30 Day Challenge Learn To Love Your Body

If the suggestion that it takes 21 days to form/break habits is true, that should explain why so many health challenges run for 30 days. The best habit to form is self-love. A lot of people neglect themselves, but if you learn to be your own best friend, then you can learn how to properly take care of yourself. 

This challenge is all about learning to love your body and embrace yourself as you are. It isn’t like the other challenges – this isn’t about changing your body or exercising, this is about loving yourself as you are now. 

For the next month, I encourage you to reflect on your moods and feelings as you embark on a daily challenge to improve how you see yourself.

The goal is to find those practices that you carry forward beyond this challenge.

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30 Day Challenge

Embrace the journey of self-discovery and self-love – because every day is an opportunity to celebrate the incredible vessel that is uniquely yours. Start the challenge now and witness the uplifting impact it can have on your well-being.

30 Day Challenge To Experience Joy For 30 Days

Day 1

It’s day one, so I want to ease you into this. This is your opportunity to set your mindset for the upcoming month. Today, commit to putting yourself at the top of your priority list. You matter, you’re important, and you are worth it. 

The first step to loving your body is the commitment to changing how you view yourself. You’ve taken the biggest step; you recognize that you view your body negatively and you know you want to change that. 

Set your mindset and constantly remind yourself that you want to build a positive relationship with your body.

30 Day Challenge Become A Lifelong Learner

Day 2

Right now, you’re at the beginning and it’s difficult to see the reflection you’re happy with. That changes beginning now. I want you to stand in front of the mirror and take a good, long look at yourself. 

Choose one item of your body that you love and talk (or write) about why you love it, what it does for you, and how it makes you feel to receive compliments on that particular area of your body.

30 Day Challenge To Experience Joy For 30 Days

Day 3

Why don’t you love your body? Do you want to look different because of how others see you? Do you think looking different will mean you will be more accepted or move loved? This is a lie we’ve been sold.

Looking a certain way doesn’t make you happy or bring more love. Before you love your body, you have to let go of the idea that looking differently wouldn’t change the emotions you deal with. 

Take a moment today to address some of the emotions you believe are down to your body and understand how they influence you.

30 Day Challenge – Creating And Abundance Mindset

Day 4

You can’t love your body if you constantly criticize other people’s bodies. You’re sending a clear message (to yourself and others) that the body is a measure of someone’s value. It’s not. 

Today, I challenge you to correct yourself every time you find yourself judging someone’s body (even if it’s your own).

30 Day Challenge For A More Confident You

Day 5

Today is the day for a social media purge. Clear out anyone or anything on that leaves you feeling bad about your body, whether it’s a brand, celebrity, or even an old acquaintance. It isn’t as harmless as you think, exposure to unrealistic body types is going to impact how you feel about your body. 

So, control what you see. If it doesn’t empower, educate, or make you laugh – get rid of it!

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Day 6 

Yesterday you cleared out the negative. Today is your opportunity to embrace the positive. Go out of your way to follow positive social media accounts with people who have bodies similar to yours. Look for people like you being confident, sexy, and happy.

30 Day Positive Experience Challenge

Day 7 

You can’t love your body without getting to know it. Think of your body as a physical expression of your emotions, completely separate from how old it is or how it looks. You will do a better job of understanding what it’s trying to communicate if you know it’s language. 

You will develop compassion for your body when you start listening. For women, paying attention to your cycle is an excellent way to get into how it feels and responds. Today, though, I want you to carry out a body scan, you can find the directions here.

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Day 8

Your challenge today is to do something that makes you feel good. This is a habit you should practice daily, but let’s start small. Today, you can do something simple like give yourself a foot or hand massage. 

Or perhaps doing a face mask and painting your nails. The point of this is to associate positive feelings with your body. Do something good for your body daily, make it a habit to show your body affection.

30 Day Self Validation Challenge

Day 9

One of the biggest reasons you feel negatively about your body is because you’re so disconnected from it. Usually, because you have disconnected from the pleasure your body brings. Your body is primed for pleasure, it tastes, sees, hears, touches, and smells. So, today, it’s your job to engage with your senses.

30 Day Self Care Challenge

Day 10

Your body needs a challenge and it needs to be challenged outside your comfort zone. If you want to appreciate what your body is capable of, then you need to try a new exercise, dance differently, explore. Your challenge today is to do just that – go out of your body to introduce your body to a new experience. 

Day 11

I want you to dance like no one is watching because it’s a powerful way to connect with your body. Put on your favorite music and just let your body move however it wants. Don’t judge it, don’t worry about looking good or trying to choreograph anything. Just go with the flow. 

Day 12

Think about what your body does for you daily. That’s your challenge for today – sit down with a pen and paper and write a list of all the ways your body serves you despite the way you tear it down. Show it gratitude. 

Day 13

Exercise means feeling good… at least, that’s your challenge for today. You have to frame exercise as simply moving in a way that makes you (and your body) happy. Exercise can bring joy when you see it as a way to celebrate your body. It’s not about beating it into a shape we want or wearing it down as punishment, it’s supposed to be a way to build you up and keep you healthy. 

Day 14

When we feel a type of way about our bodies it’s easy to wear clothes to cover up what we view as problem areas. Yet, dressing like that simply increases the negativity and shame that we feel about our bodies. Start dressing like you’re a piece of art. 

Be expressive, intentional, and attentive when it comes to dressing your body. You can bear that in mind for future shopping trips, but today, start with the simple task of getting dressed as you treat your body with love and attention. 

Day 15

We’ve been steadily fed a diet of size zero models and actresses over the years. While size zero has gone slightly out of fashion, thin is still held up as the standard. That leaves us with a lot of internalized hatred of our bodies as they are. You have to fight those ideas.

Stop tearing overweight people down and start empowering yourself and others. Today, I want you to call out any anti-fat comment that others make. It’s a start. 

Day 16

It’s not going to happen overnight, but if you want to love your body then be prepared to take it one step at a time. Today’s step is to practice positive body affirmations while looking yourself in the eye. Stand in front of the mirror and positively affirm the areas of your body you like the least. 

Day 17

You don’t have to send or shame them, but today, I encourage you to dress confidently and take selfies of your love. It’s about seeing yourself through your own eyes but rewriting the script that suggests your body isn’t good enough. 

Day 18

If you are struggling heavily with outright body positivity, don’t worry. Let’s tackle a neutral challenge today. For example, if you have a belly that you hate it might be difficult to believe it’s beautiful. Instead, describe it as human. Body neutrality can provide you with freedom and provide a helpful step on the way to body positivity. 

Day 19

Your body can’t be inappropriate because it’s natural. I encourage you to focus on that today – your body is your body and it is as it is supposed to be. 

Day 20

Take a few breaks throughout the day to breathe deeply. In your breathing exercises, I want you to focus on how your body feels and think about what you can do to improve it. 

Day 21

Start your day right by reminding yourself that a scale is simply a number and it shouldn’t influence how you feel about yourself. Stand in front of the mirror and affirm the fact that you are more than a number on a scale, and you are more than what your body looks like. 

Day 22

Today’s challenge is a little bit different. Today, I’d like you to clean your closet. It’s time to get rid of any clothes that make you feel poorly about yourself. 

Think about how often you plan your outfit and pick something up, only to put it back when you think about how it makes you feel. Why do you keep it? It’s time for a clear out! Keep what makes you feel great.

Day 23 

We’re nearing the end of the challenge. Now is a good time to reflect on your journey so far. You can write it out or type it up, but I want you to think about what you have learned on this journey thus far and how you’d like the next week to unfold. 

Day 24

Focus on positive self-talk today. If you find yourself slipping into negativity, gently correct yourself and keep moving forward. 

Day 25

Part of loving your body means looking after your body, which means getting a good night’s sleep, eating well, and making good decisions. I want you to consider that today – do you treat your body with the respect it deserves? 

Day 26

I want you to enjoy another treat day – seek out pleasure for your body. It might be a spa day or an at-home treatment session. Just remind yourself how good it feels to treat your body with love. 

Day 27 

It’s time to do the things you have wanted to do but have put off until you feel better about yourself. Forget about that, do it to feel good instead of putting it off to punish yourself for not being what you want. 

Day 28

Today, I encourage you to be more open and honest about your needs. 

Day 29 

What cultivates happiness for you? Make a list of the things that make you happy and vow to do at least one of them every day. 

Day 30

You took a big step when you decided to embark on the journey to love your body. Today is the day you pat yourself on the back for how far you’ve come! YOU DID IT! But don’t stop here because the challenge is over. I encourage you to keep loving yourself! Now, start the challenge over again from day 1