If you are looking to have a healthy relationship, one of the many important aspects of the relationship is empathy. Being able to feel and understand what the other is going through is especially important. When you can understand why your significant other is stressed, said, or overworked, it is beneficial to know why.

Knowing why the other is experiencing certain emotions will allow you to better assist them in getting through the rough patch they are experiencing. When your partner knows you are supporting them and they see that you understand why they are stressed, upset, or overwhelmed, it makes the other person feel as if they are not alone. 

A healthy relationship is understanding that you need to be there for the other. Providing them the empathy that they need, when they need it, it will help them to work through their situation. They will work harder fix the issue not only for themselves, but also for you. The person that you love hates to know that you are suffering or saddened because of their problems. They will try to quickly alleviate those feelings so that those emotions will stop influencing you as well. 

Empathy does not only have to be negative emotions. Empathy can come in the shape of positivity as well. When your partner experiences exciting moments such as a job promotion, a vacation that they have been looking for, or even adding to the family, knowing that you are excited and happy is a great influence on the relationship as well. Just as you would want the other person to be happy for you, you must do the same for them. The other person wants you to feel the excitement they are feeling. 

They want you to be excited with them and make the event that much more life changing and positive. There are many ways in which you can show your excitement with the other. There may be special ways that you as a couple, or even as friends, celebrate. Encourage them on their new successes and never be bitter towards them, even if it is something that you have been wanting for yourself for some time. 

A healthy relationship is based on going through the happy and the sad, the positives and the negatives with each other. If you are not able to experience these emotions as a team, your relationship is struggling. You must be able to go through any situation together and no matter the situation, if you get through it together, you will grow stronger together. 

Never try to grow faster than the other. This will strain your relationship and cause other issues that are not necessary, or welcome, within a healthy relationship. A healthy relationship is hard work; however, when you are open to learning the other person, working with them through all of life’s obstacles, and being their rock when they need the support, the work is much appreciated. 

Empathy, along with communication, trust, and respect are all especially important in a healthy relationship. Every person dreams of having an easy relationship, but when a relationship is easy, it is not true. There are obstacles that you will face, and you must face them together. 

Talking with each other and respecting where they are coming from is imperative. Having the empathy to understand the other’s feelings and emotions will build a stronger relationship and will create a true relationship. No matter what type of relationship you find yourself in, empathy will go a long way in creating a bond that is stronger than ever and the most valuable you will have with another person.