the work environment; however, if everyone is understanding of each other and people feel comfortable talking amongst each other, the shame of not knowing a certain skill dwindles and that person is able to ask a team member for assistance.

Giving your full attention to those around you will allow each person you are working with to feel their worth and be more receptive to your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. When you show someone their worth, they will be more inclined to show you your worth to the team as well. Being able to give each other your full attention will ignite conversation and creativity that may not have been there before. 

These new ideas and different thinking ways are the building blocks to creating a brand-new product, methodology, or platform. Giving each other the respect, they deserve and actually listening to what they have to say will greatly improve your productivity as a team. People will enjoy coming to work each day because of the relaxing, safe environment.

Body language within the workplace is also a big indicator of people that have empathy. People who have closed-off or threatening body language will be less likely to hear people out, cooperate in group discussions, and listen to other team members. When you are closed off from people, it shows, and empathetic people can pick up on these vibes. 

Crossed arms, distancing from others, and people that are quiet and do not like to talk to others can send the message that they are not comfortable with those around, they do not want to be bothered, and they may be less likely to converse with others to make various decisions. 

When people are more welcoming with their body language, others want to talk to that person, are more at ease when talking, and do not feel as if they will be a nuisance to them. To have a positive environment with empathetic people, you have to have a safe environment for everyone.