How to Influence Your Subconscious to Achieve Your Goals Faster

When was the last time you made a New Year’s resolution and actually kept it the entire year? When was the last time you lost weight and was able to maintain that loss for more than two years?

When was your last successful attempt to accomplish a complicated objective? If you are struggling to achieve your goals, then you need to focus on influencing your subconscious, which is the real driving force behind your motivations and ability to change.

Why You Need to Reprogram Your Subconscious to Succeed

Your subconscious is immensely powerful. If you have ever walked into a place and felt an immediate sense of unease that made you want to turn around and leave, then you know what we mean.

Your subconscious can make you afraid of the dark, even in familiar surroundings; it can make you defensive about your actions, even when you know you were in the wrong. It can play tricks on your mind and make you act in ways that are counter to your judgment.

Your subconscious, you see not reason. It has no logic. It only has memory and known patterns. And all it wants is for you to return to those well-known and familiar ways and feelings, which is how your subconscious finds peace.

It craves the known and reinforces any behaviors and attitudes that are consistent with what is already stored in its depths.

So, to change your subconscious, you must learn how to act with, not against, its basic instincts and ways of working. Here’s how you do just that!

How to Change Your Subconscious

Here are some ways you can influence your subconscious to help you reach your goals and achieve whatever you want in life.

#1. Create a Positive Environment

Make sure that everything around you is focused on bringing positivity and hopeful energy into your daily life. Keep positive words and inspirational quotes in places you look often. Get rid of negative influences in your media and social media feeds.

Send texts or emails to yourself (to be delivered in the future) that give encouragement or offer helpful suggestions.

Keep a bottle of champagne chilled for when you have something good to celebrate. Focus on making everything you see and touch positive throughout your day, as much as you can control.

#2. Identify the Resisting Beliefs

When your subconscious is preventing your forward momentum, it is because there is a limiting belief or conflict that is getting the way.

When you notice self-sabotaging behaviors or other things that are holding you back, ask yourself why you feel better when you do these things?

What would happen if you got what you wanted? What need is being met by this habit or choice that is not being met when you are trying to make better choices? Identifying this can help you figure out how to meet that need.

#3. Stop Focusing So Much on “How”

Before you can worry about the logistic of making something happen, you must convince your subconscious that it is crucial that it does. So, let go of worrying about how to make a dream come true and try just imagining what it will be like when you achieve your goal.

How will you feel? How will your life look? Create a vivid mental picture of this and focus on that as often as you possibly can. Once your brain is ready to accept this new reality, how to get there will soon start to emerge, too.

Final Thoughts

Permitting yourself to be happy, to realize your goals, and to let go of the fears and hang-ups that are preventing your success will enable your subconscious to embrace the opportunities that will lead to achieving your dreams.

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