Top 10 Tips To Understand What Makes You Feel Happy and Fulfilled

Everyone wants to be happy. Life can be a little bit miserable if you are not adding some source of happiness into each day. According to Tracking Happiness, being happy will help you stay more motivated, can give you more self-confidence and self-esteem, leads to more productivity, helps you learn and grow, and will improve the relationships that you have with other people. 

Add in that it can help you enjoy your life more, and it makes sense that so many people want to find simple steps they can take to feel happy and fulfilled. There are a number of steps that you can take to help yourself feel happy and fulfilled. Some of the top tips include:

Take Notes When You Feel Happy

The next time that you feel happy, take note of it. What is going on in the situation, or what are you doing right now, that is helping contribute to your feelings of happiness? Take notes of that and then try to align your life so that you are doing these activities more often. 

Find Some Patterns

As you take a closer look at what is making you happy and the situations that tend to spark more joy in your life, you may start to notice there is more of a pattern going on as well. There are going to be some people, some situations, and some actions that tend to make you happy each time. You want to pay attention to these because you know for sure that they make you feel good. Add more of these to your life and you will feel amazing. 

Reflect On Those Moments In The Past That Made You Feel Happy

While you should pay attention to some of the activities in the present that tend to make you happy, pull out some of those memories of the past and decide what made you happy throughout your life. Take a look at some of the big events, but don’t forget some of the small events that made you smile. Was there some kind of pattern present with this as well that you can use to your advantage?

Explore What Drives You

While you are in reflection mode, take some time to dig deeper and see what drives you more in life. What seems to motivate you the most and helps to push you forward in life? These drivers could point you to the true happiness that you are looking for. Take the time to look into these and see what a big driver for you is. 

Look At The Situations That Make You Unhappy

While you may not want to look too closely at the things that make you upset and unhappy, this is an important part of the process too. When you focus on the things that tend to make you unhappy, you can learn how to avoid them more, taking some of the negative out of your life and bringing in more of the good. 

Look At Which People Fill You Up

Even the people you spend your time around will be important when it comes to filling your happiness tank. The wrong people can drain. You and take away all of the good. The right people can make you happy, filling you up and making you feel amazing when you are done. Focus on surrounding yourself with more of the latter so that you can have more happiness in your life. 

What Helps You Feel Relaxed And Fills Your Tank

You do need to reserve some time for self-care if you would like a chance to feel more fulfilled. It is hard to be happy about anything, even the good stuff, if you are always running on empty. What are some of the things that help you feel more relaxed and happier on a day to day basis? Whether you like to go for a walk, take a bath, read, write, or do something else, find a bit of time to just focus on yourself for a bit each day. 

What Tends To Drain Your Tank The Most

While there are some activities that you will do each day that can fill your tank, there are also some activities that tend to drain the tank. Look through your life and see what tends to drain you the most. Is there a way to cut those down, or at least reduce them so they don’t take such a dominant space in your life? This can go a long way in helping you to feel better. 

If You Could Have A Whole Day Free, What Would You Spend It Doing

Whether you make this realistic and do tasks that you can afford, or you go crazy and think about what you could do if you had endless money, this can be a way to see what activities make you happy. Try to make a plan to see if you can spend some time doing a few of these activities each month to make yourself feel a little bit better. 

What Things Would You Like To Get Rid Of From Your Life

You can also look at some of the things, whether it is items, people, or situations, that are currently in your life and tend to make you feel bad r you would rather not have around. These are big signs that something is wrong and that if you want to feel happy and fulfilled, you need to get rid of these items. 

Everyone wants to live a happy and fulfilled life but figuring out which steps to take to make that happen is not always easy. The activities that are listed above can help you to take a closer look at some of the things that make you happy, and some of the ones that drain you, so that you can focus more on the good stuff too. When you take a look at some of the simple steps above, you will be able to turn your life around and make this happen more than ever before. 

Top 10 Tips To Understand What Makes You Feel Happy and Fulfilled
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