The Busier You Are The More You Need Quite Time

It’s true… how could we possibly get anything done with so many potential distractions. There’s seriously not enough time in the day to get everything done, let alone when we’re always diverting our attention to something else. 

This causes bad habits and can lead to procrastination and unnecessary stress. Do we always need quiet time to get things done? Maybe not all the time and for everyone but it’s essential for focus and time management. If you’re busy make sure you’re doing what’s necessary to not overwhelm yourself because being productive is a must for self-development.

So, make time for quiet time if your schedule is full but don’t entirely shut out what’s going on around you either…

Why Do We Need Quiet Time?

We need quiet time because in this super busy and distracting world it’s almost impossible to focus on anything. This is one of the worst situations we can experience and it’s only getting worse in our technologically heavy society.

So many people struggle with a lack of being able to even utilize their quiet time… can you guess why? It’s easy, we have so much involvement with technology (Social media, YouTube, email etc.)

That’s right, instant gratification is so enticing that we find ourselves not even able to pay attention for more than a few minutes at a time. Now, technology does have its benefits but it’s a double-edged sword without a doubt. 

We learn, yet, we take time away from doing more important things which our financial situations and even relationships depend on. Well we never want to end up in this type of situation because bad habits take a while to unwind (If they do at all). This will be entirely our prerogative, but it doesn’t mean it’s a good way to live life.

What Are The Benefits Of Quiet Time For Better Handling Busyness?

Well the obvious answer would be that we don’t have noise around us to take our attention away from the task/s at hand. However, it’s more than just that alone. 

You see, quiet time is not only a great idea for focusing more intensely and effectively but it’s also entirely necessary for tapping into one’s own mind and intellectual though processes. It’s hard to think in a way that would allow for the best possible solutions when there are a lot of distractions. 

We tend to miss important details naturally because innately, we need to think deep enough to where we can analyze all potential areas of a task/subject area. We all know exactly why we need more quiet time to be more effective in whatever it is we’re doing. 

When Is It OK to Not Have Quietness During Times of Busyness?

Ok, so you were probably wondering if quietness is completely necessarily to become your best self. To be honest, it is in many instances. 

However, there are some exceptions…

  • Fitness
  • Self-motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Productivity depending on task at hand.

Ok, so this may be against everything we just talked about… but wait! There’s something to our argument here. Quietness is important and all but there are times when we need a boost.


For instance, music is phenomenal at taking us to a mental place where we can become absolutely unstoppable in whatever we are pursuing. Many people utilize it in times of busyness to get through the task and not only that but we can get through it and get something out of it as well. 


We have things which motivate us in life and they are only possible with inspiration because let’s face it, we get stuck in ruts which can be detrimental to our well-being and progression.

Sometimes we just don’t have the desire to push through something unless we hear some motivational music or have someone giving us a word of encouragement. A single word by said by someone can change our entire lives completely and this is priceless. 


For many of us, we get our ability to keep pushing through a source of inspiration. So, use it as a tool rather than a distraction but choose carefully. 

Productivity depending on task at hand

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, quiet time may be a hindrance which causes lack of motivation during times of busyness. Let’s utilize the tools we are given sometimes and get past through certain barriers.

When Is Quiet Time Beneficial?

 There are many… we need quiet time for several instances and we must be mindful enough to have the discipline to make this quiet time a priority when we find ourselves busier than ever. 

Here are some instances…

  • Important business matters.
  • Quality time spent with someone else.
  • Time spent inside our own conscious minds. 
  • Job related duties.
  • Times where focus is crucial.

Business matters

When our careers and financial situations are on the line, we need the most amount of quiet time possible for the best focus conducive to productivity.


We all know we need to focus on one another in a quiet environment. We’re busy trying to hear what someone else has to say since everyone like undivided attention. You can be busy with other people and quietness is essential for the best possible outcome for the both of you. 

Time spent inside our conscious minds

There’s no better and more essential time for quietness when we are trying to get a grasp of our conscious minds. Mental health is dependent on being able to manage our mental reactivity to life circumstances.

Meditation is a good example of a type of calming quietness and that is why certain calming sounds are used for this purpose. 

Job related duties

If we can’t focus on the duties we have at a workplace, then chances are we won’t be around for very long. People take notice of the inability to put your best into your work.

Times where focus is crucial

There are just those times when we must learn to focus on the task at hand. Quietness is necessary for functioning in certain environments where precision is the goal. Take for instance certain sports which require complete focus and quietness.

You’re still busy on pure focus and the practice leading up to time spent performing is just as crucial.

How Do You Handle Busy Times?

Are you focused during times of busyness? Do you value time spent in quietness? Hopefully your answer is yes to both but if not, then you know where you need to start. Begin to set aside quiet time. How much quiet time do you need to set aside? 

  • As much time as you need to get your mind in the right place. 
  • Even a few minutes of quiet time a day can create good habits.

Don’t put a limit on your quiet time. You do what’s necessary to get your mind in a place to where you can entirely focus on the task at hand. A few minutes a day learning how to introduce quiet time into your life can do wonders for your productivity. 

See, when you do something over and over again you start to get accustomed to good habits and you start to find yourself getting better at managing time.

What To Do When Things Become Overwhelming?

What if you have a hard time finding quiet time? Maybe your life is too chaotic, and you just have too much responsibility to get a lot done. Many times, we just allow life to overwhelm us and we become complacent because of a lack of life management. 

Here’s how you can manage some aspects of your life to make things easier:

  • Wake up earlier
  • Eliminate unimportant tasks
  • Make a place where you can go to focus.

You need to make life changes if you cannot find the quietness you need in life. You’re busy and you need to things done but you need to make sure you are able to be effective at the same time.

Get up in the morning and get started on your tasks. This is a fantastic way to have plenty of quiet time to complete tasks.

Eliminate the things in your life which take up quiet time. This may sound impossible, but everyone can do this to an extent. 

You can find an area which you can go and spend time within your mind, so you can become the best version of yourself possible. 

How important is your quiet time?

What does quietness mean do you and how important is it in relation to your busyness? If something is not important to us, then we will seldom make time to prioritize it. You have to understand what’s most important to you and base how you spend your time from that.

What Distractions Do You Face Daily?

Do you have distractions and if so, how are they affecting your ability to conquer the goals ahead of you. Maybe distractions come in many like…

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Media

Although all these things are a blessing, they can honestly become distractions when we need quiet time. They’re all important to us and we tend to them daily but sometimes too much time is spent catering to each. 

We love our family and friends… and especially our social media time but there comes a time where you have to prioritize your productivity. 

Do You Have The Discipline?

You know, it takes a lot of discipline to get things done when you’re extremely busy. Some people have it and some people simply don’t. Does it mean you cannot develop discipline if you don’t have it? Not at all. We all have it in us to create good habits. 

If you’re able to make a decision, you can have the discipline to do anything. It’s really that simple of a concept but seldom is the action a simple matter of just doing. However, you’ll find that making these necessary changes are the only way to become more productive and successful at accomplishing your goals. 

What Are Your Goals?

Let’s figure out whether or not you need to be as busy as you are… We’re not telling you to not be busy but sometimes we don’t value our time enough. Are you busy with things which take up too much time with too little reward?

Sometimes this is the case, and in the event that it is for you, maybe it’s time to cut down a little. Now, quiet time is important but there shouldn’t be too much of it. In fact, too much of anything can drive us crazy and result in a negative outlook on our circumstances. 

More of everything is not necessarily better so if you can cut out the unnecessary goals, then you can spend more quiet time doing more important things. It may sound easier than doing it but it’s true. Most people have their days tied up with meaningless activities/tasks. 

Balance is encouraged greatly as well all need it to function at our absolute best. So, decide on what you really need to accomplish and focus more on those things rather than things which bring no value to your life.

Do You Work Better When It’s Quiet?

Now, some people may feel very uncomfortable when it’s too quiet. Maybe the busier you are, the more things you need to be going on around you…

Everyone is different but naturally, we need quiet time to some extent. It doesn’t mean you need to be in complete silence but focus usually is best when we have a little time to focus within our own minds rather than having external distractions all the time. 

See the reason we need quiet time is because we need to be able to function when the noise is gone and there’s so motivational factors. The reason being is because we just innately function better this way. 

Focus Is Underrated

It’s true. Seldom do we see someone so focused on well… focus! Such a time-tested method for overcoming roadblocks. When we focus, we’re better able to handle what life throws at us. One thing is sure and that is without focus, you likely won’t succeed at much. 

Being so underrated, to be focused while busy is accompanied by distractions for many people. If you can’t find time to focus, then you are limiting your ability to create habits which help assist you in your future endeavors.

What Are The Ideal Settings For Optimal Quiet Time?

You know, there’s no one answer to this question. The best setting would be wherever you’ll seldom have any type of interaction/distractions. It could be your room, your office, outdoors etc. 

You just need to be able to get within yourself for a bit. This is the key to all people who are able to tap into something great. 

Some people just do not value their busyness as a way to progress in life and it causes procrastination and disappointment. This often results in failure because there were too many things which took away from focusing on the important tasks at hand.

So, if being busy isn’t serious to you then likely neither is quiet time. 

You can usually tell who the people are who do not value their goals and tasks quite as much as other people do. 

Is Success Determined By How Much Quiet Time You Set For Yourself?

You know… the people who tap into their inner self and who put priority into focus, usually turn out to be the most successful in life. Now success doesn’t just mean having a lot of money but achieving things most people do not have the discipline to achieve. 

Not having enough quiet time might not be a deal breaker but thing is sure and that is it helps tremendously. Just think about how you’re able to focus and get things done. Can you find the determination to get things done when chaos surrounds you or do you need the most focus possible to complete a goal?

The answer may be different for you as it would be for someone else. 

To give a one-size-fits-all answer would be inaccurate.

Have You Needed More Quiet Time?

Well… have you? If not, do you feel as if you need it for your own sanity? Or maybe you feel as if you’ve had too much quiet time. 

Whatever the case, you know yourself more than anyone. However, in the long run just know that the busier you are, the more quiet time you’ll likely need. Don’t be afraid to shut out certain areas of your life for that much needed quiet time. 

How much do you need it? It depends on your goals and your lifestyle. 

Always make sure you’re doing what’s best for you and that means keeping the happiness alive and the stress down. Oh yes, when we don’t have enough quiet time, we can become very stressed out which is not good for us whatsoever.

Is Your Sanity Still Present?

We do often have to take a step back and look at our situation/s. Are you still mentally moving forward? Hopefully your answer is yes, and you haven’t started to decline. 

Quiet time is not just important for getting tasks done and accomplishing goals but it’s essential for mental health. Especially since we need to silence noise every now and then, so we can focus on inner -awareness. 

Yes, that’s it… inner-awareness is something we often take for granted and don’t spend enough time developing nearly enough. Mental sanity is one of the greatest things we as humans have been gifted with and by no means should we ever give that up.

It’s never worth it and in fact, our well-being depends on it. So, ask yourself the question… “is your sanity still present”? 

What Will You Do To Promote More Quiet Time?

It’s time to toughen up and make that quiet time a priority. You know, in life we often don’t always “feel” like doing something, but does that mean we shouldn’t? Not at all. In fact, the very thing we try to avoid is sometimes the thing we need to face. 

And let’s face it, nobody can get anything done without having a little quiet time every now and then. If you have to do it every day… then so be it. Don’t ever neglect or avoid setting your quiet time aside. You’ll thank yourself when you’re way ahead of the game. 

You see, most people lack discipline… but where are you going? It doesn’t entirely matter because you need that time to focus on being a better version of “you.”

So regardless of what your ambitions are, you need to be sure you are doing all what’s necessary to get yourself to where you need to be. Simply settle down and make sure you’re not taking any shortcuts or avoiding the necessary steps to becoming successful in your pursuit of whatever it is you’re after. 

It may be your job, career, self- development etc. 

But it’s a must rather than an option. If you follow the pattern of other successful people, you’ll see quiet time (Or at least some sort of solitude) is in fact necessary for reaching and surpassing the next steps in life.

Things you can do to promote more quiet time…

  • Turn off all forms of media (Unless you like to listen to calming sounds which are ok).
  • Get in a place where no one else can interrupt. 
  • Complete your other duties before you start to settle down and introduce that quiet time with yourself. 
  • Focus on the goal.

Media distracts unless you use it as a calming and productivity-inducing tool (It can be). We know the power of motivation and serenity is highly possible through calming sounds and music which can stimulate us in a good way.

Pick a place and make it your own. We all need somewhere we can escape to get into a state of focus where we can literally create our desired realities with our minds.

It’s a great strategy to get the things out of the way which keep us boggled down mentally throughout the day. Complete tasks ahead of time so you can focus on the duties ahead.

The goal is always the focus and those who succeed never neglect to focus. Don’t make the mistake of getting too behind.

What if People Don’t Value Your Quiet Time?

If you forever allow people to interrupt your quiet time, then there needs to be a necessary change. You will never get things done if you’re busy and don’t have control over your circumstances. You must (No exceptions) be firm when you’ve got things to do and people become more than distractions. 

Parties and outings have to wait when you’re busy (Especially if you value the task at hand). Some people will try to influence you to not focus which really does cause bad habits throughout life.

No one is telling you that you cannot have fun, but you must be smart enough to know how important your work is to you. Time spent doing what’s most important to your life at the moment is more important than being influenced by distractions around you.

Enjoy The Quietness

Guess what… we’ve told you to have more quiet time due to being extra busy but if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing then the quiet times can make things worse. 

Quiet time should be a beautiful thing but seldom is it that for many people because honestly many people are still not productive due to a lack of interest in the midst of the busyness. It’s a decision you have to make but it’ll be one which is really worth it. 

That leads us to whether it’s worth it to you…

If it is, then make the best of your quiet time. If it isn’t…well, then you know how to handle the situation. Being busy should be a blessing rather than a burden. It’s a great time to get things done and progress in some aspect of life. 

Quietness shouldn’t cause stress and anxiety, as it really should be a time to think and reflect on what needs to be accomplished. Take advantage and make a simple decision to fill your busy moments with thoughts which will allow for good long-term habits. 

Final Thoughts

Well there you have it… the gift of quietness is for the people who value its importance and necessity. What does quiet time mean to you? This is always a good question to ask yourself. Busyness is surely a privilege and should not be taken lightly. 

You have a chance to do something great with more time spent with yourself. 

The key word here is focus. The ability to focus, results from being able to set aside quiet time which is conducive to productivity. This is the ideal side effect in which we all must strive for.

The benefits to having more quiet time are getting more done and continuing good habits. You learn how to become a more disciplined individual and then from there, you’re ready to take on the world. You just to be able to determine your surroundings in order to create that quiet time which is much needed. 

Make more time for quiet time when things start to get busy!

Stay well and take care!