5 Powerful Ways To Live Fearlessly

Too often we’re so engrossed in our daily lives that we let ourselves succumb to our fears. We stop following our dreams and doing the things we’re good at. Instead, we become victims of our trepidations and anxiety.

Sometimes all we need to get out of that rut is a little friendly reminder. So, we decided to round up five powerful ways to live fearlessly.

Read on to learn how to turn your fears into victories.

1| Flip Your Negative Thoughts Around

Our thoughts are what create our fear. It’s not the other way around.

Many people blame others for their fears, as well as a long list of external factors. The truth is our brains create the thoughts that trigger our fears.

So, if you want to live fearlessly, you have to take control of your thoughts. Finding the silver lining takes a bit of practice. You have to stop the negative self-talk and replace it with something positive.

Another thing we need to do more often is to be appreciative. Take a few moments to think about all the good things you have in your life.

Feeling grateful will reduce your anxiety and despair. Once you fill your heart and mind with gratitude, you’ll feel a sense of peace and fulfillment. There won’t be space for negative emotions, like fear and frustration.

Each time you sense a negative thought starting to form, flip it around to something positive. Check out these examples:

  • Replace “the house is always messy” with “we have a roof over our heads”
  • Replace “I’m afraid I’ll mess up” with “I’ll find a way to figure it out”
  • Replace “I tried before and failed” with “it’s a great opportunity to learn and grow”
  • Replace “other people are better than me” with “I can be just as good, even better”

2| Surround Yourself With Positivity

Studies show that behavior is contagious. Not only that, but our social connections, both online and in-person, affect our health. Your weight, your stress levels, and your fears can all be influenced by the people you spend time with.

These connections can come in handy when you need someone to listen to you vent. Talking with others who have the same mindset, interests, and goals is a great incentive. It helps you work past your fears and have the confidence you need to achieve your goals.

Another way to add positivity to your life is to write down self-affirmations. Then, hang up them around your home or office. They’re a great way to improve your outlook and help you put things in perspective. Here are a few ideas to get you inspired:

  • I’m responsible for my happiness.
  • I know my worth and love myself for who I am
  • I’m doing my best each day.
  • I have lots of things I’m grateful for.

3| Arm Yourself With The Power Of Knowledge

We fear what we don’t know and what we don’t understand. That’s why we don’t raise our hands to speak or visit exotic, new places. The unknown might lead to danger, so we convince ourselves that we’re content doing what we’re used to.

To break that fear, do a bit of reconnaissance. Google it and learn more about wherever you want to go or do or try. If there was a neutralizing agent to fear, knowledge would be it.

Is there a job you were too afraid to apply for? Do a bit of research on the company and job description, then just go for it. You might even turn out to be overqualified!

How about learning a new skill or sport? Read up on it and enroll in one lesson. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to go back. But at least, you’ll have scratched off one thing off your list.

One lesson won’t turn you into a pro, but it will help you expand your horizon. Remember that when you take a good look at your fears, they almost always turn out to be flimsy. Power yourself with some knowledge and a dash of self-confidence. Soon enough, you’ll feel your fear start to become less and less.

4| Put Your Fear In The Back Seat

Experts recommend you figure out why you fear something. Like, fear of public speaking. You may fear others judging you or you worry you’re inadequate to be speaking in front of a group of people.

Once you know the why, you can regain a bit of control over your fear. Then, you can put it in the back seat and not give it as much attention as you used to.

You’ll also be able to come up with a reason for tackling your fear. Motivation is way stronger than any fear.

One way you can push fear to the back of your mind is to watch real-life videos of your fears. Say, you have a fear of heights. Get on YouTube and watch a video of someone rock climbing or hang gliding.

We won’t lie. It’ll probably be agonizing at first. Just remember to breathe slowly and resist the urge to switch to another video.

The initial discomfort will subside. Then, you’ll realize it’s not as scary as you first imagined. Everyone is fine and in one piece at the end. They’re so giddy with excitement, they can’t wait to get back up there again!

Maybe, that can be you one day.

5| Develop a Growth Mindset

Frank A. Clark said, “If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” In other words, use the bumps in the road to your advantage.

Develop your growth mindset. “How do you do that?” you ask. It’s simple. Shift your worldview to see opportunities where others see obstacles. Also, learn to be okay with your failures just as much as you do your successes.

Like Clark pointed out, the path with no obstacles and stumbles won’t get you very far. You won’t learn anything new and you certainly won’t grow as an individual.

So, boost your self-confidence, know your worth, and take the plunge. Win or lose, you’ll come out the better for it.

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