5 Characteristics Of People Who Persevere

5 Characteristics Of People Who Persevere

Why do some people succeed where other, more talented people fail?

How is it that stars burn out and fail where other, lesser talents manage to excel?

People grasp at the newest trends, latest technology, and desperately hope that they can capture the magic of success.

They find a role model to emulate, they study and they strive, looking for success or the secret to unlocking it. There isn’t a secret to success.

Success doesn’t always come down to creativity, strategy, intelligence, or talent. If it did, the valedictorian of your graduating class would be where Bill Gates is, instead of balancing two part-time jobs while trying to launch a business.

The answer to this question will never change. When someone asks who will succeed? The answer will always be – the people who persevere.

Let’s look at 5 characteristics of people who persevere.

1| Keep It Visible

Yes, people who persevere keep visual reminders of their goals nearby. Whether it’s on their desk, on the fridge, or even on the dashboard of their car. It plants the seed of success in their mind and allows them to focus their attention on all of the things that will help them achieve their goal.

They recognize that worry and stress destroy focus so they find a way to manage their stress levels. They do this by managing their time effectively, an ability supported by keeping reminders visible.

2| Technology

If you can’t tame your use of technology, then it will quickly become your master. We might live in a highly connected world, but it’s up to you to define the boundaries with regards to your time. Your phone might have notified you that a new email just came through, but that doesn’t mean you have to change your focus to deal with it. People who persevere know that the only thing that should dominate their time are things that contribute to achieving their goals.

3| Preparation

If you plan two, three steps ahead then you have a good idea of what is going to come next. This helps you prevent complacency. With every new step, one must consider what skills, experiences, knowledge, and/or relationships should be developed in order to succeed. That’s something people who persevere understand and do regularly.

In that planning, you can create a template of sorts to improve your consistency with tasks that you know you will repeat. It’ll save you time, too.

4| Questions

People who persevere ask a lot of questions, but not just any questions, the right questions. When you ask the right questions, you get the right answers, which is what helps you push on through whatever obstacle life may throw at you.

5| Gravity

We tend to gravitate to the most obvious or dominant thought and because it’s dominant we move to believe that it’s true. At least, this is what people who persevere do when they’re choosing goals that ignite their passions. They have this ability because they are in touch with their inner-world to the point where they know their values, they know what they believe, they know what they want, and their life is built around making it happen.

They sharpen their focus, they focus on building their competence, and they allow their competence to ignite their passion. That’s what people who persevere do.

At the end of each day, ask yourself whether you have done something that left a lasting or positive impact. If you can’t answer yes, then go out of your way to do something so that you can say yes. When it comes right down to it, you either will or you won’t. It isn’t about trying, it’s about doing. That’s what people who persevere understand.