Changing Your Internal Belief System

Changing Your Internal Belief System

Our beliefs are those truths and ideas that we hold on to and which guide our lives. A belief can become a shackle, holding you back, or it can free you to enjoy your life in whatever way you want. Changing your internal belief system can help you to achieve your goals and realize your biggest dreams in life.

Understanding Your Core Beliefs

Your core beliefs are those which you hold most strongly, and which guide your decisions. When you tap into your core beliefs, you can shape these as well as harness them to help you realize your goals in life. Your core beliefs are those things you believe about yourself. If, for example, you think that you must be successful at all costs, this can be very motivating, keeping you focused on your goals.

Core beliefs can also limit you, though. If you look at that same example, if you define success as being able to act selfishly or hurtfully in order to be successful, you have compromised your motivation. In this case, your belief is controlling you instead of you controlling your beliefs.

When your core beliefs contain qualifiers (at all costs, as long as, if, etc.), then they are compromised. These are limiting you and creating barriers and boundaries on your happiness. And if your core beliefs are expressing negative feelings about yourself, then these will severely hamper your ability to be happy.

Your core beliefs stem from four critical areas of your sense of self. These are your self-worth, your sense of security, self-love, and your sense of fulfillment. We each need all of these things to be fully self-actualized and to be truly happy. Recognizing your beliefs in these areas is helpful but learning to establish positive ideas instead of negative ones in all four will help you realize your dreams and achieve happiness.

Changing Your Beliefs

Changing your core beliefs doesn’t just happen because you decide to change, but these beliefs can be altered over time. Change will come when you focus first on becoming more self-aware, so you can understand where your core beliefs and your experiences are causing a gap. Where this chasm exists is where you will experience the negative thoughts that lead you away from happiness.

You need to begin by assessing your own self-awareness to see where the gaps are between your beliefs and your life. Start by taking a look at your life today. What is happening in your life and how are these actions reflective of your core beliefs?

If you say you are worthy of love and are safe, but you accept neglect or abuse from others, there is a disconnect. Where in your life are you telling yourself stories to make what is happening seem “okay” in your mind? Where are you making excuses or feeling ashamed? Those are the gaps.

Every day focus on bringing yourself closer to your four key areas of self-worth, your sense of security, love, and fulfillment. Pay attention to how your life in the present moment connects to these core beliefs and open yourself up to making changes that will bring you closer to living by those truths.

Meditation practices are an effective way to become more self-aware. The peace you experience while meditating can create space within you to help you defeat the negative thoughts and come closer to living by your core beliefs each day.

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Final Thoughts

Real change can occur when you see that it is your responsibility to believe differently and honor new truths. It’s no one else’s problem but yours, and when you accept this and practice daily, you can learn to change your internal belief system.

What Next?

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