Are you respected?

Are You Respected As Much As You Should Be?

“Make improvements, not excuses. Seek respect, not attention.” ~ Roy T. Bennett

Are you respected as much as you should be?

A client of mine Steven was an accountant at a mid-sized firm in Chicago, and he was sick of being ignored and disrespected at work. No one listened to any of his ideas. Most of what he said was brushed aside…

And to make matters worse, he couldn’t say ‘no’ to unreasonable requests from his boss or colleagues…

Steven knew they were taking advantage of him, but felt powerless to stop it…

He just wanted people to like and respect him!

Let me ask you something

Where do you rank on the respect meter? 

Do you know there is a proven direct link between your respect factor and how successful you are, not only in business relationships but family and social relationships? 

Where you rank on the RESPECT METER has a MAJOR IMPACT on what you achieve in life…

You have no doubt heard the expression that “respect is earned not given” tossed around regularly. And you can take what you want from those words. For me, I think respect is something that should be given to anybody right of the bat. 

RESPECT is something that we all want and deserve from others. For example, when I first meet a person they instantly have my respect unless they abuse it. We should all start on an even keel so to speak. 

Unfortunately, that is not how our world works. Everyone has their own agendas, preconceived ideas and a completely different conclusion of what respect is, and what it really means. 

I want you to think of someone you highly respect. It could be a family member, your partner or a mentor. 

Now ask yourself what do they do to cultivate natural respect from you and no doubt countless others? 

Well, I can almost guarantee that they possess the following THREE powerful RESPECT METER BOOSTERS that will completely change the way people view you. Secrets that will raise your RESPECT factor with everyone you meet. 

Listen if you are sick and tired of being ignored, disrespected, not taken seriously and frankly walked on like a doormat by others then it is imperative that you READ this article to the end because I will show you these three powerful RESPECT principles.

And these principles are the KEY to success in with EVERYONE you meet. 

Yet these simple principles are seldom mentioned, and as subtle as they are there power is immense and their effect long-lasting. 

And the great news is anyone can apply them quickly and efficiently to skyrocket not only the respect you receive from others but the respect you give yourself. 

These same principles were responsible for Stevens Incredible transformation. 

Steven became more respected and liked than he ever was before… 

He was invited out more often by his colleagues. His superiors were finally listening to his ideas. However, the best part WAS THE INCREDIBLE RESPONSE HE RECEIVED FROM HIS FRIENDS AND FAMILY…

So what are these RESPECT principles? 

Well, right here I am going to give you the first three principles. 

Simple secret one to gain the respect and admiration of others is BE AUTHENTIC.

Now I know that may sound a little obvious, yet it is of the utmost importance and something many people forget. People aren’t stupid. 

We all pick up a vibe when we are around someone who comes across as fake or unnatural, and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s not a good impression to make on people. When you try to be someone you’re not, it’s unlikely to make you a more likable person but rather It will create the opposite effect. 

I remember Steven asked me “But what if I don’t like who I am.” 

Many of us feel this way sometimes, and it is understandable. 

What it’s all about is committing to make simple changes that will boost your respect factor while still staying true to your values and who you are. 

People respect realness. And the best way to be more authentic and real is with a few simple character shifts that build on who you are as a person right now. In essence, we don’t want to knock down the house and rebuild it from the ground up. We want to improve the one we already have. 

As Lao Tsu said “When you are content to be yourself and don’t compare or compete, people will respect you” 

Simple secret number two – Don’t be a doormat.

In an unconscious attempt to be more respected and likable often many of us can be sucked into the trap of trying to please everyone all of the time

Saying ‘yes’ or being agreeable all the time means you run the risk of being taken advantage of, or treated like a doormat. 

Sure there are always going to be people out there who willingly partake in your generosity and as a result, overstay their welcome in your life. 

Although you must learn to be friendly under any circumstances, you should also learn how to identify manipulative behavior and say ‘no’ when it is necessary. 

I remember Steven telling me that he feared the reaction if he said “NO” especially to his boss or a family member. He believed they would be angry or upset with him. I understand that this can seem tricky. 

The real key is in knowing how to draw the line between these moments. The goal here is not to be rude or to say ‘no’ for the sake of it. It’s to protect yourself against people who see your likeability and assume it means you’re a pushover.  Give them the honest reason you are saying ‘no’ and most people will understand, and in turn, this will dramatically boost your respect factor with them. 

And this directly goes hand in hand with RESPECT PRINCIPLE THREE – 

Stand up for what you believe in.

It’s all about being assertive, not aggressive. Many people when trying to take the lead and be assertive can come off as aggressive which is something you want to AVOID. 

If you believe in something, if it is important to you, stick to it. Clearly, state the reasons why it is important to you. People will respect this even if they have a difference of opinion. 

Can you see how these simple to apply RESPECT principles can make a difference in your life right away? 

Here they are again to recep:

1. Be Authentic

2. Don’t be a doormat

3. Stand up for what you believe in

I hope this helps. 

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Remember when you are your authentic self and are true to who you are. People will respect you, and if they don’t they are not worth your time and don’t deserve to be in your life.