5 High Performance Habits Successful People Build Upon

Have you ever noticed how easily some people manage to succeed while other equally talented, intelligent, and experienced people seem to languish where they lie? It isn’t just that they manage to launch their success more easily, it’s the fact that once they attain a certain level of success, they build on it, and maintain it over the course of years, into decades of success. Why are they such high performers when so many people languish and lead seemingly miserable existences just trying to get by? 

Ultimately, we would all love to achieve both happiness and success. It’s the magical combination that eludes so many. When you break it down, there are certain habits that these highly successful people practice that help propels them to success. Habits that you too can adopt. 

1| Clarity Seeking

A high performer doesn’t necessarily just gain clarity, they seek it. While the rest of the world wait around for it to come to them, successful people tend to seek it out for themselves. For example, each New Year, the world discusses their resolution for a new year. Successful people don’t wait for New Year’s Eve to evaluate themselves and where they are heading. That’s a process they carry out consistently because the only way to grow and succeed is to know where you are now, where you’re heading, and what it takes to get there. 

When you seek clarity consistently and constantly, you become better at disregarding distractions which means they are more naturally at focusing and refocusing on the important things in life. 

I don’t want to leave it at that, I want to give you four things to focus on to improve your clarity. When you ask the questions below, you’ll have an edge. 

  • Self – who is your ideal self?
  • Service – what do you want to provide to the world?
  • Skills – what would you like to develop? What would you like to demonstrate?
  • Social – who do you want to be socially?

2| Energy Generating

As the day progresses, it’s natural to lose energy. There’s always that flagging feeling Around 3 o’clock where you suddenly feel desperate for a massive cup of coffee or a nap. By the end of your working day, you feel wiped. Do you know who isn’t wiped out? Highly successful people. They generate energy. They master the transition between meetings and tasks and take short breaks to boost their energy levels. They take that short break, release tension, and shift focus to the next thing. 

Rather than losing their energy, they simply generate more by regularly recharging their batteries throughout the day. So, take regular short breaks to power up.

3| Necessity and Productivity

Before you embark on any major activity, what do you do? Because highly successful people address their psychological necessity to ensure they perform well. For example, when you settle into the starting line and wait for the starting gun to ring out… only one person can win. Who will it be? The person who associates their successful performance with their identity. It isn’t just performing, it’s like breathing. They have to win.

They also know that to achieve their main focus has to be the main focus. They’re playing 3D chess and they’re always five steps ahead.

4| Influence Developing

Highly successful people empower others and help them grow, which is one of the key ways to develop influence. They know how to relate to people in order to exert influence. Think about someone who has inspired you and how they operate. They were pushing you to be your best, how can you push others to be their best to be your best?

5| Courageous

Finally, highly successful people are courageous. When they are faced with uncertainty, hardship, unfamiliar territory, judgment, or risk, they aren’t afraid to speak up for themselves, they aren’t afraid to speak up for others, and they aren’t afraid of being vulnerable. They’re always ready for a fight. 

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