Personal Power

How to Achieve Personal Power by Influencing Others

When you take control of your life and focus on achieving your dreams, you have personal power.

But by taking that power, you can also learn to influence other people to help you attain your goals.

Persuasion and influence are personal and professional skills that can help you achieve more with less while also helping you reach previously unattainable goals.

When you learn how to influence others, you can finally have the support you need to realize your dreams.

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Learning to Appreciate the Power of Persuasion

Persuasion and influence are not bad things.

Convincing others to do something is only an evil act when what you convince them to do is bad for them or for others.

If you influence someone to help you, they are learning or practicing their skills while you are receiving support that enables you to achieve your goals. It is a good outcome for everyone.

If you want to develop your personal power, you can start by working on your abilities to motivate and influence others to help you solve your problems and reach your goals.

When you enlist the help of other people, you can learn by working alongside them, which ultimately helps you down the road, as well.

And, you get the benefit of knowledge and skills you do not currently have.

Having personal power does not mean that you do everything on your own.

It means you know when to ask for help, you recognize when you are in over your head, and you learn from masters of their craft.

And influencing others who are more skilful than you to aid your efforts just means you recognize that you are not able to move forward without assistance.

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Influencing Others to Support Your Dreams

Your ability to influence other people will be dependent on how well you communicate with and know others.

If you want to convince someone to do something for you, it is essential that you make clear what they will get out of the arrangement, as well.

It could be that they get to practice their skills and model them for you. It could be that they care about you and are willing to work hard to see you succeed because of those emotions.

It could be that you are willing to do something for them in exchange for their help.

Exchanging your skills with another is a classic example of bartering, so it is crucial that you know what that other person may need, or what skills they may lack, so you know how you can help.

Nearly all human interactions involve persuasion of some sort.

If you want to make the most of your personal power, then you must start thinking about how you can influence others to help you realize your goals.

This requires that you have a clear understanding of your own goals, know where you are likely to need help, and know the people in your networks well to find who would be best suited for your need.

If you want to have more influence over people, you must understand their motivation.

You know your motivation, which is to reach your goal. What would motivate others to help you in achieving that?

Focusing on what others may want to gain can help you tap into a positive use of influence and persuasion. Are they interested in attaining more respect, happiness, love, money, or admiration?

Does this person have a goal of their own they are looking to achieve, and can you be of service?

Identify the motivation of others is crucial for learning to persuade them to help you.

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Final Thoughts

Ultimately, you can achieve even more personal power by becoming your own expert and adding new skills to your roster, but learning from others as they help you is a stepping stone to that aim.

There is no shame in needing help and learning to persuade others to help you is an essential life skill we all need.

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