Top 10 Critical Mistakes To Avoid in Life

While life itself can be filled with many changes, it is counterproductive to flow through the negative side on a constant basis. When the body and mind are exhausted, the less productive you become. 

The emotions you are seeing and experiencing can begin to wear on your entire being. According to the National Science Foundation, “Around 80% of our thoughts are negative in nature. With twelve thousand to fifty thousand thoughts daily running through our minds, the negative tends to heavily outweigh the positive mind set.”

Let us look at the best ways to start being positive in your life again:

1| Not Being True To Your Beliefs 

As the mind and body must constantly adapt to societal demands, we sometimes lose ourselves in the process. As humans, we want the acceptance of others and their approval. When we consider other people’s words and actions, we find ourselves in a whirlwind of emotions because we did not stay true to our personal beliefs.

If you are a firm believer in being early to work each day but find your co-workers do not share that practice and often chide you for being the early bird, let them know why you stick to your schedule. Explain how it helps your day run more smoothly and gives you extra time for yourself before being productive. You might just change their minds.

2| Wasting Your Time On Non-Productive Tasks 

With modern technology, we find ourselves consistently checking our phones or computers. We use online games and television shows to forget about reality. However, over a short amount of time, we find ourselves being less active and more emotional. 

Instead of reaching for the remote, reach for a book. Immerse yourself in the story and let your body and mind have the needed time to rest. If you are looking for something more physically challenging, take up a gardening or join a tennis team at your local gym. 

3| Not Being Thankful 

With so many things to do and think about, we often forget to thankful to ourselves or others. By not acknowledging those around us about their kind behavior, we are presenting a non-trustworthy aura. This not only limits our connections but creates a negative thought process.

Next time you are in the store, and an employee goes out of their way for you by providing extra help, tell them how much you appreciate their time. Do not make assumptions about who a person is by their job, but by their personality. Leave yourself feeling good about your own personality. 

4| Holding Onto Resentment

It is almost inevitable that sometime during your adult life, there will be people who treat you poorly. While we cannot go back to that moment, we often carry the grudge with us for a lifetime. This disrupts our inner peace and make us question are own convictions. 

The first person you should forgive is yourself. Accept what happened and praise yourself for finding the strength to move one from this person’s words or actions. If you can forgive their behavior, do not forget about it. Each of these milestones will keep you more aware of others and your own thoughts and actions. Be accountable for only yourself.

5| Functioning On Bad Habits 

When life is more stressful, we find ourselves indulging in poor habits to accommodate our moods. From drinking alcohol to sleeping too often. With each of these negative deflections, we create a pattern of destruction. Instead, focus on healthy habits for a sharp mind and healthy body.

Instead of reaching for the wine bottle, reach for the water bottle and head outside. Use this time to exercise and clear your head. If the weather is not cooperating, pick a multi-step chore, life deep cleaning the garage. Remain focused on the task at hand and less focused on the cynical feelings.

6| Neglecting Your Physical Health 

When our internal emotions are being taxed, our bodies are the first to breakdown. With poor diets and less self-care, the only one that pays the price is you. We are not meant to run on potato chips and French fries consistently. Spend some time re-thinking your nutrition intake and find new recipes that will fit better with your lifestyle. 

Make a pact with yourself that once a week, you will try a healthy alternative when eating. Instead of having soup with your steak, try a crisp cold salad. When it comes to liquids, make it a challenge. If your goal is to drink a glass of water five times a day, keep track on an app or piece of paper. If the goals are met, reward yourself with a self-care treat like a new outfit.

7| Reacting Instead Of Idling Your Thoughts 

While everyday cannot be sunshine and rainbows, we often find ourselves reacting to others out of emotion instead of forethought. This not only leads to animosity but often leaves us feeling embarrassed. 

Instead of voicing your opinion before thinking it through, give yourself a few minutes to sort through the moment. Are the words you are about to express pessimistic in nature or are your words filled with assurance. While it is okay to not agree on all beliefs, it is not okay to react unfavorably.

8| Never Taking Chances

For some people, functioning in society brings more anxiety and less growth mentally. When faced with changes, the reaction is to become more recluse. Not only does this limit the possibilities of achieving more but restricts our needs for companionship. 

If you have always wanted to take up painting but feel you are not good enough to try, then the only one stopping you is yourself. Maybe the goal is to give art pieces to family for the holidays, while the desire is there, the action is stalling. Start practicing on a piece of paper. The more you engage in this healthy habit, the more desire there is to complete the objective.

9| Making Material Items Top Priority

While it can be very exciting to purchase a new car or vacationing in the tropics every winter, the reality is that those moments are short lived. Often, our time is spent planning and engaging in the activity, while others around us become less stimulating. Instead, try including them in your plans. 

Seeking out other opinions, lets you double check your emotions and less about the newness. This also makes those around you feel included in your decisions and often provides you with a sense of pride.

10| Putting In The Effort

On a daily basis, the mind is consistently making decisions. Though you may have the conviction to act upon those feelings, putting in the effort is the final piece. Apply these rules when it comes to work, family, and free time.

At the end of the day, you will feel more accomplished and eagerness to keep going. If the boss once again has asked you to stay late and complete a project, do so without malice. Though this may take away from your personal time, the accomplishment itself will reap rewards both mentally and emotionally. 

Closing Thoughts

By choosing healthier and more stable practices in life, your world will function more smoothly. On days that require more of your attention, your calm demeanor and well-educated responses will guide you to a more grounded life. As American author Andy Andrews once said, “Life itself is a privilege, but to live life to the fullest- well, that is a choice.”