Top 10 Tips To Better Understand Your Identity

In a world full of people constantly sharing their stories, photos, and lives with everyone else at the simple tap of a touch screen, it can be a challenge to understand how you personally fit into the “big picture.” 

Struggling to understand your own identity isn’t unusual – many people experience bouts of “identity crisis” throughout their lives, leading them to wonder who they really and truly are. If you are struggling to really get to know yourself, consider adopting these top ten tips for better understanding your identity.

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#1 Map Out What Your “Perfect Day” Would Be If You Had A Whole Day To Do Anything You Wanted

Pretend you have an entire day to do whatever you want. During this day, you don’t have to worry about typical aspects of your schedule, such as running errands, going to work, or taking care of your usual responsibilities.

As you imagine what this perfect day would be like, pay close attention to the types of activities you would want to do. These are likely very reflective of your true identity. For example, if your perfect day would involve lots of time spent outdoors, it may be reflective of the natural world being a major part of your personal identity. 

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#2 Identify Your Hopes, Goals, And Dreams

Having hopes, goals, and dreams gives your life Direction and purpose. take some time to really understand what these hopes, goals, and dreams are for yourself. Knowing what you want for yourself most in life is a great reflection of your personal identity. Usually, these future aspirations are highly reflective of how you picture your best and most successful self. 

#3 Get To Know Your Core Values And Beliefs

A person’s unique set of core values and beliefs serve as the crux on which every decision and action they make rests. Typically, people make decisions based on their core values and beliefs because they closely align with what they believe to be most right and true. 

If you have a good understanding of your own core values and beliefs, you will also be able to really develop your personal identity. Your core values and beliefs are such a large part of your identity because they inform every aspect of your being. 

#4 Pay Close Attention To The Types Of People You’re Most Drawn Toward

You can learn a lot about your own identity by the types of people you spend time with most often. For example, if you prefer spending time around your positive and upbeat friends, you probably relate to their good attitudes, desiring to be around people who spread positivity. If you prefer spending time with your smart and knowledgeable friends, you probably identify heavily with your sense of intelligence, and so on.

#5 Focus On Your Thoughts And Opinions Rather Than Those Of Others

Often, people develop their identities based on the thoughts and opinions of others. A common example of this is your parents. Many people develop an identity based around the thoughts and opinions shared by their parents. Because people hear their parents share their thoughts and opinions when they are in their formative years, they absorb some of those same thoughts and opinions as their own. 

As you get older, it is a good practice to focus on your own thoughts and opinions rather than those of others. Doing so will help you better understand your own identity – not the identity you built from others. 

#6 Identify Your Major Role Models In Life

Think about the people you consider your role models. Understanding exactly why you find your personal role models so admirable and appealing is a great way to understand more about your own identity. For example, if you admire someone for their talent, you may wish to identify with the same level of skill your role model worked so hard to develop.

#7 Identify Your Specific And Unique Set Of Strengths And Weaknesses

All people are born with their own specific set of strengths and weaknesses. Getting to know your own set of strengths and weaknesses is an excellent way to better understand your identity. Knowing where your strengths lie helps you know where you can excel most in life, and knowing where your weaknesses lie can help you determine where you can make positive change and adjustments.

#8 Ask People You Love And Trust How They Would Describe You

Another great way to better understand your own identity is to talk to the people you love and Trust most. ask them how they would describe you. You can ask them to explain why they like spending time with you and what they admire most about you. Hearing an outsider’s perspective of yourself can help you gain a better understanding of who you really and truly are, especially when you are struggling to articulate those thoughts yourself.

#9 Engage In Some Visualization To Get A Good Image Of Your Future Self

Visualization is the act of imagining yourself at some point in your future. Take some time to find a quiet spot where you can be alone in silence for a few minutes. Close your eyes and challenge yourself to conjure an image of who you want to be in the future. 

As you imagine this future self, be as specific as possible: try to imagine all the details you can about the snapshot of your future self. Seeing your ideal Future Self during visualization is a great way to better understand your identity because your true self will be heavily reflected in this image of your future.

#10 Allow Yourself Opportunities To Try New Things

Giving yourself permission to explore new things is a wonderful way to better understand your identity. Whenever people experience new things, it gives them an opportunity to learn more and grow as human beings. By giving yourself opportunities to try new things and really explore and experience the world, you will be able to also learn a lot about yourself in the process.

Top 10 Tips To Better Understand Your Identity