Ultimate Guide For Attracting Prosperity

The Ultimate Guide For Attracting Prosperity

Your Guide To Prospering Financially, Socially and Internally

Throughout our lives, we are constantly encouraged to reach for success. The media feeds us images of affluent individuals, living ‘the good life’. Books teach us how to attain wealth and power through hard work and dedication. Great songs are even written about one day tasting that milk and honey.

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, prosperity is defined as, “the condition of being successful or thriving; especially : economic well-being.

Prosperity could mean a large home, an abundance of food or even a successful business.

From a holistic vantage point, a field of growing crops or flowers could be considered prosperous land. We typically associate prosperous individuals to managers in corporations, royalty, and even celebrities. Prosperity, by definition is received in a positive connotation.

It has the power to greatly improve the quality of our lives. However, many individuals speak cautiously with regards to this status. Calvin Coolidge, the 30th president of the United States once quoted, Prosperity is only an instrument to be used, not a deity to be worshipped.

Mark Twain even once said, When you ascend the hill of prosperity, may you not meet a friend.

Although these great men accumulated a great deal of recognition throughout their life, they feared the obsession with obtaining wealth. Why, then if prosperity is rendered something positive, why would so many people warn against the striving of it?

Like many positive aspects of living, having a balanced view is always wise. Sure, acquiring a great deal of riches may seem promising, but they are worthless without accompanying values. Reaching greatness is not met without a great deal of sacrifices.

Unfortunately, in our economy, it’s quite difficult to obtain a large amount of money or assets overnight. Sadly, due to environmental or behavioral issues, some individuals may never taste that “milk and honey” they so dreamed of. There is, in fact, an art to not only receiving property, but keeping it.

When attempting to attract prosperity by any means, one must have a clear understanding of themselves. Prosperity, although met with hard work, is a relative subject. What one deems prosperous, another may shy away from. Although prosperity and happiness relate, they both offer very different benefits.

Happiness may occur as a result of prosperity. However, prosperity when used destructively could result in unhappiness. They must understand what they view as being rich, aside from monetary wealth.

They must then, put in the necessary work to achieve that relative sense of wealth.

So then, how can we attract prosperity despite the challenges of life? Moreover, how can we keep a balanced view of prosperity and use it in a positive manner?

The History Behind Prosperity

In order to properly understand what you hold to be valuable, it is imperative to study the origins of prosperity and what major platforms of guidance have to say about it. The race for riches has been a facet of our society since the beginning of time. Wealthy families, dating back to the 1800’s, established companies that are still relevant today.

The ever popular Vanderbilt family, made a name for themselves in the railroad industry; accumulating wealth that one could only imagine. Gloria Vanderbilt, heir to the family, is worth a whopping $200 million dollars alone!

Acquiring prosperity is not a new venture by any means. In fact, the industry behind preaching how to gain wealth and happiness began in 1895 following The New Thought Movement. Individuals began to distance themselves from what the Christian Bible said about happiness and they began to develop their own worldview. Pioneers such as Napoleon Hill and Earnest Holmes, wrote books dedicated to teaching others how to acquire riches.

Many other authors released these ancient “self-help” books; some combining spirituality and scientific thinking that promised to teach readers the secrets behind accumulating wealth and peace. Much like our recent day, authors make an abundance of profits off of teaching their readers these similar secrets. The allure of obtaining prosperity has not been lost.

Many Christians believe in the Prosperity Gospel, or Theology of Prosperity. They attribute prosperity to that of blessings from god. These blessings are granted to them through their good deeds, mentality, and demonstrated faith.

Often times, prosperity is typically granted to individuals who demonstrated their faith in god wholeheartedly. The emphasis is not on materially happiness, but spiritual. In fact Jesus Christ, the most spiritually prosperous man in the bible, quoted in Matthew that, “he has not a place to lay his head.”

Oriental cultures believe in physical symbols or rituals that bring about prosperity. In fact, many Chinese restaurants are known for their superstitious beliefs regarding prosperity through their giving of fortune cookies.

These tasty treats often come with a surprise message that foretells when your time of prosperity will come. They even have a beautiful flower deemed, “fuguihua” which when translated means, “wealth plant.” They believe this plan to bring an abundance of wealth and happiness to its owners.

Those of the Hindu belief place wealth and prosperity as the means to continue life. They even honor the goddess of wealth and abundance, Lakshmi. Through their endeavors, such as giving praise to god, living for others and straying from greed, they will receive prosperity. Ultimately, they are encouraged to utilize their riches for god.

The popular storyteller Aesop is renowned for his simple tales with weighty life lessons, wrote a compelling short fable regarding prosperity, Entitled, “The Sick Kite”, the words are both deep and inspiring: “A Kite, sick unto death, said to his mother: ‘O Mother! Do not mourn, but at once invoke the gods that my life may be prolonged.’ She replied, ‘Alas! My son, which of the gods do you think will pity you? Is there one whom you have not outraged by filching from their very altars a part of the sacrifice offered up to them?’

We must make friends in prosperity if we would have their help in adversity.” This fable could be translated to mean that the only way to gain assistance from others is through the acquiring of riches. This could be true, when thinking about our current healthcare system. Without the proper “riches,” or in modern times, health insurance, it’s quite difficult to get the assistance you need.

In essence, analyzing each culture’s definition of prosperity is unique in the approach. However, the commonality lies in the deed of the person.

One can only attain prosperity if they take action. Prosperity, as mentioned in the above references, does not come without work. Even the Chinese flower must be planted and tended to in order to flourish.

It’s safe to conclude that the amount of prosperity or happiness we receive is based on our mindset.

There are three vital areas in life where prosperity can be reached. The relativity of prosperity makes it easy to cross correlate its benefits into another category. The three main areas are financial prosperity, social prosperity and internal prosperity.

Financial Prosperity

In order to attract wealth, you must determine your strengths. Are you an excellent communicator? Do you work well with your hands? Are you a creative person? The answers to these questions will allow you the opportunity to choose a means of life that’s right for you.

On prosperity, Aristotle once quoted, learning is an ornament in prosperity, a refuge in adversity, and a provision in old age.If you are seeking financial stability, perhaps learning a new skill will assist you on your journey.

Today, many of the top paying careers require some sort of educational expertise. Fortunately, the web has made acquiring a new skill virtually effortless. Companies provide workshops, free Ivey league classes, and even certifications all available at the comfort of your own home.

In order to attract the attention of the Mighty Dollar, you have to enhance your skills. Likely, prosperity hasn’t knocked on your door because you’ve been trying to accomplish a goal without any real change.

You will attract the compensation you deserve when you combine dignity with your work. Sure, you may begin your career doing something less than enjoyable.

However, what are the chances that something good could come from something uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter what position you have, if you perform your work with positivity and pride, you will receive recognition, which could turn into wealth.

For example, a custodian holds a position that many would deem as “lowly” even though their work is extremely necessary, if this janitor goes to work every day with a positive attitude and performs his job with the strictest attention to detail, in time, he could receive a promotion. If he continues to excel, he could go on to own his own janitorial company.

There are no limits when it comes to potential. You have to put out endurance in order to reap its benefits.

One of the major downfalls of the Vanderbilt family, as mentioned in the outset, was their inability to maintain their riches. Unfortunately, due to excessive spending, they eventually went broke for a period of time. In a short span of time, one of the wealthiest families in the country lost everything. The same detrimental outcome could be true for us if we don’t extract responsibility.

In order to remain prosperous, one must learn how to maintain it. Avoid over-spending and living beyond your means. It is wise to set a budget on general expenses and plan for special occasions. Sure, every once in a while we all deserve to reap the benefits of our hard work. Like everything, life is complete through balance. Once you learn how to keep your wealth, you will then, attract more opportunities to improve your quality of life.

It is also important to avoid enslavement by striving for riches. The chase can be exhausting and cost you a great deal of suffering. Placing undue importance on riches could also be a cause for stress.

A short story entitled, “The Poor Man’s Wealth” illustrates a beautiful story about a landlord named Premchand and his poor tenant Ramchand. Although poor, Ramchand lived a stress-free life. He lived with his doors and windows open and worried about nothing. Premchand on the other hand, was full of worry that someone would steal his riches. Out of pure desperation to find relief, he gave some of his wealth to Premchand. Premchand, initially ecstatic was grateful for the gift. However, after time went on, he began to grow paranoid that someone would steal his money. He began to worry excessively to the point of locking his windows and doors.

After losing sleep, he returned the money to his landlord saying, “Dear Friend, I am poor. But, your money took away peace from me. Please bear with me and take back your money.”

Sometimes, the greatest gift of prosperity is your peace of mind. Learning to be content in the present could save a lot of discomfort in the future.

Social Prosperity

One can prosper socially by choosing their associates wisely. Sure, it’s easy to become attracted to the physical appearance of someone else, but what about their qualities?

  • Do they share the same values as you?
  • Do they encourage you to improve yourself?
  • Is their conversation uplifting as opposed to solely gossip?

These questions are vital to consider when wanting to attract individuals with wealth of the heart. Publilius Syrus wisely stated, “Prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them.” When those around you see the progress you are making financially, they may be inclined to crave your company not because they necessarily want to be around you. Individuals with ulterior motives may become attracted to what your prosperity can do for them.

In order to deflect individuals like that, look out for small signs of selfishness.

  • Do they always reach out to you when they’re in need?
  • Do they expect you to pay for their expenses?
  • Do they genuinely care about your well-being?

These, along with their individual actions will determine if they were the type of friends, you would like to attract.

As mentioned, acquiring financial prosperity takes work. The same can be true when applied to social situations. If you want to attract good hearted people, you must be a friend yourself. Many people selfishly look out for their best interests without little regard for others.

This mentality will eventually attract the wrong crowd or even turn people away from you in general. Be sure to acquire such qualities as trust, loyalty, and honesty within yourself. Show your friends how much you appreciate them and be that rock they can lean on in times of need.

When you seek to improve yourself, your kindness will be contagious. Other, true-hearted people will be drawn to you, which will attract the strongest level of relationship prosperity.

Think about your personal relationships, are there areas where you can improve your quality of happiness? Prosperity can mean a variety of things other than riches. Some people may be low on income, but have an abundance of wealth in their relationships.

Setting aside quality time to spend with your loved ones will help strengthen your bond. Open communication as well as discernment in decision making is all important aspects that make up a strong family.

The values, lessons, and memories shared within the familial bond are priceless. When there is an abundance of love, there is an overflow of prosperity.

Internal Prosperity

The value of holding a universe of wealth inside yourself is unmatchable. It is quite difficult for a broken person to have a tight grip on prosperity. In order to first attract the correct support system, career and ultimate happiness, one must develop a strong sense of self. This involves more than simply going through the motions of everyday life.

Self-prosperity is a strategic list of progressional activities you can engage in to elevate your thinking and help you to reach those goals. This way of thinking requires full attention from your mind, body, and spirit. It is the connecting force that jumpstarts your journey to ultimate prosperity.

First, it’s important to invest in yourself. This does not mean spend countless amounts of money on clothes or luxury cars. Rather, this means acquiring a wealth of the mind. Education is the dominant quality to greatness. Never be afraid to ask questions or inquire on an unfamiliar subject. The more knowledge you acquire, the more prosperous you will become. Reading is a fundamental activity that is challenging, enlightening and rewarding.

If you want to gain prosperity mentally, it is vital that you make reading a daily habit. There are no limits to what a great book can do for you. Words have been found to change lives. Taking the time to encourage your mind to read on a regular basis will help you find your niche. You’ll find that conversations will become easier, perhaps even more interesting. You’ll develop an analytical way of thinking that will give you confidence.

Take pride in your appearance. Take pride in how you handle yourself. Take pride in the way you speak. Prosperity is equated to riches. Riches are equated to elegance, which in turn is associated with class. Carry yourself with royalty and you will attract prosperity. This doesn’t require an entire wardrobe change. Rather, it’s allowing that glowing beam of light inside of you to shine though.

We can easily become our biggest critics. Feelings of worthlessness and self-loathing can rule our thinking. This mentality is unproductive and damaging. Practice daily affirmations in order to boost self-confidence. Self-awareness can be developed through establishing your likes and dislikes. When you treat yourself like royalty, you will only attract people and situations that will in turn, treat you in the same manner.

Keeping tabs on your mental health is vital to attracting prosperity in your life. We all want to be happy and stable. Unfortunately, we all deal with stressful situations that cause anxiety, depression, and a host of other issues. Taking care of your mental health, whether that’s through therapy, medication or integrative solutions will enable you to think with clarity.

You’ll make better decisions, which will positively impact your course of life. When you’re in a state of mindfulness, the past and the future are not important. Rather, the moment is what you are focused on. When you are not worried about what’s behind you or far ahead of you, the peace will abound. True happiness will follow you wherever you go. There is no greater feeling than that of peace of mind.

Taking care of your body is one of the best ways to attract personal prosperity. The foods we consume can have a lot to do with our behavior. We may experience aggression after eating chemically altered foods or even physical pain after eating something we’re allergic to. It’s imperative that we focus on feeding our bodies with clean food in order to remain healthy. Good health and prosperity go hand in hand, so it would only make sense to get on a routine of healthy eating and active living.

Final Thoughts

In summation, the results of hard work equate to ultimate satisfaction. As mentioned, this work is not unique to only monetary gain. If we want to attract prosperity in our life, it’s imperative that we distribute that work into all aspects of our life.

True, many believe that prosperity on a grand level is only for individuals with a “lucky hand.” However, as we’ve discussed, the relativity of prosperity is abundant.

You can be a prosperous mother, father, teacher, firefighter, daughter, or whoever if you have reached ultimate peace and happiness.

The law of attraction is simple, if a person focuses on the positive, they will bring positivity into their lives.

By identifying the areas in your life where you would like to be more prosperous and then putting in that necessary work, you are bound to attract the prosperity you were aiming for.